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The Good Bad and Ugly: Evaluating Internet Resources - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Evaluating Internet Resources Gretchen Greiner Technology Services Frederick County Public Schools Why Evaluate? Volume of resources Anyone can publish on the net No approval necessary Evaluation is Imperative!!

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The good the bad and the ugly evaluating internet resources l.jpg

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly:Evaluating Internet Resources

Gretchen Greiner

Technology Services

Frederick County Public Schools

Why evaluate l.jpg
Why Evaluate?

  • Volume of resources

  • Anyone can publish on the net

  • No approval necessary

Evaluation is imperative l.jpg
Evaluation is Imperative!!

  • Must learn to be effective CONSUMERS of information.

  • Must learn to REACT to Internet information, not just RETRIEVE.

A word about filtering l.jpg
A Word About Filtering

  • Cruel world

  • In 5 years - Internet on cell phones

  • If you filter you cannot teach critical thinking skills

  • School is only part of the students’ world

  • Always remember that the Web is a web

Criteria l.jpg

  • Authority and Accuracy

  • Objectivity

  • Currency

  • Design and Style

  • Navigability

Authority and accuracy l.jpg
Authority and Accuracy

  • Author’s qualifications

  • Author’s affiliation

  • E-mail contact person

  • Is the information accurate?

  • Are there typos?

  • All of it is copyrighted!

Strategy learn the structure of url before search engine use l.jpg
Strategy: Learn the Structure of URL Before Search Engine Use

  • pubweb.acns - the computer where the information is located

  • - organization operating the computer

  • ~abutz - personal home page of someone named A.Butz

Context clue the tilde l.jpg
Context Clue: the Tilde

  • ~jones = a personal site,

    someone’s opinion

Strategy check out the tilde owner l.jpg
Strategy: Check Out the Tilde Owner

If necessary, truncate the address back to the author’s name

Copy the full address (but not http://)

Switch to a search engine

In the search box type link://pasted URL

Click on the search button

Search returns any web site linked to anything the author has written

Strategy check out the author l.jpg
Strategy:Check Out the Author

  • Use a search engine to search for the author’s name, in quotation marks.

  • Find the author’s e-mail address and write to him or her.

  • If you can’t find the author’s name, try to find the organization

  • Shows how other people categorize the author or organization

Strategy identify linked sites l.jpg
Strategy:Identify Linked Sites

  • Copy the URL, including http://

  • Switch to a search engine

  • Type link:pasted URL

  • Click on search button

  • Returns links to that document

  • Link strategies cause you to think

Context clue domain name l.jpg
Context Clue: Domain Name

.edu = education site (

.com = profit making site (

.gov = government agency (

.org = nonprofit organization (

.net = network organization (

.mil = military (

.fr = country domain for France (.ca Canada)

New domain names l.jpg
New Domain Names

.nom = personal/individual Web sites

.firm = business organizations

.info = information services

.int = Internet organization (

.arts = culture and entertainment

.rec = recreation sites

.store = online shopping

.web = Web related sites

Objectivity l.jpg

  • Evidence of bias?

  • Electronic soap box?

  • Trying to change your opinion?

Currency l.jpg

  • Date of information

  • Publication date

  • Date of last revision

  • Current, active links

Design and style l.jpg
Design and Style

  • User friendly

  • Uncluttered and clean

  • Basic design must reflect the content

First Prize

First Prize

Design and Style

Navigation l.jpg

  • Organization

  • Table of contents

  • Consistent buttons

  • Enough links

  • Accurate, appropriate links

Six types of web pages l.jpg
Six Types of Web Pages

  • Personal web pages

  • Advocacy web pages

  • Business/marketing web pages

  • Informational web pages

  • News web pages

  • Entertainment pages

Never heard in the halls in internet savvy schools l.jpg
Never Heard in the Halls in Internet Savvy Schools:

  • “Why should I bother to check out the source?”

  • “But the web page looks so official!”

  • “It’s okay to copy anything from the Internet.”

  • “I read it on the Internet so it must be true.”