Using Project Budgetary Control in Procure-to-Pay Applications

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Using Project Budgetary Control in Procure-to-Pay Applications. Projects Mini-Pack H OverviewBudgetary ControlOnline Funds CheckingBudget Account GenerationBottom Up Budgeting - Setup and InitiationTop Down Budgeting Setup and InitiationSummaryQuestions and Answers . Projects Mini-Pack H Overview.

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Using Project Budgetary Control in Procure-to-Pay Applications

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1. Using Project Budgetary Control in Procure-to-Pay Applications Julian Kozicki Great Projects

2. Using Project Budgetary Control in Procure-to-Pay Applications Projects Mini-Pack H Overview Budgetary Control Online Funds Checking Budget Account Generation Bottom Up Budgeting - Setup and Initiation Top Down Budgeting – Setup and Initiation Summary Questions and Answers

3. Projects Mini-Pack H Overview Oracle Projects Mini-Pack H released December 2001 Documentation supplement only available in Metalink (current version March 2002) Features include: Budgetary Controls within Procure-to-Pay cycle for project level budgets Budget Integration with Oracle General Ledger Bottom-up or Top Down Budgeting

4. Projects Mini-Pack H Overview (Continued) Bottom-Up Budgeting Allows the creation of centralized organization-level budgets from defined project budgets and non-project budgets. Project budgets are interfaced to Oracle General Ledger by creating budget journals. Top Down Budgeting An overall organization-level budget, that defines overall spending limitations, allows centralized control over organization spending. Project budgets consume funds from the organization-level budget, which is maintained in Oracle General Ledger.

5. Budgetary Controls Allows the organization to monitor and control expense commitment transactions entered against a project by checking available funds Project-related purchase requisitions and purchase orders entered in Oracle PO Supplier invoices entered in Oracle Payables Expenditure adjustments in Oracle Projects Significant additional capabilities than available from Transaction Control Client Extension Exceptions include expense reports, time sheets, inventory purchases, and usage costs.

8. Budgetary Controls Prerequisites Must enable budgetary controls in Oracle General Ledger Must enable encumbrance accounting in General Ledger and Oracle Payables (for Top-Down Budgeting only) Must apply General Ledger patches 1995914 and 2002508

9. Online Funds Checking Procedure called by workflow at several points within Oracle Purchasing, Oracle Payables, and Oracle Projects applications (check funds option and transactional approval) where if the funds check fails, the transaction is not approved. Can customize work flow based upon business rules to trigger actions by project managers, project approvers, and others so that budgets can be increased or budget funds checking time intervals and control levels can be changed

12. Online Funds Checking (Continued) Based upon Time Intervals and Control Levels and GL date of the transaction Time Interval can be period-to-date, year-to-date, or project-to-date for a period, year, or project Control Level can be Absolute, Advisory, or None Can be set by Resource, Resource, Group, Lowest Task, Top Task or Project (can also be rolled up) Set by Project Type, but can be overridden in Templates and Projects, if desired.

14. Project Budget Account Generation Each project budget line must have an account number assigned to integrate with General Ledger A new Project Budget Account Workflow is provided to perform this task Must be customized – generates a dummy account when first installed Uses can use constants, parameters, or SQL in the same way as the Purchasing and Payables Account Generator Project Budget Account Workflow is activated two ways: Manually, by selecting the Generate Budget Accounting option from the Tools menu of the Budgets window Automatically, when an integrated budget is submitted for baselining Option may be set to manually override the budget account assigned in Project Budget Account Workflow

17. Bottom-Up Budget Integration Initiation Procedures Define the organization-level budgets in Oracle General Ledger Define Budget Integration for the projects Enter project budget amounts and generate accounts for each project budget line Baseline project budgets and interface the budget amounts to General Ledger Create budget journal entries from the interfaced amounts in General Ledger Review and post the budget journal entries

18. Bottom-Up Budget Integration Implementation Steps Define Project Budget Account workflow account generation process Set profile option: PA: Allow Override of Budget Accounts (Y or N) Set profile option: PA: Enable Budget Integration and Budgetary Control Feature (Y) Define Integration for Project Types, Templates, and Projects

19. Top-Down Budget Integration Initiation Procedures Define General Ledger Funding Budgets Define Budget Integration Create Project Encumbrances Create Project Budget and generate accounts for each line Baseline Project Budget and create encumbrance lines for import to General Ledger Create and post encumbrance journals in General Ledger Liquidating Project Encumbrances Year-End Budget Rollover

20. Top-Down Budget Integration Implementation Steps Define Project Budget Account workflow process Set profile option - PA: Allow Override of Budget Accounts (Y or N) Set profile option - PA Enable Budget Integration and Budgetary Control Feature (Y) Set profile option - PA: Days to Maintain BC Packets (default = 3) Define integration details for project types, templates, and projects

21. Summary Closes the budgetary control loop for project and non-project organization level budgets Provides automated funds checking to prevent approval of requisitions, purchase orders, or invoices that exceed defined project budget limits Can customize workflow to provide notifications and other actions where budget amounts are exceeded Provides a central repository of project and non-project budgets in Oracle General Ledger Easy setup, but requires additional projects user training on new budget integration procedures and additional training for General Ledger, Payables, and Purchasing users for funds checking business rules.

24. About Great Projects Management Consultants specializing in Oracle Projects Suite applications and related technology: Oracle Projects Costing Oracle Projects Billing Project Manufacturing iTime and iExpense Project Resource Management Project Contracts Integration through Activity Management Gateway (including MS Project Connect) Grants Accounting Project Collaboration Custom Reporting and on-line dashboards using Oracle BIS, Discoverer, Project Kiosk, or using 9iAS Portal technology Project Intelligence Integration to/from legacy systems

25. Contact Information: Julian Kozicki Managing Director Great Projects Atlanta GA E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 770-739-6810

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