Urban cycling in europe
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Urban Cycling in Europe. Module 6. Can hong Kong also become a bike city?. Case 1: The netherlands. Bicycle Parking Lot / [email protected] / CC BY-SA . 09860 / Dylan [email protected] / CC BY-ND. C ycle tracks are separated and protected from motor traffic by kerbs.

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Urban cycling in europe

Urban Cycling in Europe

Module 6

Can hongKong also become a bike city?

Case 1: The netherlands

Bicycle Parking Lot / [email protected]/ CC BY-SA

09860/ Dylan [email protected]/ CC BY-ND

Cycle tracks are separated and protected from motor traffic by kerbs

In some roads cyclists are given the priority to use the roads.

Fietsstraat/ John [email protected]/ CC BY-SA

/ roads.

09857/ Dylan [email protected]/ CC BY-ND

Hovenring Eindhoven roads. / [email protected]/ CC BY-NC-ND

Hovenring Eindhoven/ [email protected]/ CC BY-SA

Netherlands – Train Bicycle Storage roads. / Cyclemania @Flickr/ CC BY-NC-ND

Sign indicating shared use bike path/ Cyclemania @Flickr/ CC BY-NC-ND

Case 2: Denmark roads.

Cyclists at red/ [email protected]/ CC BY-SA

The roads. Quary Bridge in Copenhagen/ [email protected]/ CC BY

Copenhagen cycle path/ [email protected]/ CC BY-NC-SA

Stop line for cars roads.

Stop line for bicycles

Advanced stop line on the bike lane/ [email protected]/ CC BY-NC-SA

Traffic light for cyclists roads.

Cyclists will get a green light 4-12 seconds before cars do

“Pre-green” lights for cyclists in Copenhagen/ CianGinty/ CC BY-NC-SA

Green wave for cyclists roads.

Cyclists riding at a speed of 20km/h can travel straight forward without being stopped by a red signal

Green Wave, Copenhagen/ [email protected]/ CC BY-NC-ND

Three Generations roads. / [email protected]/ CC BY-NC-ND

Bike parade – transport/ [email protected]/ CC BY-ND

Cargo shopping/ [email protected]/ CC BY-ND

Cargo/ [email protected]/ CC BY-ND

Velo-city Global 2010 Copenhagen roads. / Daniel [email protected]/ CC BY-NC-SA

Collage of the s-train bicycle system roads. / European Cyclists’ [email protected]/ CC BY-SA

What do you think of urban planning in Hong roads. kong?

How would you “copenhagenize” Hong kong?


A familiar crosswalk/ [email protected]/ CC BY-SA

Traffic/ [email protected]/ CC BY-NC-SA

The Hairy Biker roads. / Gareth Williams @Flickr/ CC-BY

Waterloo Station: Cycle Hire Mega Station/ Jack [email protected]/ CC-NC-SA