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Types of Cattle. Beef CattleDairy CattleDuel Purpose Cattle. Types of Cattle . Beef Cattle Beef Cattle are cattle that are produced with the purpose of producing beef.. Types of Cattle. Dairy CattleDairy cattle are cows produced for milk and airy production.. Types of Cattle. Duel Purpose Duel Purpose cattle are cows that are produced for dairy and beef production..

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Breeds of Cattle

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1. Breeds of Cattle Animal Science 101

2. Types of Cattle Beef Cattle Dairy Cattle Duel Purpose Cattle

3. Types of Cattle Beef Cattle Beef Cattle are cattle that are produced with the purpose of producing beef.

4. Types of Cattle Dairy Cattle Dairy cattle are cows produced for milk and airy production.

5. Types of Cattle Duel Purpose Duel Purpose cattle are cows that are produced for dairy and beef production.

6. Beef Cattle There are three different classifications of beef cattle. British American Continental

7. British Breeds Hereford They are from Herefordshire, England. They are light yellow to cherry red with a white underbelly. They also have thick and curly hair. They are a medium sized frame. They have poor marbling, they mature early and can adapt to most environments.

9. British Breeds Poled Hereford The Poled Herefords originated in England like the regular Herefords. They also share the same characteristics as the horned Herefords.


11. British Breeds Shorthorns The Shorthorns come from Northern England. The color is not always the same, but mostly roan (red and white) They have a medium to large frame, and have medium muscling.

13. British Breeds Angus Angus are from Aberdeen Scotland They are solid black and polled with small ears Smooth hair, medium sized frame, heavy muscled, and great carcass merit.

15. American Breeds Santa Gertrudis They were developed in Texas at the King Ranch. They are deep cherry red color. They are 5/8 Shorthorn and 3/8 Brahman. They are horned and polled. They are medium to large frame size and heavy muscled They are hardy and productive in hot teperatures.

17. American Breeds Beefmaster They are from Texas They are usually red, but there is no regular color pattern. Medium to large frame, and heavy muscled.

19. American Breeds Brangus They are solid black with a small hump. They are 5/8 angus and 3/8 brahma. They are polled. They are medium to large frame.

21. American Breeds Brahman They are originate from southern U.S. They are gray to red in color, horned or polled with a hump. They are large frame with light muscle. They are the most heat and disease tolorant

23. Continental Breeds Main-Anjou They originated in France. They are dark red with black or white markings. Large in frame. Heavily muscled.

25. Continental Breeds Charolais They originate from France. They are white to a creamy color, and some are red. They are a large frame animal that is noted for its double muscling .

27. Continental Breeds Chiania They are from West Central Italy. They are off-white with black tongue, eyes, nose ,and hooves. They are a large frame animal with long muscles.

29. Continental Breeds Limousin They are from South-Central France. They are mostly red but they do come in black with lighter eyes and belly. Medium to large frame size with a long body, and heavy muscle.

31. Dairy Cattle Holstein They are from the Netherlands and Germany. They are black and white. Large sized and heavy milkers

33. Dairy Cattle Jersey They are light grey to dark fawn in color. They are a medium sized animal They milk the more for their body weight than any other cow.

35. Dairy Cattle Guernsey They are red and white. They are a medium framed cow. They have a high feed to milk conversion. Their milk is high in beta-carotene.

37. Dairy Cattle Brown Swiss They are solid brown varying from dark to light. They are large sized. They have a light colored band around their muzzle. They have above average milk fat content.

39. Duel Purpose Cattle Gir They originated in India. They are grey in color wit a hump. They have a average milk production. They have an medium to large frame, with beef characteristics.

41. Duel Purpose Cattle Devon They originated in England. They are red in color. They have slight dairy characteristic. They are medium to large frame.

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