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Professionalism. Dress and Act the Part. How long does it take for someone to form an opinion of you?. Six Seconds!. What are you “ saying ” before you speak?. Eye contact Facial expressions Posture Handshake Clothing. Eye Contact.

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Professionalism l.jpg


Dress and Act the Part

How long does it take for someone to form an opinion of you l.jpg

How long does it take for someone to form an opinion of you?

Six Seconds!

What are you saying before you speak l.jpg

What are you “saying” before you speak?

  • Eye contact

  • Facial expressions

  • Posture

  • Handshake

  • Clothing

Eye contact l.jpg

Eye Contact

  • Maintaining eye contact with a person or an audience says you have confidence!

  • It says you are someone who can be trusted!

Facial expressions l.jpg

Facial Expressions

  • A smile says you are friendly and approachable.

  • Raised eyebrows say that you are interested in others.

The handshake l.jpg

The Handshake

  • Grasp the other person’s hand firmly, shake several times and release. This says you are self-assured and enthusiastic.

Posture l.jpg


  • Stand up straight but not rigid. It says you are receptive to others. Your hands should be at your sides and may be used to emphasize a point.

  • When seated, sit up straight and lean slightly forward. It says you are interested. Your hands should be folded on your lap. Your feet should be flat on the floor or crossed at the ankle.

Clothing l.jpg


  • The appropriate clothing says that you are a leader with winning potential.

Clothing9 l.jpg


  • How should personnel in the following professions be dressed?

Banking l.jpg


Teaching l.jpg


Do you form an opinion about people based on their attire l.jpg

Do you form an opinion about people based on their attire?







Remember l.jpg

Remember. . .

Your image and that of Virginia DECA are inseparable!

Create a professional image with the clothing you wear l.jpg

Create a professional image with the clothing you wear

What you should know from head to toe!

Slide15 l.jpg


Do’s Don'ts

  • Clean Dirty

  • StyledMessy

  • CombedBig

Makeup l.jpg



  • NaturalBright

  • ConservativeExcessive

Teeth mouth l.jpg


  • Brush and gargle

  • Carry small mints

  • Do not chew gum

Jewelry l.jpg


  • Small and conservative

  • No more than 2 earrings

  • Remove facial piercing

Nails l.jpg


  • Short and clean for males and females.

  • Females should chose pale shades of polish.

Blouse shirt l.jpg


  • Females—Your blouse should be buttoned to your collar bone and tucked in. A shell may also be appropriate. The blouse should have sleeves.

  • Males—Your shirt should have a collar and be tucked in. A tie is a must.

  • A blouse or a shirt should be clean and ironed.

Pants l.jpg


  • Pants should fit at the natural waistline.

  • Belts should match your shoes.

Skirts dresses l.jpg


  • Skirts and dresses should fit well. They should not be too tight!

  • The length should be no shorter than two inches above the knee.

Hose socks l.jpg


  • Dress socks should always be worn with pants.

  • Hose should be worn with dresses or skirts.

Shoes l.jpg


  • Females—Your shoes should be a comfortable, closed toe pump.

  • Males—Your shoes should be a polished dress shoe.

Perfume cologne l.jpg


  • Be conservative!

Tattoos l.jpg


  • Cover them up!

Purse briefcase l.jpg


  • Females should carry one or the other.

  • Purses or briefcases should be neat, clean and polished.

  • No backpacks!

The deca blazer l.jpg

The DECA Blazer

  • What goes with it?

  • Khaki or gray pants

  • Khaki, gray or red skirts

  • White shirts or blouses

  • Red blouses

  • Red ties

  • Navy blue or black shoes

Conference attire l.jpg

Conference Attire

  • Official Dress Code

  • Competition

  • Workshops

  • Common Areas

  • Halls, Rooms, Free Time

Summary l.jpg


  • You communicate without speaking a word.

  • Your image is important!

  • Your attire should be professional anytime you represent Virginia DECA.

  • You are Virginia DECA in the minds of the members!

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