wardens moderators clerks training
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Wardens/Moderators & Clerks Training

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RI BOARD OF ELECTIONS. Wardens/Moderators & Clerks Training. - Please silence all cellular phones and devices. - Remember to sign-in. -Take your books with you to the polling place. Before opening the poll. Keys are in the supplies from the Board of Canvassers.

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wardens moderators clerks training


Wardens/Moderators & Clerks Training

- Please silence all cellular phones and devices.

- Remember to sign-in.

-Take your books with you to the polling place.

before opening the poll
Before opening the poll
  • Keys are in the supplies from the Board of Canvassers.
  • Plug-in the Eagle immediately.
  • The Eagle will automatically print a Zero Tape.
  • Verify the candidates and questions on the Zero Tape by comparing the tape to a sample ballot located in the Supervisors’ supply bag.
before opening the poll3
Before opening the poll
  • The Warden/Moderator, Clerk, and two Supervisors must sign the Zero Tape.
  • Plug-in the AutoMARK and turn it on immediately, and run verification ballot.
  • If there is a problem with the Eagle or AutoMARK, contact the Board of Canvassers.
before opening the poll4
Before opening the poll
  • Open the blue supply box and locate your supplies.
  • Place broken seals in the “Seals Envelope”.
  • Check the inventory list on the front of the supply bag. If you’re missing anything, contact the Board of Canvassers immediately.

Place Broken seals inside.

Find new seals to be used at the close of the polls.

replacement of eagle automark
Replacement of Eagle/AutoMARK
  • If your Eagle or AutoMARK must be replaced, this form must be completed by the Warden/Moderator.
  • The technician must sign it.
  • Clerk must sign it.
  • Warden/Moderator must sign it.
clerk s bag
Clerk’s Bag

Verify the Memory Pack Seal number and Eagle and AutoMARK serial numbers on the Election Certificate.

Verify number of ballots received. Open one package at a time.

Note any problems on Discrepancy report.

clerk s bag8
Clerk’s Bag

Note any discrepancies on this form.

Place into Board of Elections Return Envelope if used.

inactive voters
Inactive Voters

Inactive Voters

  • Voters on the poll book with a special message of “Affirmation Required” must complete a Voter Affirmation form before competing a ballot application.

Reasons for being “inactive”:

  • Voter has not voted in two consecutive federal elections.
  • Election-related mail has come back as undeliverable or has been forwarded to another address by the USPS.
voter moved within the same city town
Voter moved within the same City/Town:

30 days or less before the primary/election, they vote at their old polling place.

More than 30 days before the primary/election, they vote at their new polling place.

The voter must complete a Voter Affirmation form, which is placed in the Board of Canvassers Return Bag by the Clerk. Then they complete a ballot application.

voter moved to another city town
Voter moved to another City/Town:

If a voter moved to another City/Town:

  • 30 days or less before the election, they vote at their old polling place in their former City/Town.
  • More than 30 days, but less than 6 months before the election, they vote at the Board of Canvassers of the former City/Town.
  • More than 6 months before the election, they are not eligible to vote.
provisional ballot categories
Provisional Ballot Categories
  • A voter who claims they are a registered voter yet cannot be found on the voting list.
  • A voter who must show ID but doesn’t show ID.
  • A voter who applied for a mail/emergency ballot.
  • A voter challenged by you or a watcher.
  • Voter claims they are affiliated with a different party or unaffiliated. (primary only)
setup provisional ballots
Setup Provisional Ballots

Locate the provisional supply bag.

Refer to the checklist in the provisional voting supply bag in the blue supply box!

Get the sheet of pre-printed labels that say “Provisional Ballot” in red.

provisional ballots procedure
Provisional Ballots Procedure

DO NOT get ballots from the Supervisors ahead of time.

When a voter will be voting a provisional ballot, get a ballot from the Supervisors and affix the label on top left bar code of ballot.

provisional ballots procedure17
Provisional Ballots Procedure

DO NOT write on the ballot!

Affix the label! This will prevent the ballot from being put into the Eagle.

