evaluating learning technologies at university of worcester
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Evaluating Learning Technologies at University of Worcester

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Evaluating Learning Technologies at University of Worcester - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Evaluating Learning Technologies at University of Worcester. Review Meeting October 4 th , 2006 John Colvin. HEA Pathway Pilot. Initial results publication co-incided with start of project Trialled e-Learning benchmarking in a number of HEI’s Feb 2007 Pathfinder bid!!

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evaluating learning technologies at university of worcester

Evaluating Learning Technologies atUniversity of Worcester

Review Meeting

October 4th, 2006

John Colvin

hea pathway pilot
HEA Pathway Pilot
  • Initial results publication co-incided with start of project
  • Trialled e-Learning benchmarking in a number of HEI’s
  • Feb 2007 Pathfinder bid!!
  • eLearning cannot be assessed in isolation from
    • L&T
    • ICT
    • HR
    • Estates
  • e-Learning data often not recorded
  • Results confidential
  • Blogging review culture is considered appropriate
hea pathway pilot cont
HEA Pathway Pilot (Cont…)
  • The 5 benchmark tools piloted
    • all “fit for purpose”. 
    • All Available for Feb 2007 Bid
    • Customisation appropriate
      • ELTI
      • “Pick ‘n Mix”
      • eMM
      • OBHE
      • MIT90
  • JC Decision: Adopt one of benchmarking tools - avoid re-inventing the wheel
  • As the report says the “the precise nature of the method is much less important than starting …. to ask penetrating questions”
choice of benchmarking tool
Choice of Benchmarking Tool
  • Adapted version ELTI
  • Pathfinder summary
    • did not favour any tool
    • deemed them all fit-for-purpose
    • All available Feb 2007 bid
  • Why ELTI
    • Pilot supported by external consultants
    • Availability of associated support documentation was considered crucial.  
    • Materials for elti and ‘Pick and Mix’ were appropriate and readily available
    • Accessing materials for other tools was less successful
    • Extent and relevance of ELTI audit questions are, IMO, impressive
  • Pathfinder summary suggests that participation is the crucial issue
elti audits evidence assessment
ELTI audits (Evidence + Assessment)
  • Profile of learning and teaching
  • Profile of learning technologies
  • Recognition and reward
    • e.g. There are specific professional rewards for LT innovation (e.g. additional funding, progression points, teaching fellowships)
  • Research and/or development
  • ICT infrastructure
  • Learning technology support


elti audits cont
ELTI audits (Cont….)
  • Learning Technology funding
  • Administrative infrastructure
  • Staff ICT skills
    • All teaching staff have basic WebCT skills (putting lectures and discussion forums online)
  • Student ICT skills
  • Digital/ multimedia resources
  • Networks and collaborations
some jobs completed underway
Some Jobs Completed / Underway
  • Selection of Benchmarking Tool
  • Data Collection / Analysis
    • L&T:
      • e.g. Strategies, quality enhancement, support, innovations
    • LT Profile
      • e.g. University initiatives, integration at course level
    • LT Recognition & Reward
      • e.g. Innovation support, Progression
some jobs completed underway1
Some Jobs Completed / Underway
  • R&D
    • e.g. RAE, specialist units
  • Staff Skills
    • e.g. ICT skills, WebCT skills, skills support
  • Student Skills
    • e.g. audit procedures, support
  • LT Support
    • Effectiveness of h/ware & s/ware support
selection of major jobs outstanding
Selection of Major ‘Jobs’ Outstanding
  • Audit of WebCT Usage
  • Audit use of Learning Technologies in classroom
  • Audit of Learning Technologies at UW
  • Review Dept AMR’s & L&T strategies
  • Benchmarking with other HEI’s
audit of webct usage
Audit of WebCT usage
  • After Learning week - Fair snapshot
  • Inspection of WebCT courses
  • ‘Health Warning’ Everyone email circulated
  • Access Strategy under discussion
  • Level of Audit
    • No WebCT course set up
    • WebCT course set up, not used
    • General course data
    • Course Materials
    • Discussion Groups
    • Other use e.g. Assessment Tool
use of learning technologies in classroom
Use of Learning Technologies in Classroom
  • Clip Board Survey??
    • Learning week
    • Contingency Plan: email survey
  • Ask questions about last classroom lesson taught
    • LT in class
      • IWB, projector, MP3…
    • LT to support learning outside classroom
      • WebCT, blogs, eBooks
  • Ask about their own most innovative LT use
  • How, if at all has LT changed the way you teach?
  • Ask: Single most important support that UW could offer to encourage/improve your use of LT?
other hei s
Other HEI’s
  • Benchmark data from 2000/1
  • Selection of new and some pre-92 HEI’s
    • Contacts?
  • Particularly Pathfinder Trial participants
  • December / January
    • Large body of our data available
    • Some analysis completed
  • Organise late October