measuring internet quality
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Measuring Internet Quality

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Measuring Internet Quality - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Measuring Internet Quality. Clarence Filsfils David Ward. Goal for MIQ Session. Our goal for this session is to consider some ideas which if analyzed may lead us to better understand the quality of services in the internet and ability to better engineer for additional service introduction.

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measuring internet quality

Measuring Internet Quality

Clarence Filsfils

David Ward

goal for miq session
Goal for MIQ Session

Our goal for this session is to consider some ideas which if analyzed may lead us to better understand the quality of services in the internet and ability to better engineer for additional service introduction.

Many of the ideas are basically next steps but, critical for all of to better understand and engineer the internet.

These ideas include….

where and how to measure
Where and how to measure
  • Relationship between probing frequency/pattern and measurement accuracy/validity
  • Optimization of number of probing agents and locations to minimize probing resources (number of agents, network load) while maximizing coverage & accuracy
  • How to use IPPM to measure the impact of network failures (routing convergence)
    • Should support various measurement units: msec of loss of connectivity, jitter upon reroute, uloop extend, service availability, experience of use for data, voice, video application
  • Technique to ensure that the probes monitor all paths of an ECMP-capable packet network
application view
Application View
  • What is the relationship between short losses of connectivity and the experience of use for Video/Voice application.
  • What does it mean a 500ms-loss versus a 300-msec loss versus a 50-msec loss, versus a 0-msec loss?
  • How does frequency of artifact translate into perceived experience for Video application?

OUTCOME: What is necessary to be measured for VOIP/Video quality? Do we have the right state/stats held in routers? Are external monitors required?

dataplane analysis
Dataplane analysis
  • Given new topology awareness, can we link to dataplane measurements?
  • Per-hop/per-class latency/jitter of traffic
  • Per-AS/per-class latency/jitter of traffic
  • Per-inter-AS-path/per-class latency/jitter of traffic
  • Loss duration and period for Video/Voice applications

OUTCOME: What is ability to measure SLA and guarantees with respect to topology

dataplane analysis 2
Dataplane analysis.2
  • Metering and reporting on service status
    • Associated with metered services and the desire by users to have \'policing\' related services available
    • Service providers build out residential Data/voice/video over IP network infrastructure
      • What potential implications might this have to equipment/services/qos/cac/applications
      • What can be reported?
      • What is imported to be reported?

OUTCOME: What is a proper CDR w/ SLA guarantees that can be generated?

routing analysis
Routing Analysis
  • What is the frequency of network core outages on real IP networks and what is the distribution of network outage durations?
    • The number of IGP modifications should be quantified for each outage
  • Similar analysis for Internet/BGP service with edge failures.
    • The number of BGP modifications should be quantified for each outage. What is MTTR?
  • Similar analysis for VPN/BGP service with edge failures
    • The number of BGP modifications should be quantified for each outage
routing 2
  • What would it mean to replace a RR-based iBGP design with a full iBGP mesh: memory scaling, network load, network convergence viewpoint
    • Analysis of existing networks and simulation
  • Do BGP free cores enable superior MTTR and what is impact on ops?
  • Do we see traffic oscillations in today’s networks due to flapping or other protocol issues?

OUTCOME: We need to move beyond connectivity exercises and now measure the actual network. Critical is MTBF and MTTR of routing system

ops analysis and information distribution
Ops Analysis and information Distribution
  • What are common infrastructure outages and duration? What is root cause of failures?
    • DNS, Radius, DHCP
  • Extending NOC communications to the level of the user, as well as providing content-providers with indications of their reachability
      • Notification when blockages outside of the ISP\'s control may limit reachability of a website

OUTCOME: End-to-end problem identification/resolution/tracking

  • Can we provide a set of metrics of Infrastructure, Routing, Application, Dataplane quality (MTBF, MTTR, root cause)
  • Can we possibly get this information to the end-user in a meaningful way
  • Can the internet measure ‘itself’ to provide guarantees of SLA or notification of quality degradation?