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Office Paper Buying Guide

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Office Paper Buying Guide. What’s the issue with Paper?. Vanderbilt spends over $600,000 annually on office paper for Copiers & Faxes Laser & Ink Jet Printers Over 150 different types and sizes of paper are routinely purchased

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what s the issue with paper
What’s the issue with Paper?
  • Vanderbilt spends over $600,000 annually on office paper for
    • Copiers & Faxes
    • Laser & Ink Jet Printers
  • Over 150 different types and sizes of paper are routinely purchased
  • 50% of users either overspend on paper or experience unsatisfactory results by using the wrong paper for the job
  • 20% of the total Vanderbilt paper spend still occurs with non-contract suppliers
    • Risk paying higher than contract prices for paper
    • Reduces our negotiation leverage for future contracts
paper solution
Paper Solution
  • Procurement Services has created this Office Paper Buying Guide to help you
    • Select the right paper for the job
    • Order the right paper from the right supplier quickly and efficiently
    • Get the results you want
    • Save money, time and effort
what type of paper to buy
What type of Paper to Buy?
  • Many types of Office Paper are specifically designed for specialized applications as well as general purpose printing and copying
  • Six major categories:
    • Multi-Purpose Paper
    • Laser Printer Paper
    • Inkjet Printer Paper
    • Color Copier Paper
    • Recycled Paper
    • Security Paper
  • Product Listings on pages 13-14
paper terminology
Paper Terminology
  • Office Paper comes in a bewildering array of colors, finishes, weights, sizes and packages
  • Acid-Free – Paper made without process acids. Has a longer shelf life and is good for long term archiving without turning yellow
  • Basis Weight – The weight of 500 sheets of paper measured in lbs. The higher the weight the thicker and more substantial the paper (16lbs, 20lbs and 24lbs are common weights)
  • Brightness – Measures how much light the paper will reflect. The higher the number the brighter (or whiter) the paper. A 96 brightness is visibly whiter than a 92 brightness
  • Caliper – The thickness of paper measured in thousandths of an inch or in millimeters. The higher the caliper the thicker the paper
  • Post Consumer Fiber – The previously used paper material contained in recycled paper. Expressed as a percentage
  • Ream – The basic bulk unit of paper equal to 500 sheets of paper
  • Sizes – U.S. standard measurements 8.5” x 11” (Letter), 8.5” x 14’ (Legal); European sizes (A4, A5, etc.)
  • Smoothness – The smoother the paper the sharper the printed image. The lower the smoothness number the smoother the paper
multi purpose paper
Multi-Purpose Paper
  • Multi-purpose copier paper – everyday workhorse
  • Common Uses:
    • Proofs and drafts
    • e-mails, interoffice correspondence
    • Forms
    • General copying and printing needs
  • What to Look For:
    • Brightness: 90-92 range
    • Weight: 16-20 lb should be sufficient for all needs
    • Smoothness:170-160 range (lower the better)
  • Benefits:
    • Multi-use papers deliver reliable performance in a variety of office imaging equipment
    • Economical and competitively priced
    • Available in all common sizes
laser printer paper
Laser Printer Paper
  • Laser Printer Paper – Optimized for use on laser printers when appearance is important
  • Common Uses:
    • Executive reports, Contract documents, legal documents
    • Analyses charts and graphs (especially when printing in color)
    • Announcements with complex graphics
  • What to Look for:
    • Brightness: 92–96 range
    • Weight: 22-32 lbs. These papers have a more substantial feel than multi-purpose paper
    • Smoothness: 100–80 range. Smoother surface yields clean, sharp images
  • Benefits:
    • Various grades available for everyday and presentation use
    • Improves laser printer performance especially for color and complex graphics
inkjet printer paper
Inkjet Printer Paper
  • Inkjet Printer Paper – Insures images print cleanly without bleeding
  • Common Uses:
    • Proposals, Presentations, Flyers
    • Any general printing especially with color images
  • What to Look For:
    • Brightness: 96
    • Weight: 20-24 lbs
    • Smoothness: 100 or lower
  • Benefits:
    • Formulated to hold the liquid ink on the surface and insure dense, full colors and text
    • Higher weight and opacity permits 2-sided color printing
    • Cost effective way to produce colorful, complex presentation materials


    • Matte-coated inkjet printer papers feature rich texture and offer brilliant color prints
    • Gloss-coated papers offer a shimmer that makes the document stand out
color copier paper
Color Copier Paper
  • Color Copier Paper – Specifically formulated to produce vivid colors and contrast when used in color copiers
  • Common Uses:
    • Brochures or Flyers
    • Reports especially those with graphs and charts
    • Executive Reports or documents
  • What to Look For:
    • Very High Brightness: 98
    • Weights: 28 lbs for text pages and 60-80 lbs for Covers
    • Smoothness: 40 or better
    • Opacity: 94-98
  • Benefits:
    • Superior color rendering and contrast
    • Quality allows copier jobs to be produced “in house” instead of externally printed
    • Maximizes investment in color copier equipment by increased job quality and production volume
recycled paper
Recycled Paper
  • Recycled Paper is made with post-consumer paper materials, is acid-free and processed without the use of chlorine bleach
  • Types Available:
    • Multi-purpose, Laser and Color copy, papers
  • What to Look For:
    • Recycled Paper offers all the same qualities as new paper as well as the same quality guarantees.
    • Available in 30% – 100% post-consumer content
  • Benefits:
    • Compatible with all copiers and printers
    • 100% post-consumer products reinforce commitment to recycling programs
  • Tips:
    • Find the right recycled paper based upon need. Use the specifications of new paper and then find that right recycled option based upon those specs.
security papers
Security Papers
  • Security Papers are designed to deter document fraud by the use of imbedded covert security features
    • Patented technology is 99% effective with all current digital technology; less effective with older analog equipment
    • Hidden words appear when original documents are scanned, copied or faxed
    • Paper is tinted and reveals a white space when text is physically erased
  • Common Uses:
    • Financial Reports, Contracts, Legal documents
    • Medical records, Transcripts, Official records, Gift Certificates
  • What to Look For:
    • Same basic specification as regular office paper
    • Choice of hidden words – “UNAUTHORIZED COPY”; “COPY”; “VOID”
  • Benefits:
    • Performance is the same as regular office paper
    • Offers a useful level of document security
    • No special equipment or training required to use
where to buy paper
Where to Buy Paper
  • Guy Brown/Office Max
    • Guy Brown/Office Max is Vanderbilt University’s contract supplier for Office Paper and all other Office Supplies
    • VUMC mandates Guy Brown/Office Max through the implementation of their Office Supply formulary
    • Guy Brown/Office Max was selected as a result of a rigorous competitive bid process and found to have the best product selection as well as the most competitive prices
  • Guy Brown/Office Max program benefits:
    • Fast and easy ordering using eProcurement
    • High volume Product Formulary and online catalog
    • 24 hour Customer Service and Easy Return Policy
    • Next Day Desk Top delivery
    • Large Product selection
    • Guy Brown is a certified Diversity Supplier
top sku s from guy brown
TOP SKU’s from Guy Brown

Multi-Use, Laser, Inkjet & Recycled Paper

top sku s from guy brown1
TOP SKU’s from Guy Brown

Colored and Security Papers

  • Procurement Services
  • Guy Brown/Office Max
    • Business Relationship Manager – Jaenne Roseberry
    • Account Executive - David Carter