Číslo šablony: III/2
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Číslo šablony: III/2 VY_32_INOVACE_ P1 _ 2.2 Tematická oblast: Festivals and Celebrations ST. PATRICK´S DAY Typ: DUM - kombinovaný Předmět: AJ Ročník: 4. r . (6leté), 2. r. (4leté). Zpracováno v rámci projektu

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Číslo šablony: III/2

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Číslo šablony: III/2


Tematická oblast: Festivals and Celebrations


Typ: DUM - kombinovaný

Předmět: AJ

Ročník: 4.r . (6leté), 2. r. (4leté)

Zpracováno v rámci projektu

EU peníze školám



Mgr. Petra Bruková

Gymnázium, Třinec, příspěvková organizace

Datum vytvoření: březen 2012

Metodický list

DUM seznamuje studenty se základními informacemi o svátku Den sv. Patrika formou prezentace .

DUM procvičuje získané vědomosti pomocí cvičení v závěru prezentace. Součástí DUM je i řešení cvičení. Snímky se mohou využít k souvislému vypravování. Některé obrázky slouží k popisu a zdůvodnění jejich souvislosti se státním svátkem.

Inovativnost materiálu spočívá ve využití ICT techniky.

Klíčová slova:

St. Patrick´s Day, shamrock, leprechaun, Blarney Stone.


1)St. Patrick´s Day in Ireland

  • It is a religious holiday.

  • Everything is closed except pubs and restaurants. 2)

  • People go to mass.

  • They watch the annual St. Patrick´s Day parade.

  • They drink green beer, eat potatoes prepared in various ways. 3)

  • People wear shamrocks on their jackets or caps.

  • They also wear green, white or orange badges.

  • Girls and boys wear green in their hair. 4)

St. Patrick´s Day in the USA

  • The Irish immigrants started celebrations in 1737.

  • The biggest parade is in NY, one million of people watch it every year.

  • Many people, not only the Irish, wear green clothing.

  • Chicago dyes its river green.

  • Savannah dyes its fountains green. 5)

  • People have dinner parties serving all green foods.

Saint Patrick

  • He is the patron saint of Ireland.

  • He was born in 4th century AD.

  • He was kidnapped by pirates as a child.

  • He was sold into slavery in Ireland.

  • He was imprisoned for 6 years.

  • He “saw“ God in prison.

  • Later he escaped to France.

  • He became a bishop there.

  • He was sent by the Pope to Ireland.

  • He converted the Irish to Christianity.

  • He travelled throughout Ireland for 20 years.

  • He established monasteries, schools and churches.

  • Now there is a legend about St. Patrick. He had put the curse of God on snakes in Ireland and he drove all the snakes out.



  • It is a three-leaved clover.

  • It is native to Ireland.

  • The legend says St. Patrick used the shamrock to illustrate the doctrine of the Trinity.

  • It symbolizes The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

  • The Irish consider shamrocks a good-luck symbols.


  • It comes from an old Irish word


  • It means “little body“.

  • It is an Irish fairy.

  • It looks like an old man.

  • He is dressed like a shoemaker.

  • They are unfriendly, live alone, make shoes.

  • Each one has a pot of gold.

  • You can find a leprechaun by the sound of his hammer.

  • If you catch him, he might tell you where the gold is.

The Blarney Stone

  • It is a stone set in the wall of the Blarney Castle.

  • People kiss the stone to have the gift of blarney.

  • One legend says that a 6) woman cast a spell on the stone.

  • She wanted to reward a king who had saved her life.

  • After kissing it king could speak sweetly and convincingly. 7)

  • It´s very difficult to reach the stone.


  • St. Patrick´s Day is celebrated to commemorate

  • St. Patrick´s birth.

  • St. Patrick´s death.

  • the day when St. Patrick drove snakes out of Ireland.

  • St. Patrick died on

  • March 17, 461 BC.

  • March 17, 461 AD.

  • March 17, 361 AD.

  • St. Patrick was born in

  • France.

  • Ireland.

  • Britain.

4.The colour which is not associated with St. Patrick´s Day is

  • purple.

  • orange.

  • green.

  • The shamrock means

  • coming of spring.

  • bad luck.

  • the number “three“.

6. A leprechaun is

  • a goblin.

  • a fairy.

  • a giant.

  • The typical meal for St. Patrick´s Day is

  • pizza.

  • potatoes.

  • fish and chips.

  • Blarney Stone comes from

  • castle.

  • mansion.

  • cave.

  • St. Patrick´s Day was celebrated in the USA for the first time in

  • 1787.

  • 1737.

  • 1776.

  • The city which has the green river on St. Patrick´s Day is

  • NY.

  • Washington, DC.

  • Chicago.













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