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Welcome. Tonight you’ll find out about. Specials, Snacks & more by M.M. Good. Home-work & other monsters by R.U. Dunn. Mrs. Downin’s Life by Ann Expert. Subject Matters by U.R. Smart.

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Tonight you’ll find out about...

Specials, Snacks & more

by M.M.Good

Home-work & other monsters

byR.U. Dunn

Mrs. Downin’sLife

by Ann Expert


byU.R. Smart


Lois Downin was born and raised in Illinois where she attended Illinois State University to obtain a B.S. degree in elementary education. Following graduation, she married and began teaching. A preschool position and a job in a Chicago parochial school began her career, and in 1992 she began working in the Kyrene School District.She has taught 4th and 5th grades for many years in both regular education and the gifted program.

In 2001 Lois completed her Masters Degree in Elementary Education from Northern Arizona University. In addition to teaching, Lois also enjoyed her many years of library work, both in public and school libraries. With ten years of experience it is understandable why she loves books so much! In her free time she enjoys reading, computers, paper crafts, volunteering, and spending time with friends and family. This begins her 22nd year in Kyrene, and she is very happy to be a part of the Cielo family.

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 541-2530
  • Communication emails or newsletters from me
  • Assignment Book/Planner
  • Conferences: Usually end of October and beginning of March, or by appointment at other times during the year
  • Web Site:
keeping informed about our classroom cielo and kyrene
Keeping Informed About Our Classroom, Cielo, and Kyrene
  • Complete your parent homework by sending me an email at [email protected] the subject… hi from ________’s parents. This allows me to quickly and accurately add you to my class distribution list, so that you receive important email updates.
  • Go to the Kyrenehomepage and sign up to receive newsletters in your inbox. On the left column of Quick Links choose Subscribe to School Newsletters. You may then check all that you would like to receive. At the bottom of the list you fill in the email address where you would like to receive the newsletters. The Cielo one is very important. It is how you will receive news of school wide events and the school newsletter.

Kyrene del CieloElementary

KyreneCommunity News


A Typical Schedule

7:40   Students picked up from courtyard

7:45   Language Arts

8:40   Specials

9:30Morning Break

9:45   Language Arts continued

10:20 Reading IFG

10:50Socials Studies/Science

11:40 Lunch/Recess

12:25 Math

1:25Math IFG


2:20   Discuss Homework/Agenda/Clean-Up

2:35   Dismissal  (12:35 on Wednesdays)

  • If dropping off at West Gate: children need to be inside the playground area by 7:40 AM so they are lined up/in the building by 7:45 AM. 
  • We are seeing a lot of traffic back-up and tardy arrivals can occur as a result.
  • Traffic begins backing up at 7:30ish. Students are allowed on campus beginning at

7:15 AM.

  • Students leave at second bell at 2:35 (except when Mrs. Downin has after school duty.)
  • Students are to head outside and not wait outside other classrooms
  • All car pick-up students are dismissed out of the back and should be waiting with duty teachers under the shade structure in the west parking lot.
  • Kids Club students are dismissed through the hallway to the multi-purpose room.
  • Bus riders , bicyclists, and students being picked up by a parent on foot (even if you drove and parked) are dismissed out front.
  • Bathroom: We take group breaks twice a day. Students may use the bathroom at lunch/recess or at times when we are walking by the bathrooms. We try to limit individual visits during instruction. But if they can’t wait, of course they may go.
  • Snack: Healthy and quick/easy to eat snacks-can be eaten in a.m. or p.m. depending on when the student feels that a snack is needed the most. They may eat part in the morning and save the rest for later, also.
  • End of day: We go over what their homework will look like and fill out their agendas. Papers are put in their take home binder to be completed at home.
behavior chart
Behavior Chart
  • Used in conjunction with our district-wide PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) program which promotes a positive climate for our school
  • Emphasizes the importance of making good choices
  • Promotes positive behavior and encourages students to self-monitor their choices
  • Allows students to be acknowledged for positive behavior, and provides a sense of accomplishment for students who are able to “clip up”
  • Allows students who have “clipped down” an opportunity to “clip back up” during the day-they continue to stay motivated
behavior chart continued
Behavior Chart-Continued
  • Your child will write the behavior they ended on for the day in their daily agendas beginning next week.
  • This immediate feedback will show you where he/she ended up on for the day. 
  • I will contact you if necessary regarding major incidents which required your child to clip down
  • I appreciate your understanding that it will not be possible for me to contact you for every clip down that occurs.
  • Clipping down from time to time is to be expected and can be an important learning opportunity for your child
understanding your fourth grader
Understanding Your Fourth Grader
  • Most children can organize their own homework.
  • Homework should be easier for the parent because of the child’s increasing independence.
  • Children are capable of writing down assignments, bringing the proper materials home, and bringing back the completed assignment.
  • Refusing help from a parent when offered is very common. “Flexing the Independence Muscle”
  • Children can experience disappointment without withdrawing or becoming aggressive.
understanding your fourth grader1
Understanding Your Fourth Grader
  • Friends become more important.
  • Children can experience more than one feeling at a time (love/hate).
  • Children can understand and empathize with others, but it is still not uncommon to blame others for their problems.
  • Fourth graders are capable of accepting rules and discipline that is fair and logical.
  • Fourth graders should have the ability to delay instant gratification or other impulses, like eating or bathroom.
  • Children at this age have a more realistic view of themselves. They can be very hard on themselves at times.

