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WOW Science Museum Initial Exhibits Relief map linked to push-button to illuminate a select selection. Might be a good project to tie into faults lines. Very simple, consistently a favorite. Blower with traffic cone acting as concentrator.

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WOW Science Museum

Initial Exhibits

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  • Liquid Mirror popular.

  • Place your hand in the water and see a reflection in the underlying mirrors.

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  • Paper airplanes. walls to make larger geometric shapes.

  • Two person station with dual computer interface.

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  • Build your own rocket. in velcro, pvc pipe and velcro straps.

  • Very popular exhibit. Several construction tables.

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  • Wind sailing. drawings.

  • Uses three wheeled carts, different sail designs and fans.

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Large Exhibits weights close to the axis of rotation and it’s mate is farther from the axis. Visitors see the effect as it rolls down hill.

  • These may be candidates for funded construction.

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  • Icy Bodies storage. Solar, bright overhead lamp, breaks down water into oxygen and hydrogen which are then used to create electricity for the fan.

  • Thin shavings of dry ice are injected onto the surface of a shallow pool of water where they careen around like comets.

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  • Cloud Rings causing them to spin and tumble as they drift about. Side-lighting brings out the detailed structure of the out-gassing jets. uses a mist generator and a large rubber membrane with a hole in the middle to launch a ring of vapor up to the ceiling.

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  • Giant Microscope display. Stage steer-able with remote focus. is a projecting microscope with which the public can view tiny plants and animals, such as paramecium, baby brine shrimp, tunicate eggs, algae, and hydra, which would be difficult or impossible to see with the naked eye.

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