Since 1990, Abex Aerospace, and subsequently Parker Aerospace, has relied on Parnassus for a variety...
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Cost of Ownership Analysis (cover) PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Since 1990, Abex Aerospace, and subsequently Parker Aerospace, has relied on Parnassus for a variety of analytical and graphical services, to include: o Reliability performance and UR analysis and reporting o Maintenance operating cost & PBH analyses and reports

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Cost of Ownership Analysis (cover)

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Since 1990, Abex Aerospace, and subsequently Parker Aerospace, has relied on Parnassus for a variety of analytical and graphical services, to include:

o Reliability performance and UR analysis and reporting

o Maintenance operating cost & PBH analyses and reports

o Ad hoc and Product Improvement analysis / reports

o On-Site reliability & maintenance data acquisition

o On-Site presentations and planning meetings at Parker sites

o Operator presentations and technical interface for Parker

o Tech-Graphics illustration and production

While providing routine reliability reporting services starting in 1990, Parnassus has generated numerous documents in response to ad hoc requests for targeted reliability reports, cost of ownership analyses, failure trend reports, Abex and Vickers pump reliability comparisons, Failure Mode & Effects Analyses, and graphic arts services.

As an example, Parnassus provided the technical response that refuted the so-called QANTAS' 5030 Report which made the case to Boeing that the Vickers B747-400 EDP was more reliable than the World Pump in early service at Qantas. Parnassus' analyzed Qantas removal data and convincingly demonstrated to Boeing and Qantas' satisfaction that their conclusion was flawed and that the opposite was true, AP15V-027-01 was more reliable than Vickers Model PV3-240.

Parnassus has on occasion labored side-by-side for weeks beyond the original contract scope & without PO change, e.g. to support Abex NWL OEM FMEA analyses, Boeing Metrics reports, Color Flow Schematics and the ALS Software for PMP2V-7D-10, PMP2V-31-02 and AP19V-18-04 etc.

Parnassus steadfastly endeavors to deliver professional services while maintaining flexibility and responsiveness to Parker's needs. As an independent contractor, Parnassus has developed unique familiarity with Abex NWL products, and vagaries of your customer reporting formats and needs and feels justifiably proud of our contributions. Parnassus is very appreciative of the confidence that Parker has invested in our services.

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Cost of Ownership Analysis (cover)

Parnassus provides many Reliability Services to Parker annually and as needed to support current call-out marketing initiatives. Both the annual as well as the as needed services are funded by a flat-rate, level of effort contract. The funding level is set for an average of 12.5 hours per week

Year-End Reliability and UR Reports

New this year (Boeing rqst’d) Reliability and UR Trends reports for all top selling EDP/ADP’s & ACMP’s. Shown (below & right) is the PMP2V-31-03 (preliminary)

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Parnassus http:www// - email: [email protected]

Composite Matrix Report (MTBUR & MTBF Industry-wide)

Industry Reliability / Composite Matrix Rpt (annual & when requested)

Shown below is a Reliability Summary report. The format, which was developed by Parker (Bill Detweiler) and Parnassus in 1996, presents fleet statistics and top-level UR data stored in the Composite Matrix (i.e. a flat-file spreadsheet containing several years of field reliability data on Parker’s top sellers). he Composite Matrix has been found corrupted (possibly from a bad-sort or filter, etc) and more than once needed back-check (repaired) which is very time consuming. The idea to build a Reliability Database (MS Access, design in-process) was born of the need to resolve this problem.

In comparison to the Year-end Reliability and UR reports (preceding page), the Parker Reliability Summary report give CSM’s a top-level review of each model with performance statistics by airline customer in an attractive one (1) page summary format.

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Parnassus http:www// - email: [email protected]

Field Data Acquisition, Processing and Training Diagram (source: Rel2000.ppt)

Data Acquisition & CSE Liaison

  • Parnassus actively participates in the acquisition of in-field reliability performance data by:

    • preparing training aids and forms,

    • meeting / discussing reliability issues in person and in email,

    • supporting a flexible yet minimal criteria for reliability data obtained by CSE’s & CSM’s,

    • directly receiving reliability data submittals via email,

    • processing data submittals (including feedback), and

    • providing off-site custodial duties of reliability data in electronic / paper formats.

Additionally each year, on Parker’s behalf, Parnassus acquires and processes RMO maintenance records directly from UAL and AZO.

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Parnassus http:www// - email: [email protected]

Cost of Ownership Analysis (typ cover)

Ad Hoc Analysis Reports

Parnassus ad hoc analysis reports are periodically needed to address and resolve specific issues faced by the Call-Out group. Because our findings and conclusions are those of an independent third party, our experience has been that the reports are well received and acknowledged by Parker’s customers.

While working closely with CSO, we are able to

1) maintain an open and honest point of view during analysis and

2) query the detailed data to confirm or refute Parker’s hypotheses or concepts which can go a long way in substantiating your position.

Maintenance Operating Cost Analysis (aka Cost of Ownership)

Maintenance Operating Costs are an important consideration in any Call-Out procurement decision. Most airlines operate on a tight margin and need to economize to survive. Thus, since the costs to maintain a Vickers pump can be in some cases more than twice what it costs to maintain a Parker pump, the life cycle cost savings of the decision can be very convincing.

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Parnassus http:www// - email: [email protected]

Color Flow Schematic - PMP2V-7D-07/10

Parnassus liberates a thousand words of techno-speak with the creativity of a single graphic image and applies them in a variety of integrated Tech-Graphical reports, presentations and Marketing tools (e.g. Color Flow Schematics, etc) for Parker. Communicating perspective more fluently than your competition is one way to win in a competitive marketing environment.

The Color Flow Schematic (shown below) is a cut-away view of the PMP2V-7D-07/10 Parnassus derived by scanning an existing Engineering print then modifying the elements & colors to Parker’s satisfaction.

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Parnassus http:www// - email: [email protected]

Parnassus has developed two Windows 9x/NT database software applications using Visual Basic as the front end, MS Access and the database and Crystal Reports Writer as the report generation development environments. Both software packages have been successful in terms of the things we’ve been able to combine into a database application, e.g. point & click user interface / data input, etc.

In particular, Airline Software (ALS) - see brochure - was an extraordinary development in terms of capability and features. It was also an integral part of the Singapore Airlines 777 Call-Out which was a success for Parker.

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Parnassus http:www// - email: [email protected]

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