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Dr thies wittig dr j rgen henke
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Partner search for H2020. Dr. Thies Wittig Dr. Jürgen Henke . New ways to find funding opportunities: Participant Portal as Single Gateway to Horizon 2020 / CORDIS COSME / EEN Linked In Cordis Analysis – IT Consult . Open Calls & Project Partners.

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Dr. Thies Wittig Dr. Jürgen Henke

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Dr thies wittig dr j rgen henke

Partner search for H2020

Dr. Thies WittigDr. Jürgen Henke

Open calls project partners

New ways to find funding opportunities:

Participant Portal as Single Gateway to

Horizon 2020 / CORDIS


Linked In

Cordis Analysis – IT Consult

Open Calls & Project Partners

New portal for research innovation search

New Portal for Research & Innovation Search

Function search topics

Function – Search Topics

Infos for smes

Infos for SMEs

Partner search

Partner Search

Website isunder Development – startingwith:

Partner search function is linking to cordis

Partner search function is linking to CORDIS

Electronic grant management

Electronic grant management


Dr thies wittig dr j rgen henke

Partnering starts with proper Communication

Some rules of proper Communication

Enabling communication

Enabling Communication

To achieve Partnering, Communication needs to be carefully prepared.

Prepare Communications to get the right messages across.

To plan communication, please reflect the following steps:

Plan communication

Plan Communication

1. Put yourself in the position of your potential partners. What do they need to know, and want to hear? What will stop them listening to what you have to say?

2. Identify and list your different potential partners. Identify who to communicate with and why.

3. Drill down into your communication objectives and clarify specific objectives for each audience. What do they need and want to know from you?

4. Be prepared for return questions. Present yourself by a company profile or competence for project contribution.

Plan communication1

Plan Communication

5. To plan out the message for each audience, start by thinking about the broadest audience groups first.

6. Ask people from different partnership requests how you are doing. By getting timely feedback, you can tune any future communications.

Plan communication2

Plan Communication



The ability to disclose relevant information, share personal and business experiences, and provide honest, direct and timely feedback is critical to closing the communication loop.

Tools for partner search

Attract Project Partners through Communication

Opportunities are provided by, e.g.

Horizon 2020 / Cordis

Brokerage events

Enterprise Europe Network EEN

Tools for Partner Search

Cordis cordis europa eu partners

CORDIS: cordis.europa.eu/partners

Be active to contact

Be Active to Contact

Partnership request

Partnership request

Sample 3 brokerage event

Sample 3: Brokerage Event

Brokerage best practice profile

Brokerage – Best Practice Profile

Dr thies wittig dr j rgen henke


Een technology request

EEN: Technology Request

Requesting more information

Requesting more information

A using project networks ncp

A) Using Project Networks - NCP

A using project networks ncp1

A) Using Project Networks - NCP

List of ncp

List of NCP

Linkedin basics

LinkedIn basics

  • World's largest Professional Network

  • Network of more than 175 M members

  • More than 2.600.000 companies world wide

  • People tend to work with other people (or institutions) they know

  • Idea was to create ONE place to meet other professionals

Dr thies wittig dr j rgen henke

Find out which projects are or had been running in your topic area: avoid duplication of work

Find out who in your country/region has experience in EU FP Projects

One way to find out is through


Identifying Participants in Recent and Actual Research Projects

Dr thies wittig dr j rgen henke


Key Elements to be Remembered

Key elements of this session

Key Elements of this Session

Communications for building Partnering Culture

Be aware:

Partnering is time consuming; preparation of projects and communication within networks needs your close attention.

Be flexible: EU funding might be different from what you initially expected.

Prepare for partnering:

Have your own profile available, incl. company and project description

Actively participate at organised matchmaking events

Key elements of this session1

Active communication:

Be an active communicator; ask questions and commit your interest.

Present your own expectations and views within the communication

Contacts have to be cultivated; provoke feedback from partners you are interested in.

Be persistent in receiving response; ‘Never give up’.

Key Elements of this Session

Key elements of this session2


Partnering is a process; it does not stay at the beginning and is rather a result.

Be aware and communicate what you can offer in the partnering relation.

Cultivate Win-Win situations; develop ability to trust (with care).

Feel comfortable with interdependence in the project network.

Key Elements of this Session

Key elements of this session3

Key Elements of this Session

Experience shows:

Networking is build on reputation.

Peer based learning from successful samples is an effective way.

Use of ‘Mediators’ for first-time communication between international RDI contributors might be an advantage.

Once the doors are opened to international project partners, recommendations are passed more easily to new partners.

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