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John Brosovich University of Akron Planning for Technology

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John Brosovich University of Akron Planning for Technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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To create a digital photography and a digital video laboratory at Shaw High School in the Freshman Academy Science Department. John Brosovich University of Akron Planning for Technology. Current Educational Environment.

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To create a digital photography and a digital video laboratory at Shaw High School in the Freshman Academy Science Department

John Brosovich

University of Akron

Planning for Technology

current educational environment
Current Educational Environment
  • Shaw High School is an inner city school district that is in desperate need of increasing student academic performance
The Freshman Academy Science Department at Shaw High is constantly trying to develop new and innovative classroom techniques to improve science scores on state exams and to increase student’s interest in the sciences
  • Currently Shaw High School has no such equipment or facility
  • Teachers throughout Shaw High School have not infused technology into their classroom curriculum
  • Students have had no interaction with the natural world in science class
  • The addition of this laboratory would allow for students to concentrate on this interaction and bring back examples of the natural world to the classroom setting

No innovative technology is available

  • This laboratory would allow teachers and students to create new lessons that embrace technology in new and different ways
  • The proposal is to add a digital photography and a digital video laboratory to the science curriculum
goals of the proposals
Goals of the Proposals
  • The digital laboratory would allow the students a greater ability to design and conduct experiments
  • As a result of this laboratory students will be able to accurately analyze and interpret data

Students will be able to develop a better understanding of the natural world that surrounds them

  • This laboratory will help East Cleveland City Schools achieve the mission statement and educational goals
technology proposals
Technology Proposals
  • To purchase digital photography cameras
  • These cameras are relative inexpensive
  • Most students and teachers are familiarly with digital camera so the training time will be reduced
  • Relative simple to add to classroom curriculum

To purchase digital Flip Video cameras

  • Flip Videos are relative simple to use
  • No expensive software to purchase the camera has plug-and-play features
  • Ease of use will allow teachers and students the ability to use this technology instantly
personal qualifications
Personal Qualifications
  • Successful completion of Digital Academy Technology Graduate Course through the University of Akron
  • This course concentrated on infusing technology into the classroom and using many types of digital cameras

Master of Arts in Instructional Technology through the University of Akron with a graduation date of July 2010

  • Upon completion of the MA a computer and technology endorsement will be added to my teaching license
  • Start date: August 2010
  • End date: June 2011
  • The project would include 270 freshman and two science teachers.

Teachers will be trained to use the equipment and software the week before school starts during Teacher Camp

  • Students will be trained during classroom instructional periods

Training should be relative simple since both cameras that were selected have plug-and-play software

  • The project will be evaluated by assigning small projects to assess the basic skills
  • Followed by projects that require the application of multiple skills

12-GE A950 Digital Camera @ $ 79.99 $ 959.88

12-U112OW Ultra Flip Video @ $129.99 $1,559.88

12-Flip Battery Pack @ $ 24.99 $ 299.88

12-2GB SDHC Cards @$ 5.99 $ 71.88

Total Cost $2,891.52

budget notes
Budget Notes
  • All items can be locally purchased to avoid shipping and handling charges
  • No cost for computers since the school district has amply supply of laptops and desktop models
  • .

No cost for software since both the Flip Video and the digital camera have there own internal software

  • If additional software is needed, Picnik will be used since it is a free software service for photographs