Biosafety clearing house training workshop for regional advisors
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Biosafety Clearing House Training Workshop for Regional Advisors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Biosafety Clearing House Training Workshop for Regional Advisors. 15 - 27 May 2006 Bangkok, Thailand. Introduction to Management Centre. Prakash Bista Fred Vogel. OBJECTIVE. Understand the Management Centre Use the Central Portal to register information into the BCH. How. Presentation

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Presentation Transcript
Biosafety clearing house training workshop for regional advisors

Biosafety Clearing House Training Workshop for Regional Advisors

15 - 27 May 2006Bangkok, Thailand

Introduction to management centre

Introduction to Management Centre Advisors

Prakash Bista

Fred Vogel


  • Understand the Management Centre

  • Use the Central Portal to register information into the BCH

How Advisors

  • Presentation

  • Authorized users demo

  • Hands-on lab

Institutional structure
Institutional Structure Advisors

  • In the framework of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety, two groups of users are considered for interacting with the Biosafety Clearing House:

    • National Focal Point for the Biosafety Clearing-House (NFP-BCH)

    • National Authorized User (NAU)

Bch vs bch training website
BCH vs BCH Training Website Advisors

BCH Website:

BCH Training Website:

  • Training site to help in the learning & understanding.

  • Similar to the real website but may have differences due to upgrading.

Management centre
Management Centre Advisors

  • Data entry interface for registering, updating, deleting or correcting information

  • Access restricted to the BCH NFPs and other authorized users

  • Information must be validated by BCH-NFP or the CBD Secretariat

  • Anyone can register

  • Information made public only after verification by NFP

Sign in to management centre
to Management Centre Advisors

  • Requires a username and password

  • Use the email address used for registering as a user

Registering new information
Registering new information Advisors

  • National Contacts

  • Laws and regulations

  • Decisions and declarations

  • Capacity building

  • Roster of experts

  • Other Resources

Manage information
Manage information Advisors

  • Manage Information

  • Edit information

  • Delete Information

Manage authorized users only for national focal points
Manage Authorized users (only for National Focal Points) Advisors

  • Manage Authorized Users

  • Authorize new user

  • Edit user

  • Delete user

Hands on lab
Hands-on Lab Advisors

Groups Advisors

  • Group 1 – Brazil

  • Group 2 – France

  • Group 3 – Spain

  • Group 4 – Norway

  • Group 5 – Mexico

  • Group 6 – Sweden

Users Advisors

  • 6 Groups of 3:

    • 2 National Authorized Users (NAUs) bangkokX.nauN

    • 1 BCH-National Focal Point (NFP) gbangkokX.nfp

    • All passwords are “bangkok”

Hands on lab roles
Hands-on Lab: Roles Advisors

  • First user in the row is BCH-NFP, and the rest are NAUs 1 to …


  • NAUs enter fictitious data

  • BCH-NFP validates ONE RECORD

  • Each user then exchange role so that all can be BCH-NFP


  • To learn how to input country information into the BCH

  • Case studies follow a related path

    (e.g., information registered about Contacts would be further be referenced in another records)

Steps to follow
Steps to follow Advisors

  • Input ONE contact information of a person

  • Input ONE Competent National Authority

  • Input ONE decision or declaration on LMO using the Contact and CNA as a reference

  • Input ONE Risk Assessment

  • Input ONE National law or regulation using the reference of an existing CNA

After first info input
After first info input... Advisors

  • NFP validates ONE record

  • Change roles, repeat point 1 for every member of your group

Review questions
Review questions Advisors

  • What are the two groups of users considered for interacting with the bch portal?

  • What is the BCH training website, and how do you reach it?

  • Describe the workflow for registering and approving information on the BCH

  • Who validates the new information to be made public in the Central Portal?

  • Who can register new information on the Central Portal?

  • When is information made public ?

  • How to sign-in to the Management Centre?

  • What are Common Formats? Why are them needed?

  • What is the Thesaurus or Common Vocabulary

  • What types or categories of information can be registered?

  • Who can manage Authorized Users for a Party?

  • How does the NFP know that he / she has some information to review and validate on the Central Portal?

  • How does an NAU know the state of the registered information?