Language Arts

This year we will be using the Harcourt Trophies program, Junior Great Books, and novels from the adopted trade book list. These programs provide learning opportunities for students at all levels of reading. Our writing will focus on the 6-trait writing model from Oregon. We will be doing journal writing, as well as, writing projects that take students through the stages of writing. This includes the area of conventions which focuses on the grammar, punctuation, and spelling aspects of the writing. We also have adopted writing materials to further aid in writing instruction. To improve the overall spelling in the students’ every day writing we will focus this year on the most frequently used words in writing along with the weekly words we are learning. These words, as well as, phonics and usage lessons will be practiced throughout the week. Finally, students will be expected to use spelling references consistently throughout the year. For example if they are reading an article to summarize, technical words that are used in the article should be copied correctly in the student’s summary of the article.


MathThis year math will focus on the fourth grade objectives first. As students show mastery, instruction will be accelerated to include objectives from higher grades. Mentally manipulating numbers and problem solving using a variety of strategies will be very important, as these are an important part of our math standards.

Math homework will be given 2-3 days per week, and the work is due the day following its assignment unless otherwise noted. I typically give 2 days on the Keeping Skills Sharp page, because the problem at the bottom of the page often takes more time. On the off days when time permits, it is a good idea to review basic facts, play math games, or study notes.

Social Studies, Science, and Health

In social studies our primary focus is Arizona history. Your child will have the opportunity to do a few reports and projects during the course of the year.

Science will be a combination of hands-on and scientific knowledge incorporating the district science kits. Our instruction will be based on the Kyrene curriculum and state standards. Our class will start with an overview of the scientific process, and then we will begin our Animal unit.

Health will use the textbook and other activities. We focus on how the body works as a whole, healthy unit. Topics like positive self-concept, safety practices, and the importance of good health habits are stressed.



Homeworkis assigned nightly, but often students have 2 nights to complete it. There is a homework calendar on line where you can double check assignments and due dates. There may also be periodic reports in reading, social studies, science, or health that require some work at home. This will be communicated when the need arises.This way of assigning work is to help your student start preparing for higher grades where the amount of homework can nearly double. These next couple of years are crucial in helping prepare students to be skilled in time management, organization, and productivity.Students are given 1 “I forgot” pass and 1 homework pass per quarter. When the “I forgot” pass is used, the assignment is then due the following day. The homework pass allows a student to skip one assignment. However, they may not be used on long term projects or assignments designated by me.


Report Cards

  • Report cards are given out quarterly. The grading scale is A, B, C, D, F. The returned work will help you stay informed about their progress. Also, you may view your child’s progress on Genesis.
  • Variety of assessment types: class work, homework, tests, writing, projects, and presentations
  • Tests directly reflect what we have been learning in class. Homework, Class work and/or notes can be kept to help review. Sometimes review sheets are sent home. See the agenda for upcoming tests.
  • Tests are percentage grades based on the number correct out of the number possible.
  • Rubrics specifying requirements for A, B, C…are used for projects and presentations.
  • Class work and homework may also be graded based on percent, but are not weighted as heavily as tests and projects.
  • Writing gets graded based on the 6 Traits of Good Writing. Most 4th graders score 3.0-5.0.
  • There is not a separate grade for spelling. It is incorporated into the overall writing grade, so does not weigh as heavily as a writing assignment.
online grades
Online Grades
  • Parent Vue
  • Email the system administrator at [email protected] if you weren’t sent an activation code or you have forgotten your username and password
  • I typically enter grades in batches as time permits, so there is no need to check daily. Periodically checking throughout the quarter is a good way to see you child’s overall average and missing work. If I am seeing anything that concerns me, I will communicate that with you.
  • Please include your child in the process of checking grades and ask them first about questions you have. Feel free to email me if you see something you have a question regarding.
  • A video from PTO
  • Visit for more information
student directory
Student Directory

The Cielo PTO is once again putting together a student directory through an online sign-up system. Click the student directory link above to go directly there OR you may go through the Cielo PTO website.

We would like 100% participation in

completing the process. There is a

spot for you to opt out on the online

form if you do not want your information


art masterpiece
Art Masterpiece
  • Begin in October and will finish in April
  • The whole school is doing the same print at the same time.
  • All the projects have been determined, but volunteers are welcome to change it up.
  • Volunteers are needed to Prep things every month, as well as, volunteers to Present the print of the month. 
  • If a volunteer would rather ONLY do prep work, they would love your help!
  • Needs volunteers to help in the room during student lunch hours. If you love science, this is the place for you!

Discovery Room

cielo s discovery room
Cielo’sDiscovery Room

A place where kids can scientifically PLAY & explore during lunch recess.

Earth & Space

Physical Science

Life Science & Chemistry



The DR desperately needs room Volunteers during lunch recess (11:15-12:45) Mon, Tue, Thurs, & Fri - No Science Background Needed!! Grandparents welcome!! Kids of volunteers get a special pass to come when their parent/grandparent is volunteering. If an adult visits a child for lunch, they can both come to the DR. Sign up tonight on the sign up sheet OR take a volunteer form home and send it back in to your teacher. Contact Marni Anbar [email protected] training

Volunteer Training is Monday Aug 18 at 8am, 9:30 am, and 1:30 pm and Wednesday Aug 20 at 8am, 9:30 am, 11:30 am; more as needed