Student leaders training
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Student leaders Training. Young Driver Research Initiative (YDRI). RLAF Part II: How, When and Where?. To make RLAF work, you need:. Key elements Action plan Motivation Help A timeline NTDSW is October 17 - 23, 2010. Key elements: The minimum. Friends Driving Friends poll

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Student leaders Training

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Student leaders training

Student leaders Training

Young Driver Research Initiative (YDRI)

RLAF Part II: How, When and Where?

To make rlaf work you need

To make RLAF work, you need:

  • Key elements

  • Action plan

  • Motivation

  • Help

  • A timeline

    • NTDSW is October 17 - 23, 2010

Key elements the minimum

Key elements: The minimum

  • Friends Driving Friends poll

  • Poll follow-up activities

    • School intercom announcement

    • Cafeteria Posters (Q & A)

      3. One other activity from the RLAF menu

      4. Distribution of one RLAF tool

    • flyers, posters, table tents, stickers, bookmarks

Key elements example

Key elements: example

Posters and Flyers

Downloadable from



Key elements example1

Key elements: example

  • Help if I ask you to:

    • Turn down the music

    • Answer my cell

    • Give me directions

    • Just chill

Drivers select their rules:

  • Wear your seatbelt

  • Don’t pressure me to speed

  • No drinking or drugs

  • Keep the music down

  • Keep your phone conversation short

  • No yelling

Key elements example2

Key Elements: example

Reach the students in

popular “hang-out” locations:

Cafeteria table tents for lunchtime reading

Library study areas

Health classrooms

Key elements example3

Key elements: example

Sample Question: What is the most harmful thing passengers can do in a car?

  • Distract the driver

  • Be loud (talking loud, playing music too loud, etc.)

  • Forget to wear seatbelts

  • Talk constantly on a cell phone

  • Pressure driver to speed

  • Act wild (like dancing or singing)

Shared action plan teens talk

Shared action plan: Teens talk

Conduct the “Friends Driving Friends” poll:

  • Teens meet in the morning to pick up their clipboards and poll questions

  • Students poll peers during lunch, in the hallway, at study hall or school events

    Team decides:

  • How will poll results be announced/posted?

  • Who will make morning announcements?

  • What other activities should we do?

Action plan

Action plan

  • Which posters and flyers speak to our school? Do they represent our students?

  • What other materials will work best for us?

  • Do we want to design and create banners or t-shirts?

Shared action plan teens lead

Shared action plan: Teens lead

Students do the real work and make decisions:

  • How will we recruit our organizing team (s)

  • How will we promote this?

  • How will we turn our plans into action?

There s help

There’s help!

Your advisor

Letters to generate support and donations

Ideas for gaining support

Templates for promotion and donations

Generate peer excitement

Generate peer excitement

Summer: Keep the momentum going! Design an RLAF t-shirt for organizers and create posters “RLAF- It’s Coming: 10/17/10”

Fall: Have “Just Chill” stickers ready for the first day of school and back-to-school night.

Make weekly RLAF announcements.

Spring: Get the RLAF dates on the school calendar or add an

“E-Countdown to RLAF Campaign” on the school web page.

Rlaf success

RLAF Success

Create your timeline

Create Your Timeline

October 2010

October 2011

National Teen Driver Safety Week:

National Teen Driver Safety Week:

Key message: Start in the spring to gain momentum for the fall

  • Get lots of student groups, clubs and teams involved

  • Get RLAF on the school calendar during National Teen Driving Safety Week

What does success look like

What does success look like?

Keep track of how the campaign is going.

After the campaign, reflect on what could have gone better, what activities were a hit and improvements for the future.

Student leaders training

Available courtesy of the Research and Outreach Alliance of:

Student leaders training

Young Driver Research Initiative

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