Halal Business center
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Halal Business center. NI-DO, d.o.o. BELGRADE. Introduction: Halal market is growing. Halal market has been growing rapidly in the recent years In the near future Halal products will represent up to 20% of the world ‘s food trade Halal products are seen as safe products

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NI-DO, d.o.o.

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Ni do d o o

Halal Business center

NI-DO, d.o.o.


Ni do d o o

Introduction: Halal market is growing...

  • Halal market hasbeengrowingrapidly in therecentyears

  • In thenearfutureHalalproductswillrepresent up to 20% oftheworld‘s foodtrade

  • Halalproducts are seen as safeproducts

  • Halal market makesaround 573 $ billionannually

  • There is a hugedemandforhalalproductsalso in non-muslimcountries

  • Thenumberofmuslimsinnon-muslim: India (140 million), China (40 million), USA (8 million), Phillipines (6 million), France(6 million), Germany (3 million), Great Britain (1,5 million), Canada (800 thousand)

  • Non-muslimsconsumehalalproducts as wellbecausetheyconsiderthemhealthyandofgoodquality

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Halal market is growing...

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  • The tradition of food processing in Serbia:

  • Advantagesand opportunities for the production and supply of raw material of high quality

  • Favorable geographical position and good road network with Europe, Middle East and North Africa

  • A wide network of trade agreements concerning free market

  • Outstanding quality of water

  • European Halal market is estimated at 67$ billion a year

  • The number of inhabitants of muslim origin is at 88,794 million*

  • * Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/4385768.stm

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ThefirstHalalbusinesscenter in Europe with a productionwithaddedvalue

StrategicallylocatedinBelgrade’s industrial zone

  • Equipmentandservices in theHalal center

  • Equipment for clean and durable production

  • Center forresearchanddevelopment

  • Trade center

  • Sharedstorehouse

  • Hotel

  • Prayerroom

  • Additional production and improved services

Ni do d o o

Ground plan of the center Halal

Surface from

200.000 m2

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The future appearance of the Halal business center

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Close to the roads, a railroad and an airport

  • Locatednextto:

  • A highway (Belgrade- Zagreb)

  • TherailroadBelgrade

  • InternationalairportBelgrade,

  • PortRijeka, Ploče, Bar

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Halal certification

  • Cooperationwiththeagencyforcertificationofhalalquality in BosniaandHerzegovina, whichwasfounded in 2006 bytheislamiccommunity

  • Theagencyissueshalalcertificates, halallogotypes , it is responsibleforthesurveillanceoftheprocessofproduction in companieswiththehalal standard.

  • Theagenyissuescertificates in BiH, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedoniaand Slovenia.

Official Halal logo used on certified products

Ni do d o o

Support of the ageny for the halal certification

Business partner


Governmental supprot

NIDO D.O.O.(proprietor of the zone)

Ni do d o o


To becometheeuropeancenterofhalalproducts.

To offerlong-termfunctionalandcompetitivepreservationofthehalalcontent.

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  • Offerinvestors a remarkableopportunityforcapitalisation, which is based on anincreaseddemandforthehalalproducts on theeuropean market.

  • To beleadinginsatisfyingthemarket’s needs.

  • To developbusinessmanagementbased on thehalaleticalprinciplesofhalalinSerbia.

  • To buildqualitystandards for theinternationalhalalindustry

  • To be a catalyst for otherhalalcentersinthecountryandtheregion.

  • To improvepeople’s socialandeconomicconditionsinSerbiabycreatingbusinessopportunitiesandnewpostsandthusimprovingthequalityand standard ofliving for peopleinSerbia.

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  • One stop industrial zone:

  • Cheaperinfrastructure,

  • QuickerproceeduresofapprovalofthecertificateHalalanditsusage,

  • Provided supply of highquality raw material

  • Qualifiedmanpower,

  • Strongislamicandbusinesstradition,

  • Concentrationofcomplementaryindustries,

  • Favourablegeographicalposition,

  • Attractive priceforland,

  • Employment with the state subsidizing.

Ni do d o o

Surface of constructed parts and buildings

Ni do d o o

NI-DO, d.o.o.

Thank you for your attention.


Address:Beloruska ulica 7, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia


Fax:+386 59 366 211



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