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Parts of the SCORE SHEET. HEADING (Pen). TIME AND TEAM INFORMATION (Pen). Line Up (Pen). Line Up (Pen). Points(RunningScoreColumns). Score at ChangeSection. Score at ChangeSection. Service RoundSection. Service RoundSection. TimeOuts. Total Team Substitutions. Beginning the Score Sheet. As soon as it is your turn to play, get your pens, pencils, watch, and eraserStart the Heading section of the score sheet while you are waiting for the results of the toss as the captain's meeting. 19

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Scorekeeping Clinic

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1. Scorekeeping Clinic Cy-Fair Sports Association

3. Beginning the Score Sheet As soon as it is your turn to play, get your pens, pencils, watch, and eraser Start the Heading section of the score sheet while you are waiting for the results of the toss as the captain’s meeting

4. Heading Section USE PEN USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS Make sure your complete all Division, Court, and Match information for accurate posting of results

5. Heading Section Using Pen and CAPITAL LETTERS Enter Heading Information

6. Results of Coin Toss Aragon serving on the left The team to the left of the scorekeeper in Set 1 is designated A Arnold receiving on the right The team to the right of the scorekeeper in Set 1 is designated B The A & B designations remain with the teams for the complete match Enter the Team Name in Pen and CAPITAL letters X the service designator, S of the serving team, X the receive designator, R of the receiving team and X the first service round box of the receiving team.

8. LINE-UP SHEETS Line-up sheets should be turned in 2 minutes before the first set of the match In the 3 minutes between sets the coach has 2 minutes and 30 seconds to decide on their line-up before it is late When you receive the line-up sheets from the coaches or captains look for the following: The floor captain-indicated by a “c” after the number The Coach’s or Captain’s signature


10. Once a Signed LINE-UP is RECEIVED Once the line-up is signed and received it may not be changed, unless a regular substitution is made The coach must fill out the line-up for each set. Do Not just use the 1st set line-up for the 2nd set

11. Once a Signed LINE-UP is RECEIVED Always start entering the line-up with the Player # in box I entered into column I for that team It does not matter if a team is serving or receiving Line-up box I = column I Write the numbers in the left side of the box to allow room for substitutions Use Pen to enter the line-ups

15. Scoring the Set ? the number in the upper right corner of service round box for each correct server when they CONTACT the ball for service If it is the wrong server – DO NOT ? the number in the service round box. Only enter the Exit Score (Total Team Score) Do not notify the 2nd Referee until after the wrong server has contacted the ball DO NOT ? the service round box if the server fails to serve in the time allotted and a loss of rally is issued without contact of the ball DO NOT ? the service round box if a Server tosses a ball and lets it drop a second time DO NOT ? the service round box if the last point of the set is scored on a loss of rally. Just enter the set point as the exit score for the next server For the first rotation ? boxes with the number 1. For the second rotation ? boxes with the number 2 and so on.

20. Scoring Tips If a Replay is awarded, the scorekeeper records nothing on the score sheet If a Mind Change occurs, (1st referee reverses a call) erase or white out any changes to the score sheet If you have a mistake on the Pen sections and have no white out tape you may X out the mistake and write the correct information immediately following the X

21. Scoring Tips The Receiving team always starts the 2nd round of service boxes first because they rotate into service.

22. Make sure at the beginning of each service that you have awarded the loss of rally point. NO TWO EXIT SCORES for one team should be the same, they will have earned a loss of rally point Arnold’s #1 serves their first serve into the net Should the Exit Score be 9? No, the last exit score was 9 Side-out point 10 has been missed. Slash 10 and give the Exit score of 10 Scoring Tips

23. SUBSTITUTIONS Each team gets 10 Team Substitutions per Match There is no limit to the number of individual substitutions Once a player is listed in a service column, they may not substitute in any other service column, unless there is an Exceptional Substitution due to injury. More than 2 players may be in the same service column, but those players are locked into that service position

24. Recording A Substitution Aragon substitute #18 for #6 Slash #6 and c – write #18 next to #6 The new floor captain will be #10, write a c next to #10 Enter the score at time of substitution listing Aragon score first. 2-6 Slash the total team sub Note: When #6 re-enters they automatically become the floor captain.

25. TIME OUTS Aragon takes a time out The score of the team taking the time-out is listed first and then the opponents score: Score 2-6

26. TIME OUTS Indicate to the Referees how many time-outs have been USED Show 1-finger for Aragon on left hand and a fist for zero time-outs by Arnold with the right hand

27. TIME OUTS Each team gets only 2 time outs per set. During time outs, check that the visual score is correct Check that the number of substitutions matches the total team subs and that the Score at Change entries are complete Time-outs are 30 seconds long

28. WRONG SERVER If the Wrong player serves the ball, DO NOT tell te 2nd Referee until AFTER the ball has been contacted for serve If this is the first serve of the term Do Not place a ? in the Service round box Enter the Exit Score No entry is recorded on the scoresheet for Wrong Server Make sure you give the other team a loss of rally point

29. Recording a WRONG SERVER Aragon #2 served instead of #4. DO NOT ? the service round box. Enter Exit score of 2

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