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1911 was established at the current place of National Taipei University of Technology. That is one of the oldest industrial schools in Taiwan. ...

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Slide 1:Directory of College of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering(CMEE) ADDRESS: 1,Sec. 3, Chung-Hsiao E. Rd. Taipei 106,Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China TEL. : +886-2-2771-2171 ext.4501, or ext.4504 FAX : +886-2-2776-4017

Slide 6:History 1911 was established at the current place of National Taipei University of Technology. That is one of the oldest industrial schools in Taiwan. 1948 was upgraded to be Provincial Taipei Institute of Technology, offering a five-year program, admitting junior high-school graduates to study in the fields of engineering. 1994 was upgraded to be National Taipei Institute of Technology with 4- and 2-year programs. The two-year program admits junior college graduates. The four-year program admits high-school and vocational school graduates. The department awards bachelor degree to both programs. 1999 CMEE (College of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering) was established, amid including 7 DEPT. and 10 Institutes. 2006 CEIE (College of Electric & Information was separated from CMEE, remained 3 DEPT. and 5 Institutes in CMEE.

Slide 8:Academic Programs

Slide 10:?Encourage research in academic and industry?

Slide 11:Students PH.D Program total 104 (4%) Master Program total 419(17%),MS on-the-Job around 176?(8%) Full time undergraduate student around 867 (41%),undergraduate student on-the-job (at night on weekdays) around 420 (16%),and (at weekend) around 470 (14%)?

Slide 12:Mechanical Engineering Institute of Mechatronic Engineering The Concentrations: 1.Mechatronic Technology: mechanism, sensor,actuator, and controller integration, machine vision and image processing, etc.. 2.MEMS: microsensor and microactuator, microsystem design and fabrication, optoelectronic measurement, microthermal and fluid system, etc.. 3.Precision Machinery: precision mechanism and transmission system, precision driver design and control, vibration and noise control, etc.. 4. Semi-Conductor Technology : semi-conductor device design, IC manufacturing process, IC packaging and testing, DNA chip, protein chip and biochip design, etc.. 5. Thin Film and Nanotechnology : thin film coating, surface analysis, nano-material and manufacturing process, nano- metrology, etc..

Slide 14:Institute of Manufacturing Technology

Slide 15:Home-made Rapid Prototyping Machine take leading the advanced RP machine in the world (the minimum layer thickness-10um)

Slide 16:Some corner from Mech. DEPT

Slide 17: Vehicle Engineering

Slide 18:Vehicle Engineering

Slide 19:Department of Energy and Refrigerating Air-Conditioning Engineering The Concentrations: Refrigeration and air-conditioning technology Cryogenics Clean room and Vacuum technology Energy-saving technology Thermal sciences and environmental control technology

Slide 20:Department of Energy and Refrigerating Air-Conditioning Engineering

Slide 21:Energy Simulation for Taiwan Wan Hwa

Slide 22:Institute of Automation Technology (IAT) The Concentrations: Automatic Optical Inspection Intelligent Control, Network and System Design Intelligent and Information Home Appliances Technology The Development, Design and Application of Embedded System Medical Mechatronics System Machine Vision and Image Processing

Slide 23:A-team aims to Taiwans high-end industry Innovation- Incubator

Slide 24:Research Capacities The CMEE total projects occupied the 25% in NTUT, and been the top rank in NTUT. The total financial support be around 45 million NT dollar came from NSC, and almost the same fee came from enterprises.

Slide 27:Thank you for your kind attention! Email:

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