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Webinar Date: January 14, 2014

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Workforce Employment Network (EN) Business Plan. Webinar Date: January 14, 2014 Presented by: Kevin Nickerson & Mary Lynn ReVoir, NDI Technical Assistance Team U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration. Where are you?.

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Workforce Employment Network (EN) Business Plan

Webinar Date: January 14, 2014

Presented by: Kevin Nickerson & Mary Lynn ReVoir, NDI Technical Assistance Team

U.S. Department of Labor

Employment and Training Administration

where are you
Where are you?

Enter your location in the Chat window – lower left of screen



Moderator: Randee Chafkin

Title: Workforce Development Specialist

Organization: Employment and Training Administration

Moderator: Miranda Kennedy

Title: Director of Training for DEI, NDI Technical Assistance Team

Organization: National Disability Institute



disability employment initiative dei
Disability Employment Initiative (DEI)
  • According to the SGA, DEI Projects at the state level and/or local level participating LWIBs are required to become Employment Networks (ENs) under Social Security Administration’s (SSA’s) Ticket to Work Program.
  • Training and Technical Assistance to DEI Projects in attaining Employment Network status and implementing effective EN operations is provided under U.S. DOLETA contract with NDI Consulting, Inc. and the National Disability Institute (NDI).
  • Evaluation of the impact of the DEI Projects implementation and outcomes as Employment Network will be provided under U.S. DOL ODEP contract with Social Dynamics.


here s what you can expect in this webinar
Here’s what you can expect in this webinar

Upon completion of this training webinar, DEI grantees

and participants and partners from the public

workforce system will have the following:

  • A brief historical view of Ticket efforts supported by SSA for Workforce Employment Networks (EN)
  • Information about various EN Business Model structures
  • Review of critical EN business elements
  • Tips for EN success



Presenter: Kevin Nickerson

Title: Ticket to Work Subject Matter Expert for DEI, NDI Technical Assistance Team

Organization: National Disability Institute

Presenter: Mary Lynn ReVoir

Title: Ticket Coordinator for DEI, NDI Technical Assistance Team

Organization: National Disability Institute



SSA’s investment in Employment Networks (ENs)

Review of EN models -

  • Local Strategy
  • Regional Strategy
  • State Strategy

Understanding your EN business plan -

  • Staffing and Services
  • Goal Setting with projections
  • Reporting Requirements

Tips for EN Operations

Next Steps



social security investment
Social Security Investment

Reviewing Recent Direction of the Ticket Program



Statement of Robert W. WilliamsAssociate Commissioner, Office of Employment Support Programsbefore the House Committee On Ways and Means, Subcommittee on Social Security and the Subcommittee on Human Resources September 23, 2011

“The Ticket program can be valuable even if it helps only a small number of beneficiaries return to work.”

“Each disability award is expensive; on average, an award costs $250,000 in DI benefits and Medicare costs over a beneficiary’s lifetime.”

“…it does not take many beneficiaries to return to work for those savings to add up…”

“…we still must simplify our work incentive programs and refocus our strategy to promote the idea of financial independence more vigorously…”

For more information:



ticket to work an evolving program
Ticket to Work, an Evolving Program
  • Recent reminders have been provided by Social Security Administration, directing ENs to be sure we are focusing on Career Track employment for Beneficiaries
  • A new focus on Workforce Development – Over the last several years, SSA, OSM and contractors have collectively worked to improve:
    • Billing Processes – Workforce ENs have ePay option
    • Outreach Methods – Workforce ENs have eDataShare option
    • Administrative Ease – Joint efforts to develop streamline IWP, EN Tracking Tools shared, electronic IWP assignments available to Workforce ENs
    • Secured Provider Portal – Allowing secure access to simplify Ticket assignments, eDataShare, EN Payment Status reports, and more



workforce en business models
Workforce EN Business Models

Local, Regional, State


local workforce investment area en model lwia operates as independent en
Local Workforce Investment Area EN Model: LWIA operates as independent EN

This example shows a collaborative web allowing for each Job Center served by the LWIA to offer and perform the EN operations to respective customers



regional workforce en model two or more wias operate under single en contract
Regional Workforce EN Model: Two or more WIAs operate under single EN contract

DRC provides coordination amongst all sites, for Ticket holders, utilizing Integrated Resource Team (IRT) approach



mou written agreements
MOU / Written Agreements
  • Local WIA EN Model – Agreements can be developed with local community rehabilitation providers (CRP), for long-term follow up support, customized services, and/or SSA Work Incentive Advisement
  • Regional Workforce EN Model – Agreements would be developed with “EN of Record”, and participating LWIA’s, that become sites of service. The EN of Record can also devolop MOU’s with local CRP’s
  • State Administrative EN Model – Agreements would be developed with participating LWIAs and/or local CRP’s
  • ALL Models may have agreement with State VR agency, indicating how referrals will be made, and in some cases, describing potential payments to ENs through Partnership Plus
  • Agreements will spell out the role of each agency, referral process, sites of service, and any revenue arrangements



understanding your en business plan
Understanding your EN Business Plan

Today we will briefly review the following EN Business Model Components:

Staffing and Services

Goal Setting for your EN

EN Revenue Projections

Reporting Requirements



staffing and services
Staffing and Services
  • While the DRC is likely to be involved in serving Ticket holders, Job Center staff will also play a critical role in expanding this effort
  • Here are some typical staffing needs to consider:
    • Ticket holder Assessment & Assignment of Tickets (determining which Ticket holders you will assign, developing Individual Work Plan, and submitting eTicket assignment to OSM)     
    • Work Incentive Advisement and Planning     
    • Job Placement/Recruitment services for Ticket holders     
    • Long-term follow-up supports for Ticket holders  
    • Payment Tracking     
    • Who will be the Signatory Authority?      
    • Who will be the EN/Beneficiary Primary Contact, the EN staff member the Ticket holder will contact for more information on your EN services?      
    • Marketing and Outreach to Employers



en goal setting
EN Goal Setting
  • Do you have a projected number of Ticket holders you expect to serve?
  • Developing the number of Ticket holders you hope to serve, will help you evaluate the effort you should invest in outreach
    • NOTE: To find the number of beneficiaries in any state, by county, see the Ticket to Work site, current link as follows:
  • Revenue projections for the Ticket program can be tricky, based on the number of variables associated with each Ticket holder, and how the payment structure works
  • NDI has developed an EN Revenue Projection Calculator to assist in site specific calculations, example on next slides



reporting requirements
Reporting Requirements
  • Have you considered how you will track Ticket revenue and case management requirements (i.e. quarterly follow up)?
  • Organizing your Ticket holder data is an important administrative task every EN has to develop
  • There are currently two different tracking tools that Maximus has been provided by ENs that can be adopted for use, if your EN doesn’t want to create a system from scratch:
    • Ticket Data Manager (NY)
    • EN Ticket Tracker (Iowa)

*NOTE: These tools will be provided on a future training, and reviewed in detail.


reporting requirements continued
Reporting Requirements (continued)
  • Who will maintain Ticket Holder files, and what information will they contain?
  • At a minimum, your file will need to contain the Ticket holders signed IWP or IEP
  • Other possible documents you may want in a Ticket holders file (although these are not required) might include:
      • Wage Data (previous 18 months useful to understand payment potential)
      • Benefits information, including BPQY, and written benefits analysis
      • Consent forms
  • Why managing your Ticket information is useful
    • Ease in the completion of the Annual Performance Outcome Report (APOR)
    • Aids in future EN revenue projections



workforce en planning guide
Workforce EN Planning Guide

This guide was designed to assist DEI projects in the process of applying to become Employment Networks, or who are new to providing Employment Network services.

The Workforce EN Planning Guide is available for you to download, see:



tips for employment network operations
Tips for Employment Network Operations
  • Developing your internal operations prior to accepting Ticket holders for services will allow you to provide better customer service to all customers involved (i.e. internal staff, Ticket holders, businesses)
  • While you can plan in advance for many of the components of your EN operations, you will continue to streamline your business operations as you mature as an EN, don’t expect to have everything go smoothly from day one, even with excellent planning
  • Ongoing outreach to beneficiaries is critical to the growth of any new EN



tips for employment network operations1
Tips for Employment Network Operations
  • Addressing EN operations internally first will provide you a platform to then market to Ticket holders, and other key stakeholders
  • Take advantage of available Technical Assistance from your DEI TA Ticket Team and keep in contact with your OSM Accounts Representative
  • There is no teacher like experience, therefore, you should connect with other successful ENs whenever possible to learn from, and to collaborate with, in order to continually improve services you offer



  • In today’s presentation we covered the following:
  • SSA’s ongoing investment in Workforce Employment Networks
  • Review of EN models
  • Snap shot of information you will find in the Workforce EN Business Planning Guide
  • Tips for EN Operations




Workforce EN Business Planning Guide:

Statement of Robert W. WilliamsAssociate Commissioner, Office of Employment Support Programs before the House Committee On Ways and Means, Subcommittee on Social Security and the Subcommittee on Human Resources, September 23, 2011:


polling question
Polling Question

Are you planning to develop any local written agreements with community rehabilitation providers, or other community partner agencies, to support your Employment Network operations?

  • Yes
  • No
  • We have not yet considered this option, but have strong relationships with community partner agencies already
  • We have not yet considered this option, and need to work on developing stronger alliances with our community partner agencies to more fully serve the needs of our customers


discussion feedback
Discussion & Feedback

Your thoughts or questions are welcomed…



speakers contact information
Speakers’ Contact Information

Speaker: Kevin Nickerson

Title: DEI Ticket Subject Matter Expert

Organization: National Disability Institute

Email: [email protected]

Speaker: Mary Lynn ReVoir

Title: DEI Ticket Coordinator

Organization: National Disability Institute

Email: [email protected]



look for upcoming webinars in this series
Look for upcoming Webinars in this series!




Thursday, February 13th, 2014



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