Izeko Mariasun
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Izeko Mariasun. - Elene Allende -Jose C. Del Rio -Ane Garcia -Leire Lizarralde -Jon Lopez -Pedro Segi -Mikel Uranga -Garazi Vitoria. Introduction. Cooperative enterprise located in Arrasate.

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Izeko Mariasun

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Izeko mariasun

Izeko Mariasun

-Elene Allende

-Jose C. Del Rio

-Ane Garcia

-Leire Lizarralde

-Jon Lopez

-Pedro Segi

-Mikel Uranga

-Garazi Vitoria

Izeko mariasun


  • Cooperative enterprise located in Arrasate.

  • We prepare food for people who don’t have enough time to cook for themselves. They phone us and in a short time they can have their just-prepared food at home.

Izeko mariasun


  • People who don´t have enough time to cook

  • Discounts for students of Mondragon Unibertsitatea and workers from the cooperative

Izeko mariasun

Ecological products

  • We work with ecological products

  • We have a vegetable garden next to our company

  • For cooking, we use fruits and vegetables from the vegetable garden

Izeko mariasun

Variated menus

  • You can choose from the menus we have

  • If you ask beforehand, you can choose what you want

  • If you have an allergy, we will cook something special for you

Izeko mariasun


The most important aim is that the workers satisfy their money-need

1.To recover the money

2.To earn a huge amount of money

3.To control the market

4.To be multinational

Izeko mariasun


The most important aim is the activity of the company

We have an ecological garden:

we have a commitment with the environment

Izeko mariasun


Cooperative society

Every worker have contributed the same money

The decisions will take in a demokratic way

Izeko mariasun

First ideas development

Izeko mariasun

Different alternatives

  • Large timetable

  • Ecoligical products

  • Freedom to ask for anything you want

  • We’ll carry for you eating to home

Izeko mariasun

Our foods origin

Izeko mariasun


  • Our company has different menus established for each day, having some different choices in them to pot for. Besides this we can cook for you anything it’s in our hands if you told it us before.

Izeko mariasun

Different options for sick people

  • We make all kind of food thinking in people that have an illness such as diabetes, any type of allergy.

Izeko mariasun

Design and development

of the service

Our services

Izeko mariasun

Design and development

of the service

-Opportunity to have lunch or dinner in the company.

-Take away our food to your home or any other place.

-Opportunity to eat food prepared with ecological products.

-Opportunity to select with a web cam the product that we will eat afterwards.

-Opportunity to select an alternative menu if the customer is ill.

-We can prepare anything you want if we are told before.Our menu services will be always recommended by a nutritionist

Izeko mariasun

Activity sector

  • Our company is located in the third sector

Izeko mariasun


Our company is located in the outskirts of arrasate

Izeko mariasun


Greatest influencers and leaders

Personal plan.

Izeko mariasun


  • Mikel Uranga:

  • -Business management and administration

  • -First Certificate, EGA and Spanish(his mother language)

  • -Work Experience

  • Leire Lizarralde:

  • -Business management and administration

  • -First Certificate, EGA and Spanish(his mother language)

  • -Work Experience

Izeko mariasun


  • Elene Allende

  • -Driver´s License

  • Jose Carlos Del Rio

  • -Driver´s License

Izeko mariasun


  • Jon Lopez

  • -He has studied in Leioa.

  • -He loves cooking.

  • Ane Garcia

  • -She has studied in Leioa.

  • -A lot of experience in her familiar Bar.

Izeko mariasun


  • Garazi Vitoria

  • - IFES teleformacion in agriculture.

  • - She has helped in her farmer for a long time.

  • Pedro Segi

  • IFES teleformacion in agriculture

  • He has helped in his farmer since he was a child

Izeko mariasun


Izeko mariasun

The market and its customers

There are many kids of customers:



Izeko mariasun

Our service is expensive at all.

we give discounts to the students of mondragon unibertsitatea

Izeko mariasun

This services of taking the food to customers houses is useful.

We also offer the chance of eating in a comfortable place

Izeko mariasun

Our food is really healthy.

Customers have the chance to see our vegetable garden by web cam.

Izeko mariasun

  • Competitors

  • The restaurants and bars that are next to us.

  • Our customers take these 3 facts into account:

  • Nearness / Proximity

  • 2. Prize

  • 3. Quality

Izeko mariasun

Advantages and Disvantages

Izeko mariasun




  • New in the market


  • Big competitors

  • Globalization

Izeko mariasun



  • Ecological products

  • Discounts


  • Economical growing

Izeko mariasun


Production and distribution plan.

Suppliers and subcontracts.

Administration and composition.

Izeko mariasun


  • Congress

  • Important decisions

  • Administration plan

  • Accept the leader

  • Accept the

Izeko mariasun


  • The congress decisions

  • State the administration plan

  • To name the person in charge

Izeko mariasun

General Secretary

  • Secretary

Izeko mariasun



Izeko mariasun

The objective is to speak about the further outlook

Izeko mariasun


The workers that we will contract, are going to be joung student people.

Izeko mariasun

To put this bussines on we need same economical help.

Izeko mariasun


Basque goverment will left a pice of land

Euskadiko Kutxa will give a credit

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