The career passport
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The Career Passport. Autobiographical Sketch. Autobiographical Sketch. The autobiographical sketch tells Additional information about you Shows your writing ability. Autobiographical Sketch.

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The career passport

The Career Passport

Autobiographical Sketch

Autobiographical sketch
Autobiographical Sketch

The autobiographical sketch tells

  • Additional information about you

  • Shows your writing ability

Autobiographical sketch1
Autobiographical Sketch

  • This piece of writing does not have to follow the essay format. It is more of a creative writing genre.

Three paragraphs
Three Paragraphs

  • You can set up your autobiographical sketch into three basic paragraphs, although more can certainly be added.

  • Here is a suggestion of the three paragraph areas:

    • Just the facts

    • Developing Me

    • Future Me

How to get started
How to Get Started

  • Take some notes on the following areas.

  • Work your notes into organized paragraphs which address each of the areas:

    • Just the facts

    • Developing me

    • Future me

Just the facts
Just the Facts:

  • Full name

  • How my parents picked my name

  • Birth date and age

  • Where born

  • Places you have lived

  • Names of family members

  • Your “status” in the family

Developing me
Developing Me

  • Hobbies and interests

  • Favorite vacations

  • Favorite foods

  • Favorite music

  • Friends

  • Adjectives which describe you

    • More ideas on next screen

Developing me1
Developing Me

  • Schools you have attended

  • Subjects you like, why?

  • Good and bad habits

  • Strengths and weaknesses?

Future me
Future Me

  • What my parents hope for me

  • What I hope for myself

  • Career goal

  • Why this career looks good to me

  • What steps will I take to achieve this goal

Writing process
Writing Process

  • Prewriting:

    • By answering the questions previously listed, you have brainstormed potential ideas

      Rough Draft

      Write a draft based on the prewriting ideas collected.

Writing process1
Writing Process

  • Proofread and Revise

    • Once you have completed your rough draft, review your writing and determine if your writing is smooth to read and makes sense. There must be a sense of completeness.

    • Check your spelling, sentence structure and grammar.

Autobiographical sketch2
Autobiographical Sketch

  • This creative writing piece can be a very good piece of your Career Passport as it gives an example of your writing, and also shares insights to you as a person.

  • Your writing also gives your writing “voice.”

Autobiographical sketch of the career passport

Autobiographical Sketchof theCareer Passport

Barb Baltrinic

Ellet High

Akron, Ohio