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Celibacy. Typescomplete celibacypartial celibacyReasons or benefitsreligious, moral beliefswaiting for the appropriate personsex is not a priorityhealth considerationsrecovery from addictionlearning about other aspects of self. Terms. autoeroticism - self stimulation, including sexual fantasies, erotic dreams,

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Sexual Expression, Power, Aggression

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1. Sexual Expression, Power, & Aggression Rhonda Martin, MS, RN The University of Tulsa

2. Celibacy Types complete celibacy partial celibacy Reasons or benefits religious, moral beliefs waiting for the appropriate person sex is not a priority health considerations recovery from addiction learning about other aspects of self

3. Terms autoeroticism - self stimulation, including sexual fantasies, erotic dreams, & masturbation. pleasuring - erotic non-genital touching. cunnilingus - oral stimulation of female genitals fellatio - oral stimulation of male genitals

4. Sexual Attraction Varies across cultures between gender across ethnic groups Does attractiveness give sexual power? Where are looks most important

5. Erotic dreams & fantasy Dreams expression & exploration of desires most males, 2/3rds of females nocturnal orgasm Fantasy 95% of males & females fantasize

6. Erotic dreams & fantasy Functions of fantasy source of pleasure & arousal overcome sexual anxiety through rehearsal acceptable expression of socially unacceptable behavior gender similarities & differences frequency is similar content varies widely within & between sexes

7. Erotic dreams & fantasy Helpful or hindering most research considers fantasies to be helpful cautions: erosion of trust, acting out, feeling guilty

8. “Last time I tried to make love to my wife nothing was happening, so I said to her, “What’s the matter, you can’t think of anybody either?” Rodney Dangerfield

9. The Sexual Fantasy Frontier in Cyberspace 12% of males, 10% of females in college have experienced “on-line sex” Taking on-line sex “off-line” can be risky

10. Masturbation Perspectives traditional condemnation censured as non-procreational erroneous views about its effect on health Freud considered it immature contemporary views are conflicted research suggests not harmful Vatican continues to condem

11. Masturbation Purposes relieve sexual tension valuable means of self-exploration assists in physical relaxation “The good thing about masturbation is that you don’t have to get dressed up for it.” Truman Capote

12. Masturbation Self-pleasuring techniques follow your moral values set aside adequate time & relax text describes several methods “The only reason I feel guilty about masturbation is that I do it so poorly.” David Steinberg

13. Sexual expression: the importance of context & meaning sexual behaviors take place as interactions between people. feeling, desires, and attitudes strongly influence choices about sexual activity. Mutual consent & sensitivity to sexual needs is an important aspect of a sexual relationship

14. Sexual expression: the importance of context & meaning Maltz levels of sexual expression positive 1 = role fulfillment 2 = making love 3 = authentic sexual intimacy negative 1 = impersonal interaction 2 = abusive interactions 3 = violent interactions

15. Kissing & touching Touching cornerstone of human sexuality whole body is responsive specific erogenous zones Kissing closed mouth = tender, affectionate open mouth = sexually intense (erotic kissing, “rite of passage”

16. Kissing & touching Manual stimulation of genitals great variation in preferences

17. Kissing & touching: hands-on experiment Large circle, same direction, everyone massage x 1 min. Pair up & alternate with SILENT massage x 1 min. Pair up & alternate massage x 1 min. allowing verbal feedback - what feels good, what doesn’t feel good

18. Kissing & touching: hands-on experiment SILENTLY return to your seats & reflect on your reactions. Which massage was the best & why? Were you surprised by any of the feedback you got about the massages you were giving? Did you notice any feedback during the silent massages?

19. Oral-genital stimulation Types: cunnilingus & fellatio Acceptance: varies; increased since Kinsey’s early survey; especially in young adults less by some ethnic groups(African Am.) ? education - ? chance of oral sex

20. Anal stimulation Prevalence is lower than other forms of sexual activity Health risk (HIV, other infections)

21. Gay & Lesbian sexual expression Lesbian sexual behaviors misconceptions sex is unsatisfactory without penile penetration dildos are used frequently realities similar to noncoital heterosexual behaviors tribadism = rubbing genitals together less frequent sex over time

22. Gay & Lesbian sexual expression Gay male sexual behaviors stereotype genitally focused anal intercourse is most common realities similar to noncoital heterosexual behaviors fellatio, mutual masturbation are most common

23. Coitus & coital positions Purposes reproduction communication pleasure love aggression

24. Coitus & coital positions Position variations provide novelty, greater or lesser control for one partner, greater or lesser sensory stimulation types man or woman above face-to-face, side-lying, rear entry

25. Coitus & coital positions Frequency 1998 national average = 1 x/week higher frequency associated with some college education 60+ hour work week television (especially PBS) preference for jazz music marriage extreme liberal or conservative smoking & drinking

26. Tantric intercourse Ancient eastern path to spiritual enlightenment sexual expression considered a form of spiritual meditation involves control & delay of orgasm with focus on harmonizing with partner

27. What types of sexual expression are alluded to in TV movies music - country, rock, pop, rap, heavy metal, new wave

28. Flirting Vs Harassment How do you distinguish between flirting and harassment? Are there gender differences? Does it make a difference if one is superior to the other? A peer? Dating? Has concern about sexual harassment changed peoples behavior?

