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Clean sky 2
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Clean Sky 2. F.F. Verduijn. Clean Sky 2 Joint Technical Proposal. Eco-Design Fraunhofer Gesellschaft. Clean Sky 2 Programme Overview. 1.8b€ Total Funding Assumption. Large Passenger Aircraft Airbus. Regional Aircraft Alenia Aermacchi. Fast Rotorcraft Agusta Westland Eurocopter.

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Clean Sky 2

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Clean sky 2

Clean Sky 2

F.F. Verduijn

Clean sky 2

Clean Sky 2 Joint Technical Proposal

Clean sky 2


Fraunhofer Gesellschaft

Clean Sky 2 Programme Overview

1.8b€ Total Funding Assumption

Large Passenger Aircraft


Regional Aircraft




Agusta Westland Eurocopter

Vehicle IADPs

Airframe ITD

Dassault – EADS-CASA – Saab

Technology Evaluator (TE)

German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Large SystemsITDs

Engines ITD

Safran – Rolls-Royce – MTU

Small Air Transport

Evektor – Piaggio

Systems ITD

Thales – Liebherr

Building on Clean Sky, going further into integration at full aircraft level

And developing new technology streams for the next generations of aircraft

CS2 Website (June 2013)

Iadps and itds detailed


Large Passenger1- Large Passenger Aircraft (LPA) IADP - Michel Goulain (Airbus) F.pdf

Regional2- Regional Aircraft (R) IADP - Vito Perrupato, Alenia Aermacchi F.pdf

Fast Rotorcraft3a- Fast Rotorcraft IADP - Philippe Cabrit, Eurocopter F.pdf3b- Fast Rotorcraft IADP - Colin Turner (AW) F.pdf

Airframe4- Airframe ITD - Alain Bouillon, Dassaut Aviation F.pdf

Systems6- Systems ITD - Marc Fabreguetter, Thales F.pdf

Engines5- Engines ITD - Keith Nurney, Rolls-Royce F.pdf


Sat topics

SAT topics

Status clean sky 2

Status Clean Sky 2

20 juni: Clean Sky-2 Joint Technical Proposal overhandigdaan de EuropeseCommissie op de Paris Airshow

27 juni: De EuropeseCommissie, het EuropeesParlement en de EU-lidstatenzijn het eens over de meerjarenbegrotingvoor de komende 7 jaar van H2020

10 juli: Commission Proposal Innovation Package Barossoanounces: “The EU plans to invest maximum 1.8 bn€ in the Clean Sky 2

July: Proposed Technical Program (1.0) beschikbaar

12 november: Evaluation by Experts afgerond

21 november: General Kick-off Information session on Clean Sky 2 hiernainfodagen door Europa

De weg naar de call for core partner

De weg naar de call forcore partner

2-3 december “General Approach” van de Council verwachttijdens de Competitiveness Council

9 januari: EP rapportagegoedkeuring door ITRE commissie

Februari: EP planairgoedkeuring

Maart: Council adoptieverwacht

Maart/April Governing Board CS-2 -> adoption workplan, rules for indieningvoorstellen en selectie en evaluatie criteria van de core partners

Juni: launch call for core partners

Clean sky info days

Clean Sky info days

Budget aviation in h2020

Budget Aviation in H2020

Transport share is 8.23% of overall H2020 budget. (H2020 transport budget is 70,2 B€).

Share of Aviation in Transport is 45%.

In case of 70B€ -> 5.76B€ transport -> aviation 2,6B€ (1B€ lager dangevraagd, 0,5B€ hogerdan FP7)

Gevraagd: Collaborative research is 1,2 B€, CS-2 1,8B€ and SESAR 0.6B€ (is above budget)

Indien CS-2 en SESAR2 nietwordenaangepast: Collaborative wordt 200M€ -> 1B€ lager danbegroot!

Core partner selectie

Core Partner selectie

Evaluatie van voorstellen

Evaluatie van voorstellen

Conditions for participating as core partner

Conditionsforparticipating as Core Partner

Nl clusterleiders


Nederlandse clusters deelnemers en omvang

Nederlandse clusters, deelnemers en omvang

Scope, deelnemers

  • LPA/Airframe

    • Airborne

    • Fokker Aerstructures

    • Fokker ELMO

    • NLR

    • TUD

    • KE Works

    • CoDet

  • Engines

    • Dutch Aero

    • TUD

    • NLR

    • Atkins

    • Airborne

    • DAEC

  • Nederlandse clusters deelnemers

    Nederlandse clusters, deelnemers

    • Systems

      • NDF

      • TUD

      • NLR

      • Aeronamic

      • Fokker Landing Gear

  • Fast Rotorcraft

    • Fokker Aerostructures

    • NLR

    • TUD

    • Airborne

    • Aeronamic

    • Microflown

  • Nederlandse clusters deelnemers1

    Nederlandse clusters, deelnemers

    • SAT

      • ACQ

      • ADSE

      • Airborne

      • AkzoNobel

      • Microflown

      • Selfly

      • TechnobisFibre Technologies

      • TUD

      • TUE

      • KVE

      • Ten Cate Advanced Composites

      • ALE

      • AdCuenta

    Cluster overleg

    Cluster overleg

    Clusters intern

    Ter voorbereiding van info/consultationdays

    Coördinerend om bijdrages en budgeten af te stemmen

    Clusteroverleg tussen de NL clusters:

    25 januari

    28 maart

    26 juni

    4 juli

    29 augustus

    26 september

    30 oktober



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