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Self determination
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Self-Determination. Student-Involvement in the IEP Secondary Template. Welcome to My IEP Meeting. Invited Guests. Jackie Hahn Genevieve Perrin Mark Walker Megan Pieper Victor Hahn Chris Koch Janelle Olesen Brian Trometer Valerie DeBates. I’m here because….

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Self determination


Student-Involvement in the IEP

Secondary Template

Welcome to my iep meeting

Welcome to My IEP Meeting

Invited guests

Invited Guests

  • Jackie Hahn

  • Genevieve Perrin

  • Mark Walker

  • Megan Pieper

  • Victor Hahn

  • Chris Koch

  • Janelle Olesen

  • Brian Trometer

  • Valerie DeBates

Self determination

I’m here because…

  • I can advocate for myself by presenting and leading my IEP

Self determination

My disability is called

Autism Spectrum Disorder

This means… Victor has the skill deficits in the following areas: social, behavior, on-task, adaptive, Socially, victor does not always understand the perspective of others. Struggles with behavior

These are my strengths

These are my strengths!

  • Victor is very good at working with his hands and is very creative and artistic.

Self determination

These are my limitations…

  • Staying focused

  • Getting started

  • Concrete thinker, abstract hard to understand

Self determination

My plans for the future

Victor will live in an apartment or a home with some assistance either from hi family outside resources

Victor will attends a community college

Victor will work at a job where he can work with technology in his hands on way

Self determination

My education goals

  • Given the support of the special education program Victor will improve his 21st century skills comprehension, ownership, effort, using time wisely, find strategies, and reflection.

  • When given a journal prompt or story starter and minutes to write victor will write the 85% accuracy when assessed on ides, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, conversations, and presentation using the PSAA Writing Rubric.

Self determination

This is how you

can help me…

  • Extended time given to take test

  • Seat me near the board

  • Give me as much visual direction as possible

  • Provide me copies of notes

  • Allow me to redo assignments

  • Work alone

  • Allow me to wear headphones when frustrated

  • Allow me to leave you classroom if I need a break

  • When I request a snack allow me to have it in class

My learning preferences

My Learning Preferences

  • Smaller class sizes

  • Computer for assignments

  • More time to think

  • Someone to help me stay focused

Self determination

I’m glad you came!

Thank you

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