OverComing  the Enemy

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What do you Believe?. We know that there is a GodWe know that there is an EnemyWhy do we not think about their strengths and weaknesses as it pertains to our life?Let me explain

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OverComing the Enemy

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1. OverComing the Enemy Beth Moore Study Praying God’s Word Final Chapter

2. What do you Believe? We know that there is a God We know that there is an Enemy Why do we not think about their strengths and weaknesses as it pertains to our life? Let me explain…

3. God and enemy We have God in our hearts; right? We know that the enemy is in the world; right? If God is in us, then why do we stumble or fall? We are not focusing on the strengths of what is inside of us, but instead listening to the lies that are being told to us by the enemy of this world.

4. Children As a child, we are trying to do “good” things, but we are tempted. As a child, we start to believe the lies of the voice that is talking to us from this world. It is not that we don’t hear the goodness of God in our hearts, but we don’t know the word to combat the enemy when we are children. We just have our inner voice. We need the Sword of the Spirit to defend against attacks of the enemy. What would happen if you instructed a child to listen to God’s word and voice and they KNEW IT?

5. Making the “Right” choice I’ve seen an innocent child know scripture and be involved in a situation and make the “right” choice due to the fact that they knew God’s word. They felt the power of God, even at a young age. Their reasoning was more simple than adults, and they were able to make the right decision more quickly. There wasn’t a lot of discussion about what choice to make, they felt led and peace about making the “right” choice. Know your BATTLEFIELD

6. Pain Saving Instruct and tutor your children in the way’s of the WORD in order to save them a huge amount of pain and loss. Second, instruct and teach yourself the WORD as quickly as you can in order to empower your SWORD of the SPIRIT. That was the tool that Jesus used to defeat and conquer the enemy. The WORD is more powerful than you know.

7. deceiver Deceiving you and understanding you is something that the enemy does every day. He watches like a lion waiting to devour you. Understand his game, and decide that you are going to fight back. Decide that he doesn’t have power over you anymore. Get your GAME ON!!!

8. Ephesians 6 Our battle is not only within ourselves, but it is from rulers, earthly authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against SPIRITUAL forces of evil in the heavenly realms. We are actually hit on all sides physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The Word of God in our minds and in our hearts and in our physical world is the way to BATTLE against the enemy. I can’t reinforce more about how critical it is to have knowledge of the word if you want to OverCome the Enemy.

9. Threat… What do you think happens when you start getting closer to God? You become a THREAT. You’re not just a mindless wanderer of the world. You are a determined force of love spreading God and expressing love to everyone and everything that comes into contact to you. That is scary to the enemy, and now he has changed his mind about you. You are now on a DIFFERENT list.

10. Navy Seal You now are going through Navy Seal Spiritual Training. You are on the special squadron now. Are you going to go into battle unarmed??? The enemy would love for you to have no spiritual armor, nor a sword of the spirit of the word of God. That way he can make you look like a fool when you are in the middle of everyone watching you.

11. Methodologies The enemy is calculated, methodical, and perfectly timed in his attacks for you. He doesn’t sleep, and he is setting you up for failure. Knowing this, you might feel overwhelmed… BUT STOP! God is at the TOP, and the enemy is at the BOTTOM. You have God inside of you as a support system. You have the power to trump all of his warfare against you. BELIEVE IT TO BE TRUE…

12. Renew your Mind Renewing your mind is one of the first steps and progressing forward after being attacked. Our mind goes round and round over what happened and how we hurt. Know that your were washed clean, and if you have a humbleness of forgiveness in your heart you will be renewed. But you must believe it… in order to unleash the hold that the enemy has on you.

13. Subtle Suggestions The subtlety of suggestion by the enemy is probably one of the most confusing things to understand through. Hearing this idea…someone suggests something else…seeing another view on TV…sometimes it comes at many directions. Go Back to the Word…Quiet yourself…

14. Unforgiveness Block When you are being attacked, and you need to find clarity you may have a block that prevents you from hearing clearly or having what you are praying for not being heard. Unforgiveness… Clear the air spiritually by asking forgiveness to God, and forgiving others. Ask Him to show you what you need to confess or what you need to forgive. That might be the very thing that is keeping you locked in your desperate position.

15. Power of Prayer Become intimate with your Creator of the universe and your Father. Spend time with Him allowing your spirit to be still and to have the opportunity to hear Him tell you what your next move is. He wants to be with you, and He wants to guide you. You are His child… You are not alone…

16. Life ever After There is Life after Failure. Abundant, effective Spirit–filled life…for those who are willing to repent hard and work hard. God wants to use us, but we must fall on our faces in humbleness, taking full responsibility for our own sin. No one else’s, receive His loving discipline, and walk radically in the truth of God’s Word.

17. God’s Power The power is there The Power to OverCome the Enemy Live in Victory Your Savior paid the price Now it is time to take hold of what you can do through the love of our Father and the blood of His, Son…Christ Jesus Be Filled and Stay in the Fight! May God Bless you and love you forever… Amen.

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