A provisional voter does not complete a ballot application with the Supervisors.

info sheet
Info Sheet

Give the voter a provisional info sheet.

Required by federal law

provisional application
Provisional Application
  • Write your precinct number at top!
  • Have the voter complete & sign the application in 2 places.
  • The Clerk must also sign.
  • Be sure to check a category.
provisional ballots
Provisional Ballots
  • Instruct voter to take their ballot and envelope to a privacy booth and seal only the ballot inside envelope when finished.
  • The voter must return to the Clerk’s table.
  • Make sure the envelope is sealed and application is on front.
provisional ballots21
Provisional Ballots
  • Give voter their receipt.
  • Insert ballot into red provisional ballot bag.
  • Have the Supervisors write a “P” next to the voter’s name in the poll book.
eagle automark training
Eagle & AutoMark Training

Equipment Training

close down the polling place
Close down the polling place
  • Warden/Moderator must print the Totals Tape from the machine.
  • Warden/Moderator must read results in loud & clear voice.
  • Warden/Moderator, Clerk, and two Supervisors must sign the Totals Tape.
  • Press “print totals” for each copy needed.
  • Five copies of this tape must be printed. (outlined on next screen)
print the 5 copies of totals
Print the 5 copies of totals
  • 1st copy - Board of Elections envelope
  • 2nd copy –Tape on door outside
  • 3rd copy – Board of Canvassers return bag
  • 4th copy –With the voted ballots from Bin #2
  • 5th Copy – Memory pack envelope
close down the poll
Unplug the Eagle!

Remove the Memory Pack.

Put memory pack inside.

Put 5th copy of totals tape inside.

Close down the poll

Clerk should get the number from public display counter to write on the election certificate.

close down the poll27
Close down the poll
  • Clerk must count the provisional ballots in the red provisional bag (use gold key to open).
  • Lock the red bag and seal with red tie seal found in the “seals envelope”.
  • Write seal number on both copies of the Election Certificate.
compartment 2 of eagle
Compartment #2 of Eagle
  • Remove all the ballots from Bin #2.
  • Neatly stack voted ballots and place inside ballot security case.
  • Make certain you have removed all ballots from the Eagle!
  • Place 4th copy of totals tape in the case and seal it with orange seals supplied by the Board of Canvassers.
election certificate
Election Certificate
  • Account for all of your ballots.
  • Account for all of your ballot applications.
  • Be accurate!
  • Place 1 copy in BOE envelope and 1 copy in BOC return bag.
unused ballots
Unused Ballots
  • Seal only opened packages of unused ballots in this bag.
  • Never place voted ballots in this bag or the plastic blue supply box.
shutdown the automark
Shutdown the AutoMark
  • Shut down the AutoMark and place in the case as instructed earlier during the demonstration.
board of elections envelope
Board of Elections Envelope
  • Fill the Board Elections Return envelope.
  • See list on front.
  • Seal with red-bordered seals
board of canvassers envelope
Board of Canvassers Envelope
  • Fill Board of Canvassers return envelope.
  • Put keys inside.
  • See list on front.
  • Seal it.
close the polling place
Close the polling place


Unused ballots & forms.

Unused ballot applications.

Posters and signs issued by the State.

Pens, magnifying sheet, etc.

close the polling place35
Close the polling place


Voted ballots removed from the Eagle

Forms signed or completed by voters

Voting lists

Street directories

Items issued to you by the Board of Canvassers

  • Seal the blue supply box(s) with new seals.
  • Write seal #’s on election certificate.
  • Place the Eagle, booths, supply box, and AutoMARK case and table in secure area.
deliver election returns
Deliver election returns

Board of Canvassers Return Bag

  • Board of Elections return envelope
  • Voided and Manual Count envelopes
  • All signed ballot applications

Ballot Security Case

  • Voted ballots with 4th copy of totals tape.

Board of Canvassers Box or Canvass Bag

  • All voting lists and directories
  • Rulers, extra signs, etc..
thank you
Thank You

Read your Books!!


Bring your books to the polls with you!!