Leading small groups
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Leading Small Groups. 6 Key Points To remember and Practice. 1. Pray The single most important task Gives needed insight Greatest spiritual weapon God blesses when we pray and acknowledge dependence on Him Pray for each member of your group. Allow for pray time in your group

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Leading Small Groups

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Leading Small Groups

6 Key Points

To remember and Practice

1. Pray

  • The single most important task

    • Gives needed insight

    • Greatest spiritual weapon

    • God blesses when we pray and acknowledge dependence on Him

    • Pray for each member of your group

  • Allow for pray time in your group

  • Plan ahead

  • Ask for requests

  • Give thanks for good things happening

  • Encourage them to pray – even a couple of lines

2. Prepare

  • To face our spiritual enemy

  • Gives God room to work

  • Increase your confidence

  • Builds credibility

  • Single out specifics from the study

3. Passing it On

  • “Mentoring is co-operating with God in raising up an assistant or apprentice to become an effective small group leader”

  • Mentoring means multiplying

  • Invest intentionally to re-produce

  • Pray for new leaders for homegroup and cell

  • Matt:9 35 – 38

  • Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field”

Planto keep in touch

  • Outside the formal activity

  • People will be inclined to attend more regularly

  • Helps you know how people are doing

  • Communicates care

  • New people need followed up

  • Weekly contact

  • If someone has shared a difficulty

  • If there’s a tense moment in the cell for e.g.,

    • Reaction to something said at cell

    • Someone sharp with another member

    • Rudeness

    • Continual side tracking

    • No preparation done

      A little mending & repair might need to be done with all or some of the individuals.

  • View time spent with people outside the group as prime time

  • Pray for help to know what to say

  • Pray about who you should contact – remember your central focus is your assistant, or other potential key workers.

  • Be positive

  • Don’t just text

  • Be sensitive to where people are at – learn to listen

  • Keep things in confidence

  • Time management

  • Plan some social activities

  • Spread the load – this is about shared responsibility

5. Personal Growth

  • CHARACTER comes before:-

  • Gifting

  • Success

  • Enthusiasm

  • personality

  • We should expect to grow spiritually ourselves.

  • Personal growth is key to seeing growth happen in your group

  • Key to staying sharp and effective

  • A product of daily habits

  • Make the choice to pursue spiritual growth

  • Set yourself realistic goals

  • Plan it in or it won’t happen

  • Believe that you need to take in before you can give out.

  • Make yourself accountable to someone

  • Share what you learn with others

  • Spend time with growing people

  • Put into practice what you learn

  • “We cannot make up for failure in our devotional life by redoubling energy in service….. As water never rises above its level, so what we do never rises above what we are……We shall never take people one hair’s breadth beyond our own spiritual attainment. We may point to higher things, we may “allude to a brighter world……We shall only take them as far as we ourselves have gone” W H Griffith Thomas

Some questions:

  • How can we measure our spiritual growth?

  • How are we feeding ourselves?

  • What is God teaching you at the moment?

  • How are we being challenged in our personal lives, what are our struggles and issues? Who can we share this with?

  • Are we accountable to anyone?

  • How should accountability between us work as a team?

6. Practical Advice

  • Handling different individuals in your group

  • Coping with people who:-

    • Talk too much

    • Unloads everything dominating the group

    • Never seems to make progress

    • Never seem to prepare for the study

    • Are always tired

    • Don’t contribute

    • Don’t pray

    • Jokes about everything

Coping with people who:-

  • Inclined to be argumentative

  • Are critical & complaining about church, homegroup, cell group, leaders

  • Are irregular attendees

  • Throw in irrelevant questions

  • Always first to answer the questions

  • Self righteous

  • Mentally challlenged

  • Have a negative influence on the group

More practical advice!

  • Timing

  • Prayer – ideas to encourage

  • Story telling by individuals before group begins

  • Being vulnerable

  • Don’t talk too much – allow for silences

  • Text to remind people about study

  • Talk through what their expectations are of the group – being prepared, willing to contribute, attendance, contacting each other

  • Share the responsibilities

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