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Webinar LEAs with e4TN – e4000 April 19, 2011 1:00 PM PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Webinar LEAs with e4TN – e4000 April 19, 2011 1:00 PM. Webinar April 19, 2011 Anita Raulston, Associate Executive Director Office of LEA Support & Improvement Linda Stachera, Project Director, Title II-D. Final Dates. e4TN – end date 6/30/11 May/June - close the program

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Webinar LEAs with e4TN – e4000 April 19, 2011 1:00 PM

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WebinarLEAs with e4TN – e4000April 19, 20111:00 PM


April 19, 2011

Anita Raulston, Associate Executive Director

Office of LEA Support & Improvement

Linda Stachera, Project Director, Title II-D

Final Dates

  • e4TN – end date 6/30/11

    • May/June - close the program

  • E4000 – end date 9/30/11

    • May/June - finalize operation of summer program

e4TN Enrollment Dates

  • June 3 – last day to enroll for summer courses

  • June 10 – summer courses begin

  • July 20 – summer courses end

Releasing unused seats – $10,000 vouchers

  • Process for releasing seats

    • Deadlines for releasing or “obligating” use of seats

      • May 6, 2011 so that other LEAs can use funds for seats

    • Determine the $$$ amount not needed for your LEA’s students for summer term

    • Complete the Release / Request Form provided

    • Have form signed by your Director of Schools

    • Submit form to Linda Stachera at address provided on form

Requesting additional seats

  • Release / Request Form provided

    • Indicate number of additional seats and $$$ amount your LEA expects to need for summer courses

    • Have form signed by your Director of Schools

    • Submit to Linda Stachera by May 6, 2011 at 4 PM Central time

    • Notification of redistributed seats will be provided by Linda Stachera by May 13via email

How will released seats be redistributed?

  • First priority given to e4000 LEAs

  • Number of seats needed vs. number of seats released will be considered

  • If there is not an abundance of seats, federal guidelines as outlined in the Mandated Operating Procedures for the redistribution of funds will be used


Mandated Operating Procedures forReallocation of Funds

  • Funds will be reallocated in a timely basis, no later than ninety days after funds have been deemed excess. The state project directors for the impacted titles will consider the following criteria prior to reallocation of funds that were excess or recovered:

  • (See the next slide for criteria)

  • The Executive Director of Federal Programs will give final approval of all grant awards based on reallocation of funds.

Mandated Operating Procedures for Reallocation of Funds (Continued)

  • the degree of increase in the percentage of children from low-income families,

  • the percent of children from low-income families,

  • a review of LEAs’ need for additional funding to provide Title I services to address the unmet needs of eligible Title I children,

  • the number of schools identified as High Priority,

  • district identification as High Priority; and,

  • the degree of need based on the purposes of the NCLB title.

$20,000 – Has this been expended?

  • What expenditures are allowable at this point?

    • Must support online learning

    • Title II-D guidelines (ARRA) on the Federal Programs website at http://state.tn.us/education/fedprog/title_ii_partd.shtml

      • Page 8 of document

  • Must be expended by Sept 30, 2011

According to Guidance

  • Increasing accessibility to technology or enhance existing technology to increase student achievement (equipment)

  • Helping teachers to increase student academic achievement or create teacher technology leaders (professional development or professional libraries)

  • Acquiring connectivity linkages, resources, and services (networking)

  • Parent involvement / student communication

If you do not spend your $20,000 by Sept 30, 2011

  • Release of funds form provided and on the Federal Programs website Budget Forms page

    • http://state.tn.us/education/fedprog/fpforms.shtml

  • This is the same form that will be used for other Title programs

Did you know your teachers can participate in (audit) e4TN courses?

  • Benefits

    • Experience of on-line learning

    • Learn curriculum that is new to them or those in need of a refresher course

    • Learn new strategies and standards

  • Cost

    $50 per teacher (for Learning Management System fees). LEAs may use Title II-A funds for this $50 fee.


  • $20,000 – ARRA funds drop-dead 9/30/2011

  • Title II-D discretionary carry-over column is not on FY12 budget

    • Existing 2010-11 budget document and reimbursement forms will be in effect until 9/30/11

    • Budget amendments processed through ESEA/NCLB consultants / Linda Stachera

    • Requests for reimbursement must be completed by LEA by Mid-December, 2011

Program Evaluation

  • Base hubs

  • BTP sites

  • Branch hubs

  • E4000 LEAs

    • Signed assurance to participate in and provide required information related to the program evaluation

Program Evaluation Information may Include

  • Expenditures of funds

  • Student enrollment, success, and demographics

  • Subject areas and special populations served

  • Professional development activities (including base & hubs)

  • Impact of program on student achievement

  • LEA future plans for online learning

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