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Quoting instructions
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Quoting Instructions. Research Process. Anytime you copy something from another text word for word, it must be put in quotes. If it is already in quotes, use 3 quotes marks; if not, use 2. Rule #1. Q uotes MUST have a lead in.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.

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Quoting Instructions

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Quoting instructions

Quoting Instructions

Research Process

Rule 1

  • Anytime you copy something from another text word for word, it must be put in quotes.

  • If it is already in quotes, use 3 quotes marks; if not, use 2.

Rule #1

Rule 2

  • Quotes MUST have a lead in.

  • YOU MAY NOT just drop a quote into your paper without your words linking it to the text as well.

  • There are 3 types of lead-ins.

Rule #2

Somebody says

Benton says, ‘“This is unbelievable’”

(Cornwell 100).

Notice there are 3 quote marks because

this was already in quotes.

Somebody says:


The novel begins "inside the virtual-reality theater [where] thereare

twelve of Italy’s most powerful law enforcers and politicians, whose

names, in the main, forensic pathologist Kay Scarpetta can’t keep

straight” (Cornwell 9).

Notice there are only 2 quote marks used because this passage was

not already in quotes. Brackets are used to show a word is inserted

that was not in the original.



The first murder is described: “Nine days ago,

American tennis star Drew Martin was

murdered while on vacation, her . . . body found

near Piazza Navona, in the heart of Rome’s historic

district” (Cornwell 9).




Rule 3

  • Always use internal documentation to show where the passage originated; use the author’s last name and the page number in parenthesis. (Cornwell 9).

  • If you are using a web resource, use the author's last name and N.p. for no pagination.

  • Also, if the author is not shown, use a shortened version of the article title.

Rule #3

Block quotes

  • If you use a quote that takes up 4 lines or more in YOUR PAPER, you must block it.

  • Indent 10 spaces from the left (tab twice).

  • DO NOT use quote marks unless they are in the original text.

  • Place the period BEFORE the internal documentation (author’s last name and page number).

Block Quotes

Block quote example

The lab is described in detail:

Inside her lab of old brick walls and fir-wood flooring is her computer domain, which is secured from outside world by bullet-and and hurricane-proof windows, the shades always drawn. Lucy sits before a work station that is connected to a sixty-four-gigabiteserver with a chassis built of 6 U unmountable racks. (Cornwell 93)

Block Quote Example

Rule of thumb

Is it common knowledge?

If yes, then don’t document it.

If no, then document it.

Rule of Thumb

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