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PIC INTERREG IIIC Sud “Robinwood”. Subprojects Administrative procedures. Mr. Paolo Forno Financial Manager. 9° steering Committee. Approval of the definitive subropject proposals. Local approval of subproject - procedures.

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Subprojects Administrative


Mr. Paolo Forno

Financial Manager

9° steering Committee

Approval of the definitive subropject proposals

Local approval of subproject - procedures

  • According to his own administrative procedures each partner will approve at local level the list of beneficiaries to fund.

  • How the approval will be done?

  • How long will be the procedures to formally communicate to the applicants the winning of their proposals?

Local approval of subproject - contents

  • formally communication to the applicants of the winning of their proposals

  • approval at local level of the budget of each local subproject




Kick-off communication

(by 1st October 2006)


by 30 October 2006


30 May 2007

Six-Month Report

(1 March 2007)


30 November 2007

Six-Month Report

(1 September 2007)


28 February 2008

Final Report

(by30 Dicember 2007)

Financial management

  • Accounts must be kept in Euro and in national currencies (where Euro is not a national currency partners can convert the expense from national currency to Euros by using the average monthly exchange rate set by the Commission of either the month the invoice was paid or the month the costs are reported to the NPR )

  • The applicants must produce to the NPR copies of all accountancy documents

  • Payments by final beneficiaries shall be supported by receipted invoices.

Reporting Forms - Kick-off communication

  • Must be submitted at the beginning of the subproject

  • Activity report

  • Financial report (preparation costs only)

  • Possibility to pay advances to the applicants. The amount of the advance that will be paid up front is set by each partner of Robinwood


  • By request of the applicants advances may be grant in :

  • Liguria (40%)

  • Murcia (20%)

  • Wales (25%)

  • Slovakia (from the second semester on)

Reporting forms

  • BI-MONTHLY: only activity

  • SIX-MONTHLY: activity and financial

Final Report

  • Financial Report

  • collection of all the outputs of the subproject

  • After the end of the subproject (max October 2007)applicant will have:

  • 45 DAYS to close all the PAYMENTS

  • 90 DAYS to DRAW UP THE REPORT and to produce all the DOCUMENTS FOR THE ACCOUNTING of the expenditures

Payment procedures (Liguria):

  • Advance;

  • Amount of the expenditures reported by the applicants and certified in the first financial report;

  • Amount of the expenditures reported by the applicants and certified in the second financial report;

  • Full balance of the residual amount.

Subproject Implementation - partnership

Each applicant must promptly communicate, by recorded delivery or fax, the decision to abandon totally or partially the implementation of the subproject. If the subproject has already received part of the funding this funding must be returned in whole or in part.

The Steering Committe of Robinwood, according to the JTS, will evaluate the best solutions to particular problems (e.g. losses of more than one partner etc etc)

Subproject Implementation -

official start of the subprojects

The official start of the subproject is the date stated in the kick off comunication sent to the NPR.

The date written in the application form relates only to the elegibility of the expenditures.Payments must be done after the starting date and not later than the day the subprojects end.


  • The bi-monthly activity report is made by each Subproject applicant and must be sent:

  • to the Subproject Lead Partner (electronic and paper copy)

  • to the NPR of Robinwood in electronic version


  • The six monthly activity report is made by the Subproject Leader Partner and must be sent:

  • to the NPR (electronic and paper copy)

  • to the LP of Robinwood (Regione Liguria) in electronic version


It is made by each subproject participants and must be sent to the National Partner of Reference (NPR)

Subprojects LEAD PARTNER Tasks

  • The Subproject Leader Partner has to prepare:

  • The bi-monthly Report

  • The six-monthly Activity Report

  • The Financial Report

Subproject Partner Task

  • The Subproject Partner has to prepare:

  • The bi-monthly Report

  • The Financial Report

National Partner of Reference Tasks

  • Collects all the bi-monthly and six monthly report of his own applicants

  • Send to his first level auditor the financial report of their applicants to obtain the certification of the expenditures

  • produce and deliver on time to the Lead Partner all information necessary for payment requests

  • both during the proceedings and after the realisation of the operation, can carry out (execute) the necessary checks

RW Lead Patner tasks (Liguria)

  • Regione Liguria will prepare the:

  • Robinwood Progress Report (six month) with the contribution of the national Partners and of the Subproject applicants

  • Robinwood Financial Report with the certification of the expenditures of the national Partners (also the budget line subproject will be detailed by name and code of the subproject and by component)