media center essential question
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Media Center Essential Question

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Media Center Essential Question. How can I be an effective user of information?. Lands and People Research Project. Using the Big 6. Task Definition. Define the Information Problem Identify Information Needed.

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media center essential question
Media CenterEssential Question

How can I be an effective user of information?

task definition
Task Definition

Define the Information ProblemIdentify Information Needed

  • Download the Note Taking Sheet to your h-drive in a Lands and People Project Folder.
  • Find a article on your country using Lands and People on NC Wiseowl.
  • Download Pictures from article and save to your Lands and People Project.
  • Complete Note Taking Sheet and save to your folder.
information seeking strategies
Information Seeking Strategies

Determine all Possible Sources

Select the Best Sources

  • CAEHS Website (Note Taking Sheet)
  • NC Wiseowl (Article and Pictures)
  • H-Drive (Save Note Sheet and Pictures)
location and access
Location And Access

Determine All Possible Sources

Select the Best Source

  • Note Taking Sheet/H-Drive
  • Google Chrome
  • School Website
  • Library Media Center
  • Collaboration Projects
  • Lands and People Project
  • Note Taking Sheet
  • NC Wiseowl/H-Drive
  • Google Chrome
  • NC Wiseowl
  • High School Zone
  • Specialized Databases
  • Lands and People
use of information
Use of Information

Engage (Read, Hear, View, Touch)

Extract Relevant Information

  • Download and Save Note Taking Sheet
  • Search NC Wiseowl for Article on Country
  • Download and Save Pictures
  • Read Article
  • Complete Note Taking Sheet
  • Save Completed Document

Organize from Multiple Sources

Present the Information

  • Downloaded Pictures on your Country
  • Completed Note Taking Sheet on your Country


Judge the Product (effectiveness)

Judge the Process (efficiency)

  • Teacher Rubric
  • Self Evaluation-What would I have done differently?