Through the Years
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Through the Years. 1942. There are now many memorials honoring the troops in the Bataan Death March. Japanese soldiers are greatly outnumbered. Only one Japanese soldier can oversee every 300 U.S. soldiers.

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Through the Years

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Through the years

Through the Years


Through the years

There are now many memorials honoring the troops in the Bataan Death March

Through the years

Japanese soldiers are greatly outnumbered. Only one Japanese soldier can oversee every 300 U.S. soldiers.

Some of them had to walk for three days straight. They were so weak that a march that would have only taken one day, took three

Why didn’t the U.S. soldiers rebel?

Through the years

June 4-7: Battle of Midway, Japan attempts to destroy what’s left of Pacific fleet & US carriers. Pivotal naval battle, US wins and protects Hawaii from invasion. Japan loses 4 carriers and much aircraft in the battle.

Through the years

February, a Japanese submarine surfaces off of Santa Barbara California and shells an oil storage site

How do you think the United States reacts to having Japanese ships this close?

Through the years

In September the Japanese Bomb Oregon

Spring: Island hopping

In the Spring “Island Hopping” becomes an adopted technique. It is a strategy where only certain islands are captured and other were bypassed

Through the years

Germans begin sending U-Boats to coast of USA (U-869, a Type IXC, was found off coast of southern NJ in 1991)

December 7 th 1941

December 7th 1941

December 8th, 1941

Through the years

U.S. Marines are deployed. They will continue their training in New Zealand

Marines arrive in New Zealand for a very short stay. They leave for a top secret mission.

Through the years

The Battle of Guadalcanal 1942

This Island Paradise would become home to one of the bloodiest Marine Battles in history

Through the years

Current Event Break!

Guadalcanal is located in the Solomon Islands. What recent geological event occurred near the Solomon Islands? How is it effecting the locals?

Executive order 9066

Executive Order 9066

February 19th, 1942

Through the years

By Executive Order 9066 the United States begin to move people of Japanese Ancestry into Internment Camps.

Why were Japanese-Americans removed from the West Coast?

Training at parris island

Training at Parris Island

Japanese take over guadalcanal

Japanese Take over Guadalcanal

Early May- Australians evacuate Tulagi when Japan takes over. This was a staging point.

May- July- Japanese occupy Guadalcanal, and begin to build an airbase.

August 7 th and 8 th 1942

August 7th and 8th 1942

August 7th 1942- American troops land in Guadalcanal

10,000 American troops and 2,000 Japanese troops

August 8th, 1942- American Troops take Henderson field

Prevents Japanese from landing

Name it after a fallen soldier in the Battle of Midway

November 12 th 15 th 1942

November 12th-15th 1942

Naval Battle of Guadalcanal

February 1 7 th 1942

February 1-7th 1942

Last push for the Battle of Guadalcanal

Japanese decide to pull out troops

By February 9th, 1943 Japanese decide to evacuate all troops.

Through the years

In the summer of 1942 in the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, the USS Juneau is sunk by a Japanese submarine.

All five brothers perished.

1942 five brothers known as the Sullivan brothers are assigned to the same light naval cruiser- the USS Juneau.

Through the years

Why is it historically significant that the Holocaust was signed into ‘law’?

Jan 20: The Wannsee Conference is held near Berlin; The Holocaust is planned and put into German law and policy.

Jan 26: First group of US troops arrive in the U.K.

Through the years

The gas chambers and crematories were destroyed before liberation. Here are the ruins.

Prisoner blocks were a way to group prisoners. Most of the wooden barracks have deteriorated by now, but the chimneys still stand.

Through the years

Imagine riding on the train into Auschwitz… What do you think were some emotions running through peoples minds at they made this journey?

Through the years

Arbeit Macht Frei-Written above the entry way at Auschwitz Prison Camp. What does it mean?

Through the years

In a few years I’ll be a U.S. President!

Who is this?

June 25: Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander arrives in the U.K. The British wanted an English commander of all forces, but the US said

"We are providing more troops, we are in charge.“

By November Nov 8: Operation Torch: US forces arrive to fight the Germans in North Africa; US troops do not do well.

Dec 2 major event

Dec 2: Major Event

Dec 2: Professor Enrico Fermi sets up an atomic reactor in Chicago.

After Fermi wins the Nobel Peace Prize, he and his family immigrate Chicago. He later becomes part of the Manhattan Project.

Why is the development of the Atomic Reactor significant?

Through the years

July: Germans had three major cities to capture: Leningrad in the north, Moscow in the center, and Stalingrad in the south. The push for Stalingrad comes first. Stalin tells his troops “Not one step back”.

Through the years

WWII Through the Years


I’m a future U.S. President!

Through the years

February 1st- Japanese begin retreat from Guadalcanal, the first major land defeat.


Roosevelt gives the order to have him ‘taken out’ and as Yamamoto is taking a tour of military facilities in the Solomon Islands, American pilots shoot him down.

A United States Intelligence Team (codename Magic) intercept and de-code Japanese itineraries for Yamamoto (the guy that thought up Pearl Harbor.)

Through the years

The Japanese threaten that they will now KILL any captured US Pilots. They do.

The Death of Yamamoto was a major blow to Japanese morale. They greatly mourned his passing

The had a large public funeral


The last picture of Yamamoto alive (April 18th, 1943)

Through the years

Pt’s (Patrol Torpedo) go to patrol the Pacific. A small PT- 109 goes to try and intercept the Tokyo express

They were unsuccessful and shot down by an enemy ship. The entire crew could have been lost at sea (and 2 were) But their young and skilled captain evacuated them to safety on a nearby island. They were rescued days later.

Their captain was John F Kennedy and he would later be awarded with the Navy Marine Medal for lifesaving.

PTs were nicknamed the Mosquito fleet. Why do you think that was?

Through the years

At the Casablanca Conference the Allies agree that the War can ONLY end with the unconditional surrender of Germany.

Also, Roosevelt is the first US President to fly while in office

Through the years

US begins to attack Germany. The bombers who go in are known as Memphis Belle. They need to complete 25 missions in order to go home. The journey is dangerous, and pilots are in extreme danger with each mission….

Capt. Morgan

Through the years

May: Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

In 1943 feeling that his SS Officers couldn’t control the situation Hitler gives the order to level the entire area to the ground. Here are the ruins.

Through the years

June 8th- Allied Forces invade Italy- try to move up ‘the boot’

Troops meet some opposition but by September 8th Italy surrenders! Hitler moves Nazi troops to occupy Northern Italy (above Rome)

Through the years

November 8th

The Big 3 Meet in Terhan to discuss what will happen to Germany at the end of the war.

Through the years

Soviets encircle the Germans at Stalingrad; the Germans are cut off and slowly destroyed. Germans lose 700,000 and the Russians lose 1.2 million in this battle.

Soviet Soldier marches a German P.O.W. to captivity

Why does the Battle of Stalingrad represent a pivotal point in WWII?

A Soviet Soldier waves the flag after Germany surrenders.

Through the years

Hitler declares a day of mourning, not for the troops that are lost but for the shame that Paulus and his troops have brought to Germany.

Through the years

July 5th-8th Kursk LARGEST Tank battle in History! Germans lose and they never regain the offense against Russia.

From here it is all RETREAT! The tide is changing…. Hmmm what will happen in 1944????

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