Continua Health Alliance and HL-7
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Asim Muhammad (Philips, Chair E2E Architecture) Martin Rosner (Philips, Chair E2E Security ) PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Continua Health Alliance and HL-7 Result of the workshop with Lantana on investigating the options for Questionnaire Standardization. Asim Muhammad (Philips, Chair E2E Architecture) Martin Rosner (Philips, Chair E2E Security ). Confidential Information. Outline.

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Asim Muhammad (Philips, Chair E2E Architecture) Martin Rosner (Philips, Chair E2E Security )

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Continua Health Alliance and HL-7Result of the workshop with Lantana on investigating the options for Questionnaire Standardization

Asim Muhammad (Philips, Chair E2E Architecture)

Martin Rosner (Philips, Chair E2E Security )

Confidential Information


  • Continua Questionnaire Use Case

  • Sample Questions

  • Workshop with Lantana on the Realization of Continua Requirements

    • Options

    • Results

  • Discussion and next steps

Current Architecture and Enhancements

Personal Device


HRN Device






Pulse Oximeter


Pulse /Blood Pressure

PCD 01

Weight Scale


Glucose Meter

Cardio / Strength









Network (HRN)


Peak Flow

Low Energy


Adherence Monitor



Living Activity









Continua E2E Reference Topology(with real-world example devices overlayed)

  • Current state:

  • Observations upload based on IHE PCD 01-HL7 v2.6 and WS-I basic profile

  • IHE XDR + HL7 CDA R2 Consent Directive IG

Application Hosting Device

WAN Device (hosts telehealth services)


Future (2013):

Enable questionnaires and questionnaire response

Questionnaire use case

Questionnaire document

(inc. branching logic)



WAN Device

Out of scope for Continua

Out of scope for Continua




Patient fills-in the questionnaire

The objective is to enable the interoperable representation and exchange of the questionnaire and questionnaire response across the WAN-IF.

Defining the rendering / layout (XHTML, XForm etc.) of the questionnaire on the AHD is an implementer responsibility and out of scope for Continua.

Question Set 1

  • Question Set

    • It groups questions related to a domain e.g. mental well-being.

Confidential Information

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Additional requirements (1/2)

  • A question may also hold link to a multimedia item (e.g. image, video)

  • A question may also consists of attributes that are used to signal the minimum and maximum number of answer option a patient must select (similar to ObservationRange construct)

Additional elementsto Question 1 (slide 7)

Confidential Information

Additional requirements (2/2)

  • The answer to a question may be of numeric type.

  • Allowed range of values (e.g. 0 to 24) for an answer can be indicated using the ObservationRange construct.

Confidential Information

Workshop with Lantana

  • Three day workshop with Lantana development team where we discussed Continua use case and requirements (slide 6-10) and then developed a small prototype.

  • After several hours of discussion we agreed to focus on the following system diagram:

Confidential Information


  • As a result of the three day workshop we identified the following options for expressing the Questionnaire Document in a standard format

  • Options

Confidential Information

Results (Questionnaire Document)

  • NOT a clinical document, used to extract the input from patient resulting in a response document

  • Extended the Questionnaire Assessment templates

  • If we go with CDA Extension option, then

    • Observation/code holds the question text

    • Observation/value holds the answer option(s)

    • Answer may be constrained as free text, an integer or multiple-choice expressed as a coded value set

  • Some questions include logic (pre condition- slide 9) that determines what question is shown next depending on the answer(s) to previous questions.

    • HL-7 Example

      • If observation/value in template A is “X-SOME-CODE” from LOINC, then template B is required

    • Continua equivalence

      • If the user answers question A with “SOME ANSWER”, then show question B next

    • We also looked at the HQMF IG

      • can be used to realize logical expressions (ex. a pre condition on slide 9)

Confidential Information

Results (Questionnaire Response)

  • We agreed that Questionnaire Response is a clinical document and can be easily mapped to CDA constructs similar to Questionnaire Assessment IG.

Confidential Information

Discussion and Next Steps

  • Feedback on the options

    • ?

  • Project scope statement(s)

    • Draft PSS(s) for Questionnaire and Questionnaire Response work items

    • Send draft statements to SDWG by Monday the 17th of Dec.

    • Review and address comments up until F2F meeting

Confidential Information

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