Towns and places
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Towns and Places. Important places in our life. a birthplace a homeplace / hometown the place where we study /work holiday destinations. Our birthplace. the place where we are born is written on our birth certificate and ID

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Towns and places

Towns and Places

Important places in our life
Importantplaces in ourlife

  • a birthplace

  • a homeplace / hometown

  • the place where we study /work

  • holiday destinations

Our birthplace

  • the place where we are born

  • is written on our birth certificate and ID

  • the place where we grow up – is important because our first relationships are created there

  • is usually connected with the happiest memories from our childhood, parents or siblings

Homeplace hometown
Homeplace /hometown

  • later as adults we have to find a place to live on our own

  • very often it is far from our birthplace but that does not mean it is less important

  • the place where we work, meet new friends, live with our families

Reasons for choosing a place for living
Reasonsforchoosing a placeforliving

are various:

  • Some people choose a place that is quiet, far from busy cities, living in privacy is important for them, so they choose countryside where there is pure nature and peaceful life

  • On the other side, there are lots of people who choose a town to be their home. They cannot imagine living far from 'civilisation'. The hectic life in a crowded towns/cities is best for them

  • towns are ideal places as they offer more opportunities for finding a job, there are educational, cultural and sports facilities.

  • Socializing is easier in towns, in fact you are never alone in towns, you are always surrounded by lots of people

  • but in countryside ...? (pros of living)

  • Living in suburbs (on the outskirts of the city)

Home means
Homemeans .....

  • The word has a different meaning for different people

  • To a child 'home' means parents, toys and bedtime stories,

  • to a teenager 'home' means strict rules, arguments about school results, clothes and pocket money,

  • to a working woman it means hard work, tiring household chores

  • to a man it can mean tasty meals and relaxation

    What does „home“ mean to you?


  • nowadays it is quite normal for people to move several times a life

  • people move from different reasons: due to jobs, studies or marriages

  • Slovak people don´t like to move in comparison with Americans

  • there are also people who live in one place during the whole life

Holiday destinations east or w est h ome is b est
Holidaydestinations„East or West, Homeis Best“

  • There are lots of interesting places all over the world which people like to visit, especially during summer holidays such as historic landmarks, beautiful natural wonders, unique buildings and museums.

  • Every summer millions of people set off for their holiday destinations and spend several days or weeks far from home, relaxing, having fun and learning about different cultures.

  • Such holidays are important, since they help people find out how important home is. If their holiday is a long one, they get homesick and long for the place they know.