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Monday October 5, 2009. Word of the Day: Formulate Notes on Organizational Patterns Concepts Review FCAT Practice in textbook pg. 214-217 #1-4 HW: Grammar WKBK pg. 3 & 4. Materials Needed: Pen/Pencil Paper Notebook Textbook Big Question(s): How do you determine

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Monday October 5, 2009

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Monday October 5, 2009

  • Word of the Day: Formulate

  • Notes on Organizational Patterns

  • Concepts Review

    • FCAT Practice in textbook pg. 214-217 #1-4

  • HW: Grammar WKBK pg. 3 & 4

Materials Needed:





Big Question(s):

How do you determine

the organizational

pattern of a story?


Patterns of Organization

  • The events within a short story, or sections within a textbook often fit a pattern.

  • If you can recognize the pattern, you will find it easier to remember the content.



Relationships: Patterns of Organization

  • Relationships that involve time order (chronological)

  • Relationships that involve a definition & examples

  • Relationships that involve comparison & contrast

  • Relationships that involve cause & effect

Chronological Order


  • Items are listed in the time order in which they occurred

  • Signal words often used for chronological order: first, second, third, before, after, until, next, at last, etc.



  • Even before he meets the three witches, Macbeth dreams of becoming King of Scotland. Then the witches predict he will be king; finally, his wife convinces him to murder King Duncan and take over the county.

Chronological Order Practice


Arrange the following group of sentences into an order that makes sense.

____By 1960 the number of TV sets in the country had risen above 50 million.

____After eight years, there were a million TV sets in the United States.

____Interest in television grew rapidly when broad-casting began in 1941.

____By 1994 there were over 211 million TV sets in American homes.


Definition & Example

  • Provides a definition of a word

  • Provides details that support the context of the definition


  • A boycott is an organized refusal by a group of people to deal with another person or group in order to achieve a specific goal. An illustration is the famous boycott that began in 1955 when Mrs. Rosa Parks refused to obey local laws requiring African-American people to sit in the back of the bus. Mrs. Parks was arrested, and that sparked a boycott of the Montgomery bus systems by African-Americans. The boycott was organized by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Rather than continue to lose money, the city repealed the law.


Definition and Example Practice


Arrange the following group of sentences into an order that makes sense.

___You might, for instance, sit calmly through a friend’s criticism and act as if it didn’t bother you.

___Apathy is an avoidance response in which a person acknowledges unpleasant information but pretends he or she doesn’t care.

___Another example is responding to the loss of a job by acting indifferent: “Who cares? It was a dumb job anyway.”

By using this pattern, the author can relate two things to each other either by showing how they are alike or how they are different.

Comparison & Contrast




  • During the War for Independence, the British and American armies were very different. The British army was composed of professional soldiers, whilethe American army was made up of civilians who knew little about military strategy and were untrained for warfare. Although the British were skilled soldiers, the colonists had one advantage they were more familiar with the terrain than their enemy. The English used cash and credit to outfit their army with uniforms, arms, and ammunition, but the American troops usually supplied their own arms and often wore onlythe clothing of the day, because there was no official government with tax or money or credit.

Comparison & Contrast Practice

Arrange the sentences below into a logical paragraph.

__In contrast, the original Italian story is the gruesome tale of the Princess Talia, who falls into a magical sleep in the woods, where she is raped by a nobleman and, later on, gives birth to twins, whom the nobleman’s wife tries to have killed and cooked for dinner.

__It is often said that fairy tales, with their heavy doses of violence, are too scary for young children.

__Consider the story of Sleeping Beauty that today’s children know, which involves a princess who is put to sleep by a wicked witch and then awakened by the kiss of her true love.

__But today’s versions of fairy tales are actually less frightening than the original stories.


The author can either present a cause and give the results of that cause or, conversely, present an effect and trace its causes.

Cause & Effect




  • In order to refill the treasury depleted by its many wars, the English Parliament passed the Stamp Act in 1765. It required colonists to buy stamps to be placed on legal papers, diplomas and newspapers. The angry colonists, already burdened heavily, protested, since they believedthat they were being taxed without being represented. As a result, the Stamp Act was repealed in 1776.

Cause & Effect Practice

Arrange the scrambled sentences below into a logical paragraph.

__Also, high tuitions affect the amount of time available for studying; because loans and scholarships are hard to get, many students have to put in numerous hours before school.

__For one thing, it undoubtedly prevents some students from attending college in the first place.

__Finally those who do manage to get loans know that they must begin their careers with large debt.

The high cost of college today causes problems for many students in more ways than one.

__It is difficult to manage money and schooling.



  • Authors use two common methods to show relationships and make their ideas clear. The two methods are:

  • * transitionsand

  • *patterns of organization


  • Transitions are words or phrases that show the relationships between ideas.


  • Mixed Patterns

  • Many texts contain sections and passages that

  • combine one or more of the organizational patterns.

  • When reading mixed patterns, focus on one of the

  • patterns and use it to guide your reading. Choose

  • the most obvious or predominant pattern.

Homework Grammar Workbooks

  • Nouns (Proper and Common)

  • Pgs. 3 and 4

  • Write on worksheets – due tomorrowby bell!



  • For each of the following statements, identify the pattern that is suggested and write its name. Choose from among the following patterns:

  • a) Comparison/Contrast; b) Cause and Effect; c) Definition and Example d)Time/Order

  • Many drivers take to the roads in July and August when families traditionally go on a vacation. As a result, oil companies raise gas prices in the summer.

  • I’ve become very absent-minded. Last week, for instance I went to work on my day off.

  • A good study space is well-lighted. In addition, it is free from distractions such as television or stereo.

  • While some birds meet only to mate, others stay

  • together to share child-rearing.

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