Transit Connections 2013
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Transit Connections 2013 The Value of Transit PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Transit Connections 2013 The Value of Transit. The Economics of Transit: Here and Around the Nation / Innovative Transit Solutions. Tom Skancke Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance. Stephen Maples University of Nevada, Reno. Andrew Austin American for Transit.

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Transit Connections 2013 The Value of Transit

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Transit Connections 2013

The Value of Transit

The Economics of Transit:

Here and Around the Nation / Innovative Transit Solutions

Tom Skancke

Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance

Stephen Maples

University of Nevada, Reno

Andrew Austin

American for Transit

Building Communities for the Future

Attracting, growing, and retaining millennials through great public transit

Americans for Transit

  • Mission: to create, strengthen, and unite grassroots transit rider campaigns

  • Founded in 2012 by the Amalgamated Transit Union & Good Jobs First

  • Train to build capacity; Support campaigns on-site; Build a national coalition of grassroots transit rider organizations.

Who we are – Advocates & Riders

Who am I?

  • Avid bus rider, train nerd, bike rider, and walker

  • Former Field Director at Transportation Choices in Washington State

  • Worked on multiple successful (and a few unsuccessful) transit ballot campaigns; led advocacy to save bus service statewide

What the Heck Is a Millennial Anyway?

Wikipedia says…

  • William Strauss and Neil Howe coined term in some books about the post Gen-X generation.

  • Roughly defined as people born between 1982-2004.

I am a Millennial…

Who grew up in an medium sized town & in a middle class family.

Which means (like many of my peers)…

I grew up getting certificates and stickers for things that maybe should have been expected (“graduating” 4th grade and potty training anyone?)

7 out of 10 Millennials Support…

We are the last generation

To hear World War II stories (as teenagers and adults) directly from those who lived it…

Real Problem…

Sort of…

  • This is the most educated generation in American history and the only group for whom real wages fell in the three years after the recession began. (Youth/national unemployment)

“How to Write the Worst Possible Column About Millennials”

  • “use vapid tropes about spoiled young people refusing to work bc they just don't want to”

  • Pretend every member of this 85-million-person generation grew up in a fabricated life-size playhouse on the set of Hannah Montana. 

  • Blame today's high youth unemployment on "their parents’ success" 

How to Write the Worst Possible Column About Millennials

And Maybe….

  • Some of us…

  • Okay just me…

  • Want this on our wedding cake

Millennials and Transportation

  • What we know

  • What we can do about

  • Where we go from here

What do we know?

1-Driving down (car ownership)

What do we know?

1-Driving down (Miles Driven)

1-Driving down, decrease in Auto commutes

What do we know?

1-Driving simply flat/ way down (per capita)

1-Driving down (Miles Driven)-

Planning hasn’t caught up!

What do we know?

2-Demand for Transit Soaring (ridership)

2-Demand for Transit Soaring

Voters are saying yes at the ballot Box

2-Demand for Transit Soaring (yes at ballot box)

Wins not a one-off trend!

What do we know?

2-Polls Agree, Demand for Transit Soaring

What do we know?

3-Millennials are driving the increased demand for transit nationally

We’d Rather be…


What we know (Re-cap)

  • People are driving less

  • Demand for transit is rising (fare box, ballot box, polling)

  • Millennials are key demographic behind these trends

What can ‘WE’(transit providers, planners, businesses, and advocates) DO about IT?

What can we do about it?

1-More GREAT Transit…

What can we do about it?

NOT Less

Transit that attracts young people to use it, and keep using it, should be good for everyone…

Direct and Fast(er)

Reliable and (usually) on time

Is easy to use, affordable, clean and safe…

Goes where people want to go (for smart planners to figure out)!

What can we do about it?

2- Design communities for people

Not cars.

What can we do about it?

3-User friend relevant Technology

What can we do about it?

4-Marketing and Communications that Speaks to Millennials

What we Can do(Re-cap)

  • Plan and build great transit

  • Create people focused communities

  • Implement user friendly technology in transit

  • Relevant, modern, communication

No Amount of great marketing, social media savviness, and relevant communications…

Can replace great transit and places

What Is Next?

That is up to you!

Discussion & Stay in Touch!

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  • Follow us at Twitter @A4Transit

  • Website

  • Email me with additional questions or news you’d like to share with national pro-transit audience.

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