Nocturnal Animals: Bats

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Nocturnal Animals Stay Active at Night. Microsoft clip art. Microsoft clip art. Crickets and Snakes. Are nocturnal. Microsoft clip art. Microsoft clip art. Raccoons and Owls. Are nocturnal. Microsoft clip art. Microsoft clip art. Nocturnal Song. Learn a song about nocturnal animals. Bats are nocturnal.

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Nocturnal Animals: Bats

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1. Nocturnal Animals: Bats By Tammy Verstrate

3. Crickets and Snakes Are nocturnal

4. Raccoons and Owls Are nocturnal

5. Nocturnal Song Learn a song about nocturnal animals

6. Bats are nocturnal Bats fly and stay active at night

7. Bats Bats have fur and big teeth

8. Bats are mammals Baby bats drink milk from their mothers.

9. Baby bats The babies of insect eating bats are born hairless, with their eyes closed.

10. Where Do Bats Live? Bats are found in caves. Bats homes are called roosts.

11. Bats Home Bats are also found in hollow trees, woodpecker holes, tree tops, buildings, castles and churches.

12. Bats like to stay together A group of bats is called a colony

13. How do bats sleep? During the day bats sleep hanging upside down, and at night they come out to feed.

14. Bat wings Bat wings are made of two thin layers of skin stretched over the bat's arm and fingers. 

15. Bats have five fingers Bats have a thumb and four fingers, just like people.

16. Long fingers! The bat's fingers are very long compared to its body.  If we had fingers like a bat, they would be longer than our legs!

17. Bats Ears Bats have very good hearing. They use their ears for finding food and locating their babies.

18. Bats with big ears Some insect –eating bats have huge, sensitive ears for hearing moths, and beetles.

19. Bats with tiny ears Fruit bats have tiny ears. They use their eyes and nose to find food.

20. Should We Be Afraid of Bats? Many bats are truly very helpful to people. The little brown bat can eat up to 1,200 night flying insects in just one hour. This helps all of us.

21. Nocturnal  Swoop and dive, little bat, Catch insects as you fly. Hurry, hurry, little bat, Back to your cave nearby.

22. For More Information and Activities About Bats You can visit the kids zone And Enchanted learning

23. Credits The information in this power point presentation was taken from the kids zone and enchanted learning.

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