Towards an appropriate institution for water resources management
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Towards an appropriate institution for water resources management PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Towards an appropriate institution for water resources management. Vupenyu Dzingirai, CASS. Institutions and objective. Team’s interest in the model is not merely academic .

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Towards an appropriate institution for water resources management

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Towards an appropriate institution for water resources management

  • Vupenyu Dzingirai, CASS.

Institutions and objective

  • Team’s interest in the model is not merely academic.

  • Interest derives from a conviction that institutions are charters for accessing water resources with a bearing on livelihoods.

  • This is the reason we were interested in

    • Identifying , developing and propagating

      the institutional model

Structure of presentation....

  • The institutional component is made up of 3 related fragments

  • background and context.

  • The processual component

  • The institutional model proper.

    I deal with (ii).

    Rationale: methodology =model

The experience in developing the model

  • CASS and MCC failed to deliver on the model .

  • With less than 8 months to go, there was no model..

  • An embarrassing matter

Consequences: introspection

  • Failure led to a search for reasons.

  • Introspection

  • Called for the Beitbridge Workshop.

Resolution of the B.B.Workshop

Many things resolved but 2 critical.

(i) Need to immediately create and intensify partnerships. Anti -Bond

(ii) Need to develop a resource based plan and budget

No time to work on the details

Operationalising the Recommendations

St Lucial Park Workshop

  • The workshop = plan and budget of activities.

  • Consultative Workshops were key components

  • The plan was modified to suit available had failed to deliver.

Byo Workshop

  • Deliberately sited in Byo.

  • This was held to finalise field plans

  • Decision on Wards ,etc Venues, Logistics.

  • ZINWA was tasked to handle the field activities, based on their resources .

The UZ Workshop

This was a technical event.

The aim was to reflect on workshops’philosophy

  • Researcher centric?

  • Practitioner tilted ?

  • Or populism and idyllic

    The Workshop agreed on the principles and strategy to follow in the Workshops

  • Ours would be co-learning workshops characterised by 3 things.

Characteristic 1- Guided facilitation

  • Rather there would be guided facilitations.

  • The facilitators would literally not stand up, but sit among people... Very close to people.

Characteristic 2: Structured learning

  • n

  • The learning workshops would be structured, breaking people into thematic working groups.

  • 1Maping group, 2.users gp ; 3.Institutions gp 4.Gender grp

Characteristic 3- Feedback and Iterations

  • The learning workshops would involve reporting at all level .

  • Reason : accountability and feedback

Operational problems.....

Food security...

..and unmanageable crowds

But, ...Results and Experience

  • Fulfiling experience

    • Fun! Meat

    • Building of Relationships intra-&inter

  • Relationship responsible for data build up

  • significance

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