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Research your fans

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Research your fans. Case: The Big 12 Tournament. Case Situation. The Big 12 Basketball Tournament is annually held in either Dallas, Texas or Kansas City, Missouri.

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research your fans

Research your fans

Case: The Big 12 Tournament

case situation
Case Situation
  • The Big 12 Basketball Tournament is annually held in either Dallas, Texas or Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Like other league championships (e.g., SEC in Atlanta or Nashville), committees from competitive host cities offer proposals to host a tournament.
  • Dependent upon the benefits offered to the league and its fans, the league officials determine the host cities.
  • Given the financial benefits to the city, the Dallas Host Committee (DHC) is interested in creating more opportunities for the Big 12 tournament to be held in Dallas.
  • In order to better understand how to serve Big 12 fans in Dallas, the DHC has asked you to help design research to aid them in their bid to host more Big 12 tournaments.
what steps should be taken to solve the problem
What steps should be taken to solve the problem?
  • Understand the consumption context: multiple service sequences
  • Understand the client
  • Define the research problem

#1 Understand the consumption context: multiple service sequences

Fans attending the Big12 tournament will experience a variety of different service deliveries from the time they arrive in Dallas to the time they leave.

  • Develop a flow chart that depicts the service sequences they will most likely encounter.
  • Why would the DHC be concerned about each sequence?



What will fans evaluate?





Arena parking & access

Arena facility

Arena exit


Airport service

Car rental, DART, Highways, directions

Lodging packages/ info

Restaurant availability/ info

Arena parking & access/ info & service

Arena facility/ info & service

Arena exit/ traffic mgt & info

Victoryfest/ info & service

2 understand the client
#2 Understand the client.
  • What is the role of the Dallas Host Committee? Visit
  • Based on the information found on the website, what do you think they might want to know?

#3 Define the problem. Really.

  • The men’s tournament is held at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, one of the finest arenas in the country. The women’s tournament is held about 2.5 miles south on I-35 at the older Reunion Arena.
  • In your meeting with the DHC, they explain that they are afraid that fans who aren’t familiar with Dallas may experience problems with transportation or lodging, have difficulty finding the information they need, or encounter some other service problem once they get to the arenas. The DHC is unsure if the information they provide fans helps fans have a more satisfying tournament experience. They wonder if some aspects of the experience in Dallas could be improved by the next round of bids for hosting the tournament.
  • How would you define the research problem?
  • Define the problem
  • Develop hypotheses.
  • Collect data.
  • Analyze data.
  • Derive conclusions.
what are the research objectives
What are the research objectives?

1. Do fans have access to the information they need while in Dallas for the tournament?

2. How do fans perceive the service quality provided in conjunction with the tournaments?

3. Are fans who accessed Dallas Host Committee information online more satisfied than those who did not?

4. How does this tournament location compare to other Big 12 tournament sites (viz., Kansas City) with whom the DHC competes?

4 hypothesize about relationships between variables

Transportation (Airport, Highways, DART)


Reunion Arena


Wayfinding around Dallas and the arenas

Hotel Packages


Intentions to return to future tournaments at AAC or Reunion.


Frequency of tournament attendance (1st time….every year).

Those who accessed DHC website.

Those who used information from DHC.

City/state of origin (OK, TX, NE, MO, IA)

How might the perceptions of the six areas (transportation, AAC, Reunion, etc.) differ between fan segments?

Develop hypotheses that follow one of these formats:

If fans _______, then they will _______.

The greater the _______of fans, the greater (less) fans will _______.

Based on your hypotheses, what kind of study do you suggest?




#4 Hypothesize about relationships between variables.

If they really wanted to know what people thought about the arena experience, which of these might differentiate the AAC & Reunion?

5 collect valid data
#5 Collect valid data.
  • Review the questions on the following four slides.
  • How might these questions get unreliable or invalid responses?
reliable valid
As a Basketball Fan, how would you rate your first Big 12 basketball tournament experience in Dallas?




Not very good


What if the respondent had attended a tournament in Dallas before? How would he/she respond?

Is “not very good” the precise opposite of “good”? What might be a better choice of words?

Reliable? Valid?
reliable valid1
2. Were you pleased with the setup of VictoryFest, in terms of proximity to American Airlines Center and Reunion Arena, as well as information areas provided by the Dallas Host Committee?



This is what is called a “double-barreled” question.

What if the fan thought the location of Victoryfest was fine, but didn’t know about or didn’t care for the information provided by the DHC?

After you break this into at least two questions, would you rather have a yes/no answer or something in degrees of satisfaction (dissatisfied—satisfied on a 1-10 scale)?

Reliable? Valid?
reliable valid2
3. When you arrived in Dallas and throughout your stay, did the Host Committee and volunteers provide you with any and all information that you needed?



This is another “double-barreled” question.

Fans could be favorable about the experience arriving in Dallas, but not throughout the stay (and vice-versa).

What’s wrong with “any and all information”? How might people interpret the question differently?


Did you receive the information you needed regarding transportation?

…location of the VictoryFest?


Reliable? Valid?
reliable valid3
4. How would you rate Reunion Arena in terms of fan experience?




Not very good


Assume that the results showed that the majority of fans believed the experience at Reunion Arena is “average” or worse. How would the DHC know what needed to be improved regarding the experience fans have at Reunion Arena?

How would using the questions on p.71 and p.75 in your text help pinpoint problems?

Reliable? Valid?
perceived value
Perceived Value
  • One thing the host committee is likely to want to know is how people perceive the value of the hotel fan packages.
  • Based on measures presented in your text, devise a valid measure.
perceived value1
Perceived Value

The prices for the hotel where I stayed were:

A bad buy---------------------------A good buy

  • 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Not worth the money—Worth the money

  • 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Too high for Not too high

what I got-----------------------------------for what I got

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

perceived value of an event promotion
Perceived value of an event promotion
  • Your client wants to know if the value of the VictoryFest adds to fans’ entertainment or enjoyment.
  • Based on measures presented in your text, devise a valid measure.
perceived promotion value
Perceived Promotion Value

The VictoryFest:

Has no value to me—Has high value for me

  • 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Adds no value Adds great value

to the tournament---------to the tournament

  • 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Isn’t worth Is definitely

attending-------------------------worth attending

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

analysis conclusions
Suppose that you gathered information on event perceptions (right) from fans that attended the Big 12 tournament the last time it was held in (a) Dallas and (b) Kansas City. You also have data on the fans’ home residence and prior tournament attendance.

How do you think fans’ perceived value might differ on these dimensions?

Analysis & Conclusions