Prospect after discoveries of higgs susy
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Prospect after discoveries of Higgs/SUSY. Yasuhiro Okada (KEK) “Discoveries of Higgs and Supersymmetry to Pioneer Particle Physics in the 21 st Century” November 25, 2005, Univ. of Tokyo. (1) Higgs Physics.

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Prospect after discoveries of higgs susy

Prospect after discoveries of Higgs/SUSY

Yasuhiro Okada (KEK)

“Discoveries of Higgs and Supersymmetry to Pioneer Particle Physics in the 21st Century”

November 25, 2005, Univ. of Tokyo

1 higgs physics
(1) Higgs Physics

  • Finding the mass-generation mechanism for gauge bosons, quarks and leptons the most urgent question of the present particle physics.

  • Discovery of the Higgs boson is the first step.

  • The answer is most probably related to what is physics beyond the standard model. The electroweak symmetry breaking requires dynamics beyond the SU(3)xSU(2)xU(1) gauge interactions.

How we have come to understand the strong interaction.

Structure of

a nucleus

(proton / neutron)

Discovery of



Quark model


Discovery of the Higgs boson is similar to discovery of the Yukawa meson

in understanding the weak interaction.

Weak interaction

Higgs mechanism

Dynamics behind

the EW symmetry


A Higgs sector is unknown :

How many Higgs bosons? (is there any?)

What is the mass ?

What is SU(2) representation?

Even if one Higgs doublet model is a good description,

What is f?

What physics determines –m^2?

What physics determines l?

Different scenarios provides different answers.

SUSY, String Theory

Composite model, Little Higgs model

TeV scale extra dimension


~10 TeV

Gauge force


Composite model


Extra dimension

Various new physics signals

are expected in the TeV

region, depending on different


Higgs mass
Higgs mass

Large Higgs mass  Large self-coupling  Strong dynamics

If we require that the SM is valid

up to 10^19 GeV,


mh=100 GeV




Two interesting cases

(2) High mass Higgs boson (>300 GeV)

(1) Low mass Higgs boson (< 130 GeV)

M.Peskin and J.Wells


(mh< 135 GeV for MSSM)


Higgs potential is generated at

low energy scale (< 0(10) TeV )

Ex. Pseudo Nambu-Goldstone boson

Something is needed to be consistent

with the EW precision data.

Higgs coupling
Higgs coupling


0(10)% for ratio of the coupling constants


A few % for absolute values

of various coupling

Indirect constraint on the heavy Higgs boson mass in MSSM

Direct search

at LHC

Direct search

at 1TeV LC


S. Kiyoura, et al

ACFA report

SUSY loop contributions to the hbb Yukawa coupling

B(h->bb)/B(h->tt) nomalized by SM value

B(h->bb)/B(h->tt) is sensitive to

the SUSY loop correction to the

bottom Yukawa coupling for a

large tanb region.



K.S.Babu, C.Kolda:

M.Carena, D.Garcia, U.Nierste, C.E.M.Wagner

J.Guasch, W.Hollik,S.Penaranda

Higgs self coupling measurement
Higgs self-coupling measurement

Access to the Higgs potential.

Precision at 1/ab for 120 GeV Higgs boson

~20% for 500GeV ILC

~10% for 1 TeV ILC

Y.Yasui, et al, LCWS 02

Electroweak baryogenesis and higgs potential



First order phase transition

Extension of the Higgs sector

Electroweak baryogenesis and Higgs potential

The Higgs potential at zero temperature is also modified.

=> Self coupling measurement

Model with dim 6 potential


S.Kaenmura, Y. Okada, E.Senaha

C.Grojean,G.Servant, J.D.Wells

2 supersymmetry
(2) Supersymmetry

  • Supersymmetry is a revolution of physics similar to relativity, if it is found.

  • SUSY provides a coherent picture of particle physics and cosmology

SUSY + GUT => Gauge coupling unification

SUSY + R parity => Dark matter

SUSY + Seesaw neutrino => Leptogenesis

(Baryon number of the Universe)

After we confirm the supersymmetry, whether these ideas are realized

could be central issues.

Susy and gut

LHC/LC combined


SUSYbreaking scenario

G.A.Blair, W.Porod,and P.M.Zerwas

Dark matter
Dark matter

ALCPG cosmology subgroup

SUSY mass and coupling measurements

=> Identification of dark matter



Susy seesaw model
SUSY Seesaw model

Large Lepton flavor violation processes are expected.

m->eg in SU(5) SUSY GUT

with seesaw neutrino

Slepton flavor mixing

J.Hisano, M.M.Nojiri, Y.Shimizu, M.Tanaka

T.Goto,Y.Shimizu,T.Shindo,M.Tanaka and Y.Okada.


  • Discovery of the Higgs boson is the first step to understand the dynamics of the electroweak symmetry breaking.

  • Measurements of the Higgs coupling constants can provide hints to new physics.

  • SUSY, if it exists, has far-reaching consequences in particle physics and cosmology.