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Do Now. You have 5 minutes to answer the following question(s). When you are done take out your binder and turn to the notes section. What factors affect your ability to make an “A” in a class? What factors affect how fast a plant grows?. Announcements/ Expectations.

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Do now
Do Now

You have 5 minutes to answer the following question(s). When you are done take out your binder and turn to the notes section.

  • What factors affect your ability to make an “A” in a class?

  • What factors affect how fast a plant grows?

Announcements expectations
Announcements/ Expectations

  • You will start seeing grades go in this weekend.

  • Headings

  • Prepared for class

    • Binder, divider and composition notebook

  • Class Points

What is a variable
What is a variable?

  • Scientists use an experiment to search for cause and effect relationships in nature.

  • A variable is any factor, trait, or condition that can exist in differing amounts or types. An experiment usually has three kinds of variables: independent, dependent, and controlled.

Independent variable
Independent Variable

  • Also called the manipulated variable.

  • This is the variable that the scientist will manipulate to see how it affects the dependent variable.

  • The independent variable is the one that is changed by the scientist.

  • To insure a fair test, a good experiment has only one independent variable.

  • As the scientist changes the independent variable, he or she observes what happens.

Dependent variable
Dependent Variable

  • Also called the responding variable.

  • Are the result of something that the scientist has changed

  • Is actually being measured in the experiment

  • The scientist focuses his or her observations on the dependent variable to see how it responds to the change made to the independent variable.

Controlled variable
Controlled Variable

  • Also called the constant variable

  • The control variable will be the one that does not change.

  • Most experiments have more than one controlled variable.

  • The control variable is something that is constant and unchanged in an experiment.

Form a hypothesis
Form a Hypothesis

Hypothesis: an educated guess or prediction; an “if, then” statement

If independent/manipulated variable, then dependent/responding variable.


  • Mandy set up an experiment to show the relationship between plant growth and amount of water given to the plants.

  • The stated problem was "Does the amount of water affect the growth of bean seeds?”

  • Mandy's hypothesis was written in "if-then" format:

  • If I don't water my plants, then they will not grow.

    • Independent variable- Amount of water

    • Dependent variable- Plant growth

Use this hypothesis to identify the variables
Use this hypothesis to identify the variables

If I leave all the lights on all day, then my electric bill will be high.

IV: ______________________

DV: ______________________

If I drink Mountain Dew before bed, then I will not sleep very much.

IV: ______________________

DV: ______________________

If I brush my cat more, then there will be less fur on my furniture

IV: ______________________

DV: ______________________

Now read the following experiment and identify the independent and dependent variables and write a hypothesis

Elizabeth wanted to test if temperature affected how fast milk goes bad and curdles. She left milk in a room temperature closet, a fridge, and a oven that was turned on low heat. She then measured how rotten the milk was after 10 days.

Hypothesis: ______________________________

IV: ____________________________________

DV: ____________________________________

Independent practice
Independent Practice independent and dependent

Worksheet Example


IV: ____________________________________

DV: ____________________________________

Independent practice1
Independent Practice independent and dependent

Exit ticket
Exit Ticket independent and dependent

What is an independent variable?

What is a dependent variable?

What is a hypothesis?

Act prep
ACT Prep independent and dependent