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Why Certification?

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Why Certification?. Certification is an effort to insure quality education. It’s a condition of employment at Gateway for the following types of assignments:

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why certification
Why Certification?
  • Certification is an effort to insure quality education.
  • It’s a condition of employment at Gateway for the following types of assignments:

Instructor, Instructional Specialist, Instructional Supervisor, Instructional Related Supervisor, Instructional Administrator, Instructional Related Administrator, AODA Facilitator, Counselor, Librarian

certification assures continued professional growth after employment
Certification Assures Continued Professional Growth After Employment
  • WTCS recruits many instructors directly from employment in business and industry
  • Instructors receive training in sound educational principles and practices
what type of certification do i receive when i am first hired
What type of certification do I receive when I am first hired?
  • Typically new employees are given a “Provisional certificate". This type of certificate means you have not met all the requirements for a 5-Year certificate.
what is needed for provisional certification as an instructor
What is needed for Provisional Certification as an Instructor


Academic subject teacher: Bachelor\'s degree with a minor or 20 semester credits in appropriate area.

Occupational subject teacher: Bachelor\'s degree or equivalent with education or training preparing a person for the occupational area being taught.

provisional certification con t
Provisional Certification con’t

Occupational Experience

Academic subject teacher -12 months in any field except education.

Occupational subject teacher - 24 months as a fully qualified worker in each occupational area.

provisional certification con t6
Provisional Certification con’t

Teaching Experience

None required

how long is a certification period
How long is a certification period?
  • Your initial certification period is for three years; thereafter, an instructor must re-certify every two years until all seven (7) education requirement courses (two credits each) have been completed. Each renewal period ends August 31st of the appropriate year.
how may courses do i have to take during my certification period
How may courses do I have to take during my certification period?
  • To renew your provisional certification, you will need to take 6 credits worth of the educational courses that are required by the WTCS of all individuals that hold provisional certification.

Those required courses are:

certification courses
Certification Courses
  • Requirement 50 ‑ Curriculum/Course Construction
  • Requirement 51 ‑ Philosophy of Vocational Education
  • Requirement 52 ‑ Teaching Methods
  • Requirement 53 ‑ Educational Psychology
  • Requirement 54 ‑ Educational Measurement
  • Requirement 55 ‑ Guidance and Counseling
  • Requirement 69 ‑ Educational Diversity
where do i take these courses
Where do I take these courses?
  • The certification courses are offered here at Gateway, free of charge to certified employees. They may be offered on different campuses, online, or via ITV (interactive television).
  • Courses are also offered via the Southern Consortium of technical colleges (BTC, MATC-Madison, MATC-Milwaukee, WCTC, and GTC). They are held at Waukesha County Technical College.
how do i register for them
How do I register for them?
  • Registration for Gateway and Southern Consortium certification courses is done through Human Resources. Flyers are sent out every semester listing the courses that are currently being offered and the registration information for each course.
is there any paperwork involved
Is there any paperwork involved?
  • There is no paperwork involved in registering for these courses unless you want to take them for credit through UW-Parkside. Since these courses are mandatory, they are already considered to be “approved” for certification renewal.
can i use the certification courses for advancement on the salary schedule full time faculty only
Can I use the certification courses for advancement on the salary schedule?(full-time faculty only)
  • Yes you can! Per the GTEA bargaining agreement, academic credits are the only thing that can be used to move up in salary. You will need to take the certification courses for UW-Parkside credit and pay the prevailing tuition rate for the courses. When you have accumulated 10 credits, you can apply to move up the salary scale.
how about paperwork for salary movement
How about paperwork for salary movement?
  • Yes, there is paperwork for this. You will need to do a salary adjustment request form when you accumulate the 10 credits necessary to move up the salary scale. The form is available on Gateway’s intranet form site.
  • You will also need to make sure that all transcripts for the courses you have taken are on file in Human Resources.

This is what the form looks like:

websites that can help you
Websites that can help you:
  • Wisconsin Technical College System http://systemattic.wtcsystem.org/certification/default.htm
  • Gateway Intranet Certification page http://cws.gateway.tec.wi.us/Campuses/Employment/Certification/index.htm
  • Gateway Intranet Online Forms page http://intranet.gtc.edu/forms/index.html
If you have any questions, please call me at:

Mary Halberstadt – Associate Director-Certification

ext. 3060