29. Sexual Harassment Definition: unwanted sexual attention in the workplace or academic setting TU Student Handbook Are these behaviors sexually harassing? Gender stereotyped jokes or depictions teasing sexual remarks unwanted suggestive looks, letters, phone calls, leaning, cornering, touching, pressure for dates or sexual activity

30. Sexual Harassment In the workplace -prohibited by Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act two kinds: verbal & physical quid pro quo hostile or offensive environment incidence - 15% of M; 42% of F effects on the victim financial loss psychological reactions physical symptoms

31. Severity Levels Mild: sexual or sexist remarks; unwelcome intrusion; leering or whistling; crude language; sexual pictures or objects on display Intermediate: graphic comments about one’s sexuality; sexual proposition unrelated to employment; nonsexual physical contact or sexual verbal abuse

32. Severity Levels Severe: requiring sexual services as an employment condition; unwanted sexual contact/conduct or sexual assault

33. Dealing with Sexual Harassment If assaulted, file criminal charges if not assaulted, confront harasser & clearly state that the behavior is harassment, you will not tolerate it, & you will file a complaint discuss with supervisor, coworkers file official complaint file lawsuit

34. Sexual Harassment In the academic settings coercion focuses on grades, letters of recommendation, work or research university may be held responsible for peer-harassment incidence - 33-50% of medical students 30-50% of graduate females 20-30% of undergraduate females 9-20% of undergraduate males

35. Sexual Harassment Dealing with academic harassment report it, even if you change classes, advisors, or drop out follow procedures for sexual harassment in workplace

36. Prejudice Cultural influence

37. Prejudice Heterosexual bias Anti-gay

38. Prejudice Religious influence

39. Discuss various scenes from movies related to power, harassment, prejudice, etc.

40. Aggression Coercion broader arguing pleading cajoling threat Rape sexual intercourse during actual or threatened force that overcomes earnest resistance of victim Kinds - statutory stranger acquaintance date

41. Rape Statistics 19-30% of various samples of Fe have reported attempted or completed rape Underreported for many reasons not perceived as rape victim’s self-blame concern for the rapist attempt to block it out mistrust of police, legal system fear of reprisal from rapist concern about unwanted publicity

42. Rape Myths You can’t thread a moving needle.” “All women want to be raped.” Female asked for it. Females only raped by strangers. Female could really avoid rape IF wanted to. Females “cry rape” for revenge. “It could never happen to me.” Rapists are crazy/psychopaths. Most rapists are black males.

43. Types of rapes & rapists Type: Anger Motive: venting rage & contempt or revenge lack of sexual satisfaction Victim: Stranger Behavior: impulsive & irregular excessive physical violence & degradation

44. Types of rapes & rapists Type: Power Motive: desire to exert control secondary sexual gratification Victim: Stranger Behavior: premeditated, repetitive, & ?s in frequency use of force to gain control

45. Types of rapes & rapists Type: Sadistic Motive: attempt to regain control & discharge frustrations aggression is erotic Victim: Stranger Behavior: preplanned, ritualistic use of bondage, torture, abuse

46. Types of rapes & rapists Type: Sexual Gratification Motive: sexual release Victim: Acquaintance Behavior: use of varying levels of force; the need for excessive force to ? resistance often stops the attempt

47. Acquaintance Rape & Sexual Coercion Men & women, women more likely role of perceptions & communication misinterpretations double messages justification date rape drug: Rohypnol, Liquid X, etc.

48. Wartime Rape U.N. 1996 declaration: Crime of War motivated by attempts to dominate, humiliate, control destroy family & societal bonds ? disabling of enemy terrorize population ? escape & ethnic cleansing

49. Reducing the risk of stranger rape Do not advertise you are alone. Lock up. Do not open door to strangers. Demonstrate self-confidence. Cell phone when out alone. Keep car doors locked. Be aware of surroundings. Keys in hand. White cloth to antenna. Sound a loud noise alarm.

50. React in threatening stranger situations Run away if you can Resist if unable to run No rules apply Talk to stall Alert to escape opportunity

51. Reducing the risk of acquaintance rape Be cautious Watch for dominating behavior Cover some of the expenses Avoid alcohol and drugs Avoid “teasing” behavior Direct verbal protests

52. What to do if you have been raped Decide whether to report ANY information remember is helpful Call police asap – do not bathe or change May help to contact rape crises center Tx. program if symptoms do not improve You are not to blame

53. Abuse Prevention New idea Hindered by: what constitutes abuse difficult to discuss sex education controversial

54. Abuse Prevention CAP (child abuse prevention) teach “good” and “bad” touching right to say no how to avoid coercion early education of boys & girls build confidence, not fear tell until listened to include (+) aspects of mutually shared sexual contact

55. Resources Call RAPE - 918-744-7273 (24 hrs) Rape Abuse & Incest National Network Sexual Assault Information Page CyberTipLine @ 1-800-843-5678

56. Group Work Divide into 8 groups Answer the questions Discuss with the class

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