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Apostleship of prayer
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Apostleship of Prayer. Eucharistic Youth Movement. Apostleship of Prayer History: . The AP is born in Vals, in 1844, in times of a missionary expansion of the Church. The young Jesuits wanted to be missionaries now. Father Gautrelet, the day of the feast of Saint Francis Xavier:.

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Apostleship of Prayer

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Apostleship of prayer

Apostleship of Prayer

Eucharistic Youth Movement

Apostleship of prayer history

Apostleship of PrayerHistory:

The AP is born in Vals, in 1844, in times of a missionary expansion of the Church

Apostleship of prayer

The young Jesuits wanted to be missionaries now.

Father gautrelet the day of the feast of saint francis xavier

Father Gautrelet, the day of the feast of Saint Francis Xavier:

We can be apostles through prayer, offering our lives, learning to do Gods will in all things.

The daily offering

The Daily Offering

God, our Father, I offer You my day.

I offer You my prayers, thoughts, words,

actions, joys, and sufferings

in union with Your Son Jesus Heart,

Who continues to offer Himself in the Eucharist

for the salvation of the world.

May the Holy Spirit, Who guided Jesus,

be my guide and my strength today

so that I may witness to Your love.

With Mary, the mother of our Lord and of the Church,

I pray especially for this month's intentions

as proposed by the Holy Father.

Apostleship of prayer

The Heart of Jesus

Father Ramire

The Popes intentions



Where are we?

In 90 countries, with over 40

million members.

The most numerous local APs:

Brazil, Philippines, Italy, Angola,

Portugal, a few other countries

Two models

Two models:

The MOVEMENT model:

  • Parish groups,

  • Diocesan directors,

  • Regular meetings,

  • Gatherings

Apostleship of prayer

The SERVICE model:

  • A Church service, not a movement,

  • A spirituality for today,

  • Easy, practical, simple and profound.

  • I live my day with Jesus!

Apostleship of prayer

In the first model, in many places we live a situation of crisis:

Members are growing old,

there is no renewal

of the people,

nor the practices,

the numbers are going down.

Apostleship of prayer

We live in a world in crisis, and in a Church in crisis But lets not forget that the word crisis can mean danger and opportunity.

Apostleship of prayer

Not only a devotion, rather a SPIRITUALITY,rooted in the Daily Offering, the Eucharist and our Baptism, with devotional aspects, always optional, such as the First Fridays, Holy Hour, Consecration to the Heart of Jesus, etc.

The Apostleship of Prayer:

A spirituality that offers a way to Sanctity for the Christian of the Third Millennium.

Daily life is valued and all we do can become prayer.

AP helps us seek and find God in all things.

Apostleship of prayer

We find here the basic spirituality of the Church:

Jesus and his Heart


The Eucharist

Church sense




Apostleship of prayer

Ecclesial and at the same time very Ignatian:

We live an inner struggle in a world that challenges our faith. We wish to live for God and to find him in all things.

  • The AP puts our lives in the path of the Eternal King (Sp. Ex. 91),

  • We renew daily our choice for the Standard of Christ (Sp. Ex. 136),

  • We find true meaning for our lives: our vocation is to praise, reverence, and serve God our Lord , choosing only what is most conducive for us to the end for which we are created (Sp. Ex. 23, PF).

  • We are reminded daily of the spiritual attitude that resumes the Exercises, offering ourselves by saying Take, Lord, and receive (Sp.Ex. 234).

Apostleship of prayer

The AP helps us find meaning

and unity to our lives,

and it all makes

new sense!

Apostleship of prayer

The Eucharistic Youth Movement

Our youth branch, the old Eucharistic Crusade

(Mouvement Eucharistique des Jeunes - MEJ)

A movement

A Movement

  • To live in Jesus friendship

Apostleship of prayer

  • in a Eucharistic spirituality

Apostleship of prayer

  • giving Christian identity to young people,

Apostleship of prayer

  • putting their lives to the service of the world.

Apostleship of prayer

Where are we?

In 42 countries

Most numerous in Madagascar, Burundi, France, Egypt, Italy, Angola, Chile.

Living the style of jesus

Living the Style of Jesus

Towards the 2012 world gathering

Towards the 2012 World Gathering

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