how to start a ctso career technical student organization
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How to Start a CTSO Career & Technical Student Organization

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How to Start a CTSO Career Technical Student Organization - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Start a CTSO Career & Technical Student Organization . By Kit Alvarez, CRYROP. CTSO Background. Many CTSOs are in their 70 th year They provide opportunities beyond the classroom and enhance curricula Each CTSO has its own requirements related to one or a sequence of courses

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ctso background
CTSO Background
  • Many CTSOs are in their 70th year
  • They provide opportunities beyond the classroom and enhance curricula
  • Each CTSO has its own requirements related to one or a sequence of courses
  • Most are co-curricular, i.e. materials and resources enhance core curriculum
  • Most have Web-based registration and information
  • They utilize business & industry ties to stay current and relevant for student activities and advisors
ctsos recognized by us department of education
DECA – Distributive Education Clubs of America

FBLA – Future Business Leaders of America

FFA – Future Farmers of America

FHA – Future Homemakers of America

HERO – Home Economics Related Occupations

TSA – Technology Student Association

HOSA – Health Occupations Students of America

VICA – Vocational Industrial Clubs of America

BPA – Business Professionals of America

NYFEA – National Young Farmers Educational Association

CTSOs Recognized by US Department of Education
gain administrative approval
Gain Administrative Approval
  • Administrative support is crucial to success
  • Obtain appointment with administrator to present proposal
  • Written proposal includes:
    • Supporting Literature
    • Outline of purpose
    • Philosophy and mission statement
    • Benefits to students and school
    • Relationship to curriculum
    • Cites success chapters in other districts
contact state ctso representative for pathway
Contact State CTSO Representative for Pathway
  • Resources to locate representative
    • Local chapter advisor in your area
    • National Association
  • Obtain handbook and official guidelines
    • State/Nations constitutions
    • Template for school site constitution
    • Sample program activities & leadership materials
    • Forms & supply catalogs
    • Information on Activities, contests, & awards
  • All materials available are relevant
characteristics of a successful chapter
Characteristics of a Successful Chapter
  • Capable officers
  • Challenging program
  • Adequate financing
  • Shared responsibilities
  • Appropriated equipment and supplies
  • Complete records
  • Cooperative administration, faculty and student involvement
generate student interest
Generate Student Interest
  • Motivate membership
  • Facilitate a positive attitude
  • Effective promotion
    • Highlight opportunities
    • Guest speakers from local chapters
    • Engaging initial activities to involve students
    • Opportunity for student interface
    • Provide time for discussion, Q & A
communicate with parents
Communicate with Parents
  • Letters, fliers, handouts, brochures
  • Parent night for discussion
  • Invite parents to attend a meeting
  • Generate visibility and community support
  • Focus on benefits
    • Occupational experience
    • Class performance and conduct
    • Citizenship and scholastic achievement
    • Time management & personal development
    • Employment opportunity & increased earnings
conduct meetings
Conduct Meetings
  • Reference State materials & guidelines
  • Discuss leadership qualities
  • Develop an agenda
    • Purpose of Organization
    • Relationship to growth of future members
    • Organizational structure
    • Duties and responsibilities
    • Positions within organization
  • Teach how to conduct a business meeting
student orientation
Student Orientation
  • Promote organization
    • In classes
    • Individual contacts
  • Integrate CTSO activities into curriculum daily
  • Demonstrate relevancy of activity to students
  • Solicit student involvement
develop constitution by laws
Develop Constitution & By-laws
  • Reference handbook for State and National constitution & by-laws
  • Constitution addresses long-range principles and fundamental laws
  • By-laws address operational procedures and can be revised
  • Establish sub-committee for development
  • Obtain administrative approval
develop constitution by laws cont
Develop Constitution & By-lawscont’
  • Local chapter issues
    • Duties of officers
    • Election procedures
    • Meeting schedule
    • Financing for chapter activities
    • Member responsibilities
  • Cross reference with
    • School policy & Ed. Code
    • State & national organizations
affiliate with state national
Affiliate with State & National
  • Students should vote on & pass motion to affiliate with State & national organizations
  • File application for chapter representative with appropriate State & National officers
  • Obtain Certificate of Charter
  • Participate in sponsored State and local area events
  • Display charter is appropriate location
references and examples
References and Examples
  • VICA  Vocational Industrial Clubs of America
  • DECA  Distributive Education Clubs of America
  • HOSA  Health Occupations Students of America
  • SkillsUSA
  • FFA  Future Farmers of America
  • FBLA  Future Business Leaders of America
  • FCCLA  Family Community, and Career Leaders of America
  • NVTHS  National Vo-Tech Honor Society