The Periodic Law

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Mendeleev and Chemical Periodicity. Periodic-Repeated patternsDoes not necessarily have to be uniformMendeleev-Credited with creating the periodic tableArranged elements according to similar physical and chemical propertiesIncreasing atomic massEarned credit for the periodic law. Mendeleev

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The Periodic Law

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1. The Periodic Law Chapter 5

2. Mendeleev and Chemical Periodicity Periodic- Repeated patterns Does not necessarily have to be uniform Mendeleev- Credited with creating the periodic table Arranged elements according to similar physical and chemical properties Increasing atomic mass Earned credit for the periodic law

3. Mendeleev and Chemical Periodicity Continued… Periodic Law- the physical and chemical properties of the elements are periodic functions of their atomic number Periodic Table An arrangement of the elements in order of their atomic numbers so that the elements with similar properties fall in the same group

4. Henry Moseley Worked with Rutherford Examined the spectra of 38 different metals Saw that elements fit into patterns better when they are arranged in increasing order according to nuclear charge

5. Mendeleev noticed that properties of elements usually repeated at regular intervals when the elements were arranged in order of increasing a. atomic number. b. density. c. reactivity. d. atomic mass.

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