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Strategic Planning
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Strategic Planning Phyllis Shurn-Hannah • November 15, 2012. What is Strategic Planning. Section Title (12 point Arial; color = white). The process by which we can become what we want to become through setting a strategy.

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Strategic Planning Phyllis Shurn-Hannah • November 15, 2012

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Strategic planning phyllis shurn hannah november 15 2012

Strategic PlanningPhyllis Shurn-Hannah • November 15, 2012

What is strategic planning

What is Strategic Planning

Section Title (12 point Arial; color = white)

  • The process by which we can become what we want to become through setting a strategy.

  • The identification of opportunities and the allocation of resources to exploit those opportunities.

  • The rational determination of where you are, where you want to go, and how and when you are going to get there (GAP).

  • It is setting the direction for the organization’s membership’s future(1 year, 3-5 years, and up).

Components of strategic planning

Components of Strategic Planning

  • Planning Base— Where are we now? Where have we been?

  • Results Required—Where do we want to be?

  • How—Specifically define how to get there.

  • Implementation—Identify a plan to execute. Who does what by when?

  • Review—How are we doing? Monitor the results.

Items for consideration as you plan

Items for Consideration as You Plan

  • Historical “highs” and “lows” of the chapter/council – where have you been? What is your history?

  • Positives and Negatives for:

    • Membership and Member Services

    • Socio-demographics

    • Competition

    • Technology

    • Economic Factors

    • Government/Regulations

    • Culture

    • Structure

    • Daily Practices

    • Cost Efficiency

    • Innovation and New Products/Services

    • Financial Stability and Assets

Outcomes of strategic planning

Outcomes of Strategic Planning

  • Clear picture of how trends impact the present and future

  • Agreed-upon direction/strategy

  • Clearly defined mission, vision, values

  • Specific plans to improve performance

  • Development of team behaviors through volunteers

Strategic planning phyllis shurn hannah november 15 2012




Swot analysis strengths


Something we have,

our competition does not

and they can’t easily get.

Swot weaknesses

SWOT – Weaknesses

Something our

competition has,

we do not,

and we can’t

easily get.

Swot opportunities

SWOT - Opportunities

What are the overall issues,

based on what our scan tells us,

that we should be concentrating on?

Swot analysis threats

SWOT Analysis - Threats

What can potentially

get in the way

of our success?

Swot analysis case study

SWOT Analysis – Case Study

Chapter XYZ – Membership SWOT

Strengths –

  • membership has increased by 1% over the last 3 years

  • Membership Committee is strong, 8 – 10 committee members

  • Have not increased membership dues

  • Great educational programming

    Weaknesses –

  • Retention rate at 60%

  • Membership is not diverse and not representative of community

  • Low turn-out for meetings

  • Need more young professionals

  • Senior HR professionals in the area do not attend meetings

  • No succession plan in place

Swot analysis case study1

SWOT Analysis – Case Study

Chapter XYZ – Membership SWOT

Opportunities –

  • Large small business community

  • Join the local chamber of commerce

  • Partner with other local organization on programming

  • Work with student chapters in the area

  • Legislative programming

    Threats –

  • Other local professional organizations

  • Local Chamber has a senior HR group

  • Senior HR group meets in the area

Outcomes of strategic planning1

Outcomes of Strategic Planning

  • Improved decision making

  • Better leadership—more cohesive team

  • Development of strategic thinking and implementation skills

  • Better allocation of resources and responsibilities

  • Identification of short- and long-term “attention” areas

  • Lists of short-term and long-term goals

Outcomes of strategic planning2

Outcomes of Strategic Planning

  • Increased recognition from external and internal sources

  • Consistent, sustained success, as opposed to marginal success

  • Strategic budget—a plan for 1-2 years and 3-5 years regarding what budget changes are needed to reach plan goals

After the plan

After the Plan

  • Follow up with your membership to share the plan goals and successes – keep them in the loop about your activities and how you are working for the best interests and successful future of the chapter/council

  • The most important (and the most difficult) thing about strategic planning? NOT allowing it to just sit on a bookshelf!

Strategic planning phyllis shurn hannah november 15 2012



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