Perthes’ Lesion
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Perthes’ Lesion. History of weightlifting and persistent shoulder pain. Anterior Ligamentous Periosteal Sleeve Avulsion (ALIPSA). Adhesive Capsulitis. Pectoralis Tendon Avulsion. 28M Posterior shoulder pain - No trauma. PDFS. Parsonage Turner. Superior surface tear Sag T2.

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Perthes’ Lesion

History of weightlifting and persistent shoulder pain

28m posterior shoulder pain no trauma
28MPosterior shoulder pain - No trauma


Full thickness tear cor t2
Full Thickness Tear Cor T2

25m bench pressing
25M – Bench pressing

Axial T2 Shoulder

Pectoralis major rupture
Pectoralis Major Rupture

  • Can be difficult to see

    • Especially chronically

25m pain
25M - Pain

Cor T1 FS IAGd

Full thickness tear
Full Thickness Tear

  • Acute

    • Anterior edge of supraspinatus

  • Degenerative

    • Mid supraspiantus

56m pain on and off for years
56MPain on and off for years

67m recent onset pain with abduction and internal rotation
67MRecent onset pain with abduction and internal rotation

78f cannot comb her hair
78FCannot comb her hair

Cor t2
Cor T2

35m weightlifter

24m previous shoulder dislocation with spontaneous reduction
24MPrevious shoulder dislocationwith spontaneous reduction

Labral tear with paralabral cyst
Labral tear with paralabral cyst

53m pain and possible calcific tendinosis on x ray
53MPain and possible calcific tendinosis on X-ray

Cor T2FS

Cor T1

56MSwimming and body surfing in Hawaii 2 weeks ago; struck shoulder. Fracture/dislocation.Greater tuberosity fracture. R/o rotator cuff tear.


  • Fracture of posterolateral humeral head with avulsion of teres minor insertion

  • Joint effusion with large posterior collection

  • Extensive muscle edema and hemorrhage

  • Avulsion of infraspinatus tendon at insertion

  • Probable rupture of intraarticular biceps

  • Avulsion of posterior capsule

  • Supraspinatus tendinopathy

Ovesen j sojbjerg jo posterior shoulder dislocation acta orthop scand 1986 57 535 536
Ovesen J, Sojbjerg JO. Posterior shoulder dislocation.Acta Orthop Scand. 1986; 57: 535-536.

10 cadaver shoulders, provoked posterior subspinous gh joint dislocation

  • In 10/10: Teres minor rupture, posterior capsule rupture, and infraspinatus tear

  • In 8/10: Lower subscapularis tear

  • In 10/10: Intact supraspinatus and CH ligament


Ax T1

Ax T2



Possible angiolipoma


  • Rare, benign

  • Mature lipocytes with angiomatous prolif.

  • Young adults upper extremity

  • Firmer than lipoma

  • Noninfiltrating subQ, encapsulated

  • Infiltrating deep

Labral tear with

paralabral cyst



Pain and possible biceps calcific tendonosis on X-ray

Cor T2FS

Cor T1

Calcific bursitis


1Y shoulder pain and reduced ROM