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Better Language. Birth and Beyond. Morphology and Me.

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Better Language

Birth and Beyond

Morphology and me
Morphology and Me

  • In this lesson your students will learn to use auditory discrimination involving morphology. There are eight pictures which involve the incorrect use of irregular past tense parts of speech. Let your students listen to each slide and then try to determine which word is in the incorrect form. An advanced step would be for the student(s) to then state the sentence in the correct manner.

  • An additional goal of this power point presentation is to build on the students’ vocabulary skills.

  • You may wish to have your students point to the underlined vocabulary words as you ask, “Show me the____________.”

  • Please browse my web page for more ready to use activities involving morphology.

A piranha has sharp teeth
A piranha has sharp teeth.


He bited my arm!

Fish have fins which help them move through the water
Fish have fins which help them move through the water.

I feeded my fish too much food and they died.

The shark has gills gills help the shark breathe air or oxygen from the water
The shark has gills. Gills help the shark breathe air, or oxygen, from the water.


The shark swimmed away really fast when it heard the boat.

The fish breathes oxygen from the water through his gills the bubbles release carbon dioxide
The fish breathes oxygen from the water through his gills. The bubbles release carbon dioxide.

The fish blowed lots of carbon dioxide bubbles out of his mouth.

Many people eat fish these fish are on a stringer
Many people eat fish. These fish are on a The stringer.

They catched four fish.

The boy is sitting on an iceberg while he is fishing
The boy is sitting on an The iceberg while he is fishing.

He bended forward to see if the fish was biting the hook.

The diver is wearing a snorkel and flippers as she swims among the school of fish
The diver is wearing a The snorkel and flippers as she swims among the school of fish.

She swimmed deep into the water.

The bones inside a fish are called the skeleton
The bones inside a fish are called the The skeleton.

Somebody already eated this fish!

We love fishing
We Love Fishing! water for their habitat.

The End

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Reference Page water for their habitat.

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