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NORTH CAROLINA A to Z. Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina!. A. Appalachian Mountains. Part of the Appalachian Mountains are in NC. Mt. Mitchell is the highest peak in this range. People like to ski during the winter in our NC mountains.

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north carolina a to z

Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina!


Appalachian Mountains

  • Part of the Appalachian Mountains are in NC.
  • Mt. Mitchell is the highest peak in this range.
  • People like to ski during the winter in our NC mountains.
  • The term Appalachian refers to several different regions associated with the mountain range.

By Chairty Green

biltmore estates
Biltmore Estates

In 1964 it was made a National Historic Landmark.

It’s in Asheville North Carolina.

Many people don’t know this but the movie Forest Gump was filmed there.

By Chairty Green

cheerwine soda
Cheerwine Soda
  • It is produced by Carolina Beverage Corporation in Salisbury.
  • It was made in 1917.
  • Cheerwine is burgundy in color and has sweet cherry taste.
  • It has a lot of carbonation that causes you to burp.

By Charity Green


Length of Burps

Length in seconds

Mrs. Williams 3rd period

Social Studies Class



  • The blossom of the dogwood tree was designated as the official state flower of North Carolina in 1941.
  • The Dogwood is one of the most common trees in North Carolina, found in all parts of the state from the mountains to the coast.
  • Most often the flowers are white, but shades of pink and red are not uncommon.

By K. King

We are fortunate to have many types of emergency service in North Caroline for ex. E.M.S. firefighters, wildlife officers and of course police.
  • They all work together to make this state better for all of us and make you feel safer.
  • N.C. requires them to be trained well and to be in shape to help everyone and almost everyone can be in emergency services.
  • Established in 1955, the New Bern Firemen\'s Museum is a unique experience! And fun for all



By K. King

It is an actual building designed to look like a chest of drawers.
  • The leading show room sales office of furniture
  • A tourist attraction that brings a great deal of business to our state.
        • By K. King

N.C. Furniture Market

grandfather mountain
Grandfather Mountain

*Part of the North Carolina Blue Ridge Parkway.

*It is 5,946 feet tall.

*One of its attractions is the “Mile High Swinging Bridge.”

*The Mountain is home to black bears, cougars, otters, and deer.

By Patrick O’dell

  • The General Assembly of 1973 designated the Honey Bee as the official State Insect.
  • There is more than $2 million worth of honey produced in NC every year.
  • The greatest value of Honey Bees is their role as a major pollinator of NC crops.


By: Patrick O’Dell

international civil rights museum
International Civil Rights Museum

Located at the old Woolworth\'s building in Greensboro at the corner of S. Elm St. and February One Place.

A historical landmark where four college students sat down to be served at the lunch counter and protest segregation.

By Patrick Odell

andrew jackson
Andrew Jackson
  • He was born in Carrickfergus, County Antrim, in Ireland around 1738.
  • He was the seventh President of the United States (1829–1837).
  • He was the military governor of Florida in 1821.
  • He taught school and studied law in Salisbury, North Carolina.


kill devil hills
Kill Devil Hills
  • In Dare County, North Carolina, USA .
  • The Wright Brothers National Memorial contains a replica of the original Wright Flyer.
  • Legend - Many ship wrecks in the area. The hazardous ocean currents caught ships coming back from the tropics full of rum (enough to kill the devil!) The ships washed up on the shores. After the shipwreck the locals to enjoyed the rum!
lost colony
Lost Colony
  • Sir Walter Raleigh received a charter to colonize the area of North America known as Virginia from Queen Elizabeth I of England.
  • The final group of colonists disappeared after three years elapsed without supplies from England.
  • The led to the continuing mystery known as "The Lost Colony".
  • No trace of them was found, other than the bones of a single man.

By: J.J. Beagley

dolley madison
Dolley Madison
  • Dolley Madison was the wife of president James Madison.
  • She was born in Guilford County, NC.
  • She served as first lady for two presidents.

By: Javon Harris

nc national guard
NC National Guard
  • The NCNG is an all-volunteer force of nearly 12,000 soldiers and airmen who serve in both federal and state capacities.

By Javon Harris

outer banks
Outer Banks
  • Outer Banks is a 200 mile narrow strip of barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina.
  • Because the water is so treacherous there have been a lot of ship wrecks along the outer banks.

By Javon Harris

pepsi cola
Pepsi Cola
  • Pepsi was born in New Bern, NC.
  • It was invented by Caleb Bradham in his pharmacy in 1898.
  • Pepsi celebrated the 100th anniversary in 1998.

By Hali Knight

queen anne s lace
Queen Anne’s Lace
  • Like the cultivated carrot root is edible while young, but quickly becomes to woody
  • The wild carrot, when freshly cut, will draw or change color depending on the color of the water it is in.

By Hali Knight



  • Raleigh is the state capital.
  • It is part of the Research Triangle with Durham and Chapel Hill.
  • It is located in the northeast central region of North Carolina.

Sky line of Raleigh

Raleigh’s City Flag

By: Hali Knight

special operations forces
Special Operations Forces
  • Fort Bragg is called the home of the airborne.
  • The Golden Knights also called Fort Bragg their home.
  • The US army also works at the Special Operations Forces.

By Jay Pestik

town creek indian mound
Town Creek Indian Mound
  • The Town Creek Indian Mound is an unusual archaeological site in North Carolina.
  • It is a good example of the Mississippian Native American culture.
  • Located near the Pee Dee River in central NC.
  • It has been the focus of an on-going program of archaeological research for more than half a century.

By Jay Pestik

uss nc battleship
USS NC Battleship
  • The USS NORTH CAROLINA beckons visitors to walk her decks.
  • She stands with quiet dignity and majesty across the river from downtown Wilmington.
  • It’s easy to envision daily life as well as fierce combat that her crew faced in the Pacific Theatre during World War II.

By Jay Pestik

victory junction gang
Victory Junction Gang
  • Victory Junction Gang Camp is in Randleman.
  • It has helped more than 10,000 children with serious illnesses.
  • It first opened in 2004.
  • The Camp was Founded by the Petty Family.
  • Wilmington is a city on the coast of North Carolina.
  • It was first settled by the English in the 1720’s.
  • It is a very popular place to film movies.
  • It was the setting for The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as well as the T.V. Series Dawson’s Creek.

By Chelsea Galloway


X-Mas Trees

  • There are over 50 million X-mas trees growing in NC.
  • Sometimes a tree from NC gets picked as our national tree.
  • NC produces the 2nd highest amount of X-mas trees in the country.
  • There are almost 400 tree farms in NC.
chief yonaguska
Chief Yonaguska
  • Chief Yonaguska was a very famous chief from the Eastern Band of Cherokee.
  • He tried to get his people to stop using alcohol.
  • His 14 yr old adopted white son became chief after his death.
  • An actor plays Chief Yonaguska in a play at Cherokee, N.C.

By Mrs. Williams

zeke s island
Zeke’s Island
  • Zeke’s Island is located in the Cape Fear River basin. The site is 22 miles south of Wilmington. The only way to get there is by small boats like a kayak or a canoe.
  • The lagoon-like complex at the site is one of the most unusual areas of the N.C. coast. The site is over 1,100 acres and fringed with extensive marshes and tidal flats.
  • Both the Atlantic loggerhead and green sea turtles occasionally nest on the site’sopen beaches